this year’s Golden globes was shameful

 this year’s Golden globes was shameful

golden-globes-logo This year’s Golden globes choices was very bad this year. I will tell you what i feel should have won each award i did not feel was right.

Best Motion Picture, Drama: The Revenant is far from the ideal choice in my eyes.

maxresdefault I would say it is a very great movie that does deserve to be noticed but i do feel that the true winner was short changed was The Big Short”271345

The big short also should have won best comedy-musical this year that saves me face now. It is sad when one of the best drama-comedies in years is shafted of its win for the two awards it deserved. While looking at big short i would say that Steve Carell  The Big Short earned the award of BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTOR IN A MOTION PICTURE MUSICAL OR COMEDY. That saves time of that spot now. It is still a big issue here as the big short was robbed of its awards that it deserves.  Best performance by an actor in a supporting role in a motion picture would go christian bale for The Big Short

Best performance by an actress in a motion picture, drama winner is indeed Brie Larson, “Room” as she did earn it. She was noting short of amazing so congrats to brie for her win.


Best performance by an actress in a motion picture, musical or comedy winner choice of joy is really a great choice so congrats to Jennifer Lawrence. She is an outstanding actress.


Best performance by an actor in a motion picture, drama is another shame of the night to me. I would say that Leonardo DiCaprio is a good thing but he did not earn as the clear winner was in my eyes was Bryan Cranston starring in trumbo. I would say that also who should have won  Best performance by actress in a supporting role in a motion picture was Helen Mirren. So yes Trumbo was robbed of its awards.


Best screenplay, motion picture is another area that should be reconsidered heavy. I would say that the clear winner was  Tom McCarthy and Josh Singer, “Spotlight. Best director, motion picture would go to Tom McCarthy, “Spotlight


Best original score, motion picture should have gone to The Revanant. It had a better score then hateful 8.


Best original song, motion picture was very shameful choices this year as i would have chosen Youth a simple song.

I would steer clear of tv area as not my area of reviews. So i will close off by saying It was very shameful to have to correct many of their choices tonight. I would say i hope oscars are better chosen or else i’ll return to do a new one for it.  This is just an opinion piece to tell what i felt was the winners. I am not againist any of them. All the voters and award voters of all awards for movies are great people doing their job and they choose what they felt was best. I did same in my eyes. So our opinions varied on our choices. I am hoping that we see better movies get awarded by other awards.


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