Rewind to the 80’s

Rewind to the 80’s

I was born in 1985. I am an 80’s child forever.  It also is one of my treasured decades for my personal level of charm. It really is close to my heart because i was born and grew up in that decade. I am very an 80’s child at heart and soul. It was decade where many told you we were back in the clean cut days but in truth it was very much a new wave of rebellion as we were the new face of a changed era that had the system changed and reinvented. We were the kids that loved to rock out in blue jeans. The 80’s really does in a way feel like we’re the rebels without a cause that had to change the system totally dude as we felt it was messed up after all those wicked wars. I can say i fondly recall that decade having grown up in and its magical charm of the movies and tv. So remind back to the 80’s as I recall the biggest things were what we loved dude. I was watching cartoons on saturday morning then i would watch mtv and jam out to new beats by many artists then some lovely tv shows and movies came on the tube. The idea of pop was born in the 1980’s in nutshell as what’s hot and cool was in trend often then as i start my sit down talk ill talk 80’s memories . lets go back to the future

I recall frist hearing like a virgin at a very young age as i was rocking out. It got many so angry. She famously came out dressed in white and it really upset the status man. Really this music was very wonderful beat and one of the things that sticks with you about the 80’s. It was a rebellion againist what felt right by doing what could express. It’s one of those great charming song. That you never forget.

as an 80’s child i recall fondly many great saturday morning cartoons. I really recall watching the great Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears as it was one of my favorite cartoons as a boy. I recall the magic and charm of this wonderful tv show.

Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers was a short lived cartoon series but a show i fondly recall watching as a boy. I was really in love with this crime solving duo. It reminds you of those old good gun detectives from the classics. The show was a very fun show to watch.

Amazing stories had many great tales that really represented the best of the 80’s in tv as far talent and fun and great tv serials go.It is a show i fondly recall watching often as a child very much loving its tales.

I always recall the amazing mirror mirror which is one of the finest tv stories all time.

I imagine Martin Scorsese had a lot of fun, in a very brief way, directing this short film in the guise of a little short for the TV series Amazing Stories in the 80s. Probably due mostly to his friendship with Steven Spielberg, Scorsese took up this job while in the midst of directing The Color of Money. Knowing that while watching Mirror, Mirror. It was very much a tale that felt very much in tone with his works as he has this guy is a mean horror writer.twisted paranoia and all as a big goof on horror movies as it is a nod in way to them. Sam Watterson takes on the role to great effect as he brings to life the magical caracter to life. It is wonderful trip down the rabbit hole each time you see it.

Another fond musical memory of mine is listening to nothing gonna stop us by starship it was done for the movie  Mannequin as one of those great rock songs of all time. Its beat and charm never ages on me as i recall fondly jamming out many days to it as a boy.

Cyndi Lauper represents the music of the 1980’s to a tee. She really had such a beat and charm to her music. she bop i can recall highly as such a rocking out beat as boy dancing many hours away to it and her other songs. The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough really represents one of my favorite movies also the song is fun to listen to often. Girls Just Want To Have Fun is the beat of the 1980’s really a song that you just wanna dance out to all time. I can say her songs are very much a reminder of those simple times as a boy and how magical it felt to be an 80’s child.

“Beat It really is one of those great songs by michael jackson that i feel i really love to hear often and repeat it. Michael jackson’s great songs of this decade would often play on mtv or another channel and i would just dance to the beat of those songs. All his songs have a magic and charm that really does remind you why you loved music.

Mtv is a big part of my childhood as much as ever. I can recall many times flipping on this channel to see a new music video and rocking out to the beat of the music. In 1980’s mtv was so cool as we had so many wonderful artists that came on it and gave us some amazing beats to listen to. It is musical heaven for an 80’s child for the mtv of the 80’s.

It is time i talk about those 80’s movies now those movies that are just part of my childhood and some of the best it had to offer. The 80’s had such amazing levels of movies that i can say are some of the all time classics in my eyes forever.

Before ariel became a part of our world we had splash that movie was very much a part of my childhood as much i recall watching it often. I loved it to death. Daryl Hannah really was one hot mermaid i recall really being smitten with her as a boy.Great acting from Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah and a storyline that can be taken funny as well as seriously. Out of all the romantic comedies I have seen, this has to be the most charming and possibly irresistible all time as such a wonderful comic gem.

Clash of the Titans has been a favorite of mine since i was a kid.  I recall often watching and rewatching this 80’s gem. I was very into Greek mythology as a boy. I fondly recall the magic of watching this movie. It introduced me to Ray Harryhausen as he truly had such magical movies i watched after this movie to learn more about him. It captures the feeling of ancient greece. This movie is a charming adventure movie that you will love to watch anytime.

The dark crystal is a wholly orginal fantasy . It takes place in a fantasy world, created by the talented duo, Frank Oz and Jim Henson.Jim Henson and crew spent much too much time creating this movie, and the depth of their effort shows as this movie is a fantasy movie that really takes you into the magical fantasy world. It is an amazing fantasy trip down memory lane for me as i just recall watching it as boy and loving it too death.  A magical fantasy gem for the ages.

