Rest in peace starman

Rest in peace starman aka david bowie.

David Bowie pop singer

David bowie is a hero of mine from childhood to now. I really can say i frist saw david bowie in the movie Labyrinth made by jim henson.

There is such a sad thing today as our world falls down as we lose this wonderful artist.  He had that cool charm in way he did his swager in the role. It is the cool and charm of bowie.

Jim Henson's Labyrinth

I really can say i had a boyhood crush on Jennifer Connelly. Boy she was just so hot and sexy. I still do. Bowie is still the one that draws you deeper into the movie as you adore the villain role bowie plays with such depth and charm.

What kind of magic spell do you have over us bowie?you truly had us under your spell snice you began. You were the rock and roll outcast to many. You did make seeming like an outcast cool and stylish. It can connect to those that feel like outcasts in society. Bowie made you feel to embrace who you are all your quirks. You learn to be your own person.  I am very proud to be a david bowie fan snice a boy. I do love his music so much.

The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars is one of my favourite albums of music all time. I would say that makes the musicianship and experimental of Bowie’s previous album, Hunky Dory in 1971, to a whole new level as this forged the image of david bowie. I can say this album is one of those amazing and great albums to listen to anytime.

 Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) is another one of my favorite albums all time it is another one of those very trademarked bowie albums with many stylish tunes that you can enjoy anytime.

 It’s No Game” a standout track, and a good example of Bowie’s impressive vocal range as its one of my favorite bowie songs all time. it is one amazing song.

Blackstar is bowie’s last album and frankly another winner in my book. He really nails home his final album.

as a farewell to his fans bowie did one amazing farewell.  It really talks about bowie’s rise and fall as he says goodbye to the world. Everyone knows him now. We all will miss him. We will weep for him.  what a man that truly crafted out wonders as he did tell us a goodbye in a fitting way.

Let’s remind to 1983. I remember as boy this playing often on mtv. It is one of the coolest songs of 1980’s. Put on your shoes and dance the blues. Dance with bowie music. It is just the magic of bowie as you dance to his wonderful beat.

Here is another wonder bowie album. Heroe is one of those very European albums that does capture a diffrent side of bowie. (Golden Years and Wild is the Wind are probably the most well known), but as an album it is an extraordinary piece of work. Made under the persona of the “Thin White Duke” and the heavy influence of cocaine, the title track itself and the vocals on Wild is the Wind make it a worthy addition to any music collection. It is a wonderful album of music that does feel like something very art like. It is truly art

David Bowie was always inventive. He never had a form to it. He always tried to do anything outside the box and changed the rock world because he was a social outcast of that system. Bowie really never gave up on being one of the most inventive men ever to craft music,rest in peace david bowie the great rock star aka starman. He made so many amazing albums of music. I could talk all day about his music. I shall always miss you bowie.  I hope everyone loves my tribute to him. Goodbye starman


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