Films like Sixteen Candles personify what the eighties was all about. And if you were a child of the 80s, you will probably identify with this film a lot more than the now younger generation. It really was what it felt like in the 1980’s in nutshell. I can say Molly Ringwald is so rememberable here. It is very simple story with that 80’s charm and heart. Sixteen Candles is one of the best films John Hughes gave us in the 1980s. The young cast full of so many extraordinary talents gives us one memorable scene after another as it has such a wonderful cast of talents all giving their best. It truly is one of those wonderful movies of the 1980’s.

Big is this charming, sweet, hilarious gem of a film works because Tom Hanks makes you believe he actually is a small boy in the body of an adult. It really can make you feel that magical touch of childhood as you are a child again like tom hanks as you want to that adult with a child’s charm and soul. It is tom hanks at his finest. I can say this is truly an 80’s gem for the ages.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is the second of the Indy films from director Steven Spielberg, though chronologically it is actually the first. The film itself is a non-stop action, adventure ride. Harrison Ford Indiana Jone is once again AMAZING as the dashing professor/archaeologist thrill seeker. Short Round is a loveable character who adds a humorous touch, and reveals the more compassionate side of Indy’s character.  It has amazing acting by everyone as this charming movie is an action adventure that you will love to watch anytime.

The breakfast club is one of the best of the 1980’s.  The fact is, every teen character in this movie can be related to someone we knew in high-school. As a child of the 80’s, I can honestly say that this is a representative cross-section of every high school in North America. The geek, the jock, the outcast, the rich pretty-girl snob, and the future criminal. They all exist, to some degree or another, in the classrooms of every high school on the continent. It has wonderful acting by everyone of this wonderfully young cast. John Hughes really did amazing work here as this is truly a classic to watch anytime.

This is one of those rare films that gets better each time you watch it. With something for everyone, The Princess Bride combines romance, action, adventure and parody with great acting to create the perfect movie to sit down and watch anytime.

An American Werewolf In London is a remake of a classic movie that really represents the best of horror.  The cast is perfect as ever. Director John Landis’ “pet project”–he had to sit on the script for 10 years before he had enough clout from other films for this one to be greenlighted–is an excellent, seamless melding of comedy and horror, with a surprising amount of brutality and one of the most wonderfully dark, abrupt conclusions ever made. It truly is a horror classic that stands as one of the best all time.

The short version: ‘The Secret of NIMH’ isn’t just a masterpiece: it’s one of the best animated classics all time.  a dark, well-told tale that respects its young audience enough to not tone down its subject matter as it truly is a masterpiece of animation. It is one classic you can watch anytime.

Absolute cheese on a stick, but Top Gun proves that that’s not always a bad thing. This movie’s got everything, It is tom cruise at his finest and kelly mcgillis at her finest too. It is a fun movie to watch anytime.

Anyone who grew up in the 80’s will list the Goonies as one of their favourite films, or at least look back at it with a misty eye as this movie is a great fond memory for me.  The Goonies a brilliantly written, directed, and acted movie, but it was also so much FUN! The adventures of these kids through the underground world, while being chased by the despicable villains known as the Fratellis, are fascinating to watch. The Goonies is a great cinematic experience. It has everything that anyone who was ever a kid could ever want. Even the elaborate sets are very convincing. The sense of adventure and hope that are presented in The Goonies is uplifting and inspiring. The lovable characters are perfectly developed and endlessly entertaining. Many of them, particularly Sean Astin and Corey Feldman, delivered the best performances of their future careers right here in this early adventure film. This movie can be enjoyed by virtually anyone, which is one of its best values. It is truly timeless, and it should not be missed to watch anytime.

The first time I saw E.T i was a small boy. I remember the magic of this movie. E.T. is one of my all time favorite movies. This movie blew me out of my seat as a kid as it has wonderful acting and a charm that you simply cannot be matched by many modern movies. Everything in et works greatly  as it is just one of those masterpieces of the 1980s.

Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice is an idea by tim burton that truly works on every level. Beetlejuice is an awesome movie with wonderful acting by Michael Keaton. Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin and Jeffrey Jones, Catherine O’Hara and Winona Ryder are all perfect in their roles. It is truly funny and charming comic gem for the ages.

Ghostbusters really is one of those classic comedy gems that you can say not never ages. Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson star as a quartet of Manhattan-based paranormal investigators as they all give us some amazing acting. It truly shines beat by beat as the comedy and charm just flows. It is truly one of the finest comedies all time.

This is a classic fantasy film from Jim Henson, in collaboration with George Lucas. There really is a magic about the film and that has helped it last for ages. David Bowie makes the movie as he is the real performance for the ages as he gives one of his finest hours on the screen. It is very great to watch him.The movie feels like oz it transports you into a magical fantasy beyond your dreams. I can say that Jennifer Connelly gives a fine performance too as she truly shines.  The puppet work truly works greatly. a classic fantasy film with much artistry and charm  that lasts for the ages.

Raiders of the Lost Ark is a movie I remember seeing  often as a boy. I can say that all the  Indiana Jone movies are just magical to watch. This is one of my favorite adventure movies all time. Harrison Ford shines in the role as  the dashing professor/archaeologist thrill seeker Indiana Jones. It truly has amazing action and adventure with a flare and charm and wonderful acting that cannot be matched by any modern movie. It is truly a gem for the ages

Gremlins is his movie is greatness in every single way. With style, charm, and humor and horror with great acting too. It is comic horror gem that truly makes you really insantly fall in love with it because of its simple charm. It is a movie that is just truly a gem that is fun to watch form start to finish.

In Wes Craven’s classic slasher film, several Midwestern teenagers fall prey to Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund), a disfigured midnight mangler who preys on the teenagers in their dreams which, in turn, kills them in reality. After investigating the phenomenon, Nancy (Heather Langenkamp) begins to suspect that a dark secret kept by her and her friends’ parents may be the key to unraveling the mystery, but can Nancy and her boyfriend Glen (Johnny Depp) solve the puzzle before it’s too late?

I first saw this movie as a boy, it freaked me the hell out i would have such wild nightmares even waking up thinking he was outside coming after me. It’s one of the best casted horror movies all time in my eyes. The cast is one of the most amazing casts of any horror movie as its cast all are stand out actors in their own right. Wes craven came up with idea based on new articles of people dying in their sleep so came up idea what if a monster was killing them. Its an idea that created one of the greatest horror monsters all time as Freddy Krueger stands out as something unique in horror monsters as he is a witty as they come which makes him seem like a character based on the wit and charm. He is a charming monster with such wit and dark humor.

Robert Englund has to be one of the greatest character actors all time in my eyes. He crafted out a character that feels timeless as he gives it such wit and charm that you think this monster is cool as hell yet he will scare you shitless another moment, its a landmark work of an actor that really stands out as one great actor in his own right. He is just as much a craftsman as wes was to his work. It’s the magic of what Robert did to the role that makes the movie click so much as without him it would be just another b-horror movie with a monster that is very unique. It’s also that we have the amazing Heather Langenkamp giving us one of her finest performances all time on the screen as she crafted out the role of nancy to such great effect. Its Johnny Deep’s first role as he stands out so greatly as he brings us such to like this boy that would be a b-movie trope character if played by any other actor. Its great acting for a first time as he showed us this guy will be something special on his own. its not his best role but his start and a great one at that for an actor. The supporting cast is just as amazing as many great legends grace it as its one of the greatest casts any horror movie. I think it’s acting is what makes it really keep really clicking to this date.

The movie is a great inventive movie with such great special effects that stand out among the halls of horror as it’s somewhat above many of the others of the genre as its acting is so great that it blows you away. The direction of Wes craven is amazing as he crafts out a masterpiece of the genre that even can stand out as one of the greatest movies all time too as it’s that good. Its direction-acting and everything else make this movie a masterpiece worth watching again and again.

I really fondly remember watching and rewatching it often as this movie is a gem to watch again and again.

John Hughes crafts an exemplary ’80s Brat Pack romance out of the standard Cinderella story in Pretty in Pink.Molly Ringwald shines in one of her finest hours.  It has wonderful acting. I remember fondly watching it often and often as i just love this charming movie. Pretty In Pink epitomizes  charm and the 1980’s to a tee. It truly is a gem for the ages.

Innerspace offers up  perfect entertainment. The main characters and the performances by the actors are very good. This movie is a adventure science-fiction comedy that truly will be remembered by you often. A great, timeless classic. Highly recommended to watch anytime

indiana jones and the last crusade is a great final movie to the indiana jones saga to my eyes. Harrison Ford delivers his best Indy performance as he truly shines in this movie as he truly gives us one of his best roles ever on the screen. Sean connery gives us a fine performance as indy’s dad as he truly shines greatly.The supporting cast is all-around superb. Steven Spielberg directs to perfection as he truly gives us a great direction.    It is one of the finest action-adventure classics that you can watch anytime.

Batman i remember fondly rewatching often and often. Director Tim Burton does an amazing job bringing this unreal world to reality, and Kim Basinger is excellent as Vicky Vale, the film’s main female presence. The script is particularly brilliant. The role of the Joker seems to have been written specifically for Jack Nicholson as he shines greatly. It truly shines as ever as one of the best of the 1980’s with many nods to that decade it feels timeless and charming. It is a gem to watch anytime.

The 80’s had so many magical movies and magical music and charm i can say my talk about the movies and some of the music is meant to honor this decade in a way that i remember fondly as ever. I am an 80’s child forever being born in 1985. So today i hope you enjoyed my talk about magic of my childhood decade.


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