A pre-code gem:three on the match

A pre-code gem:three on the match



Three on a Match (1932), holds a special place in my heart. It is one of my favorite pre-code classic movies. It cast is made up of great talented actors such as Bette Davis, Joan Blondell, Warren William, Humphrey Bogart, Ann Dvorak, Lyle Talbot, Allen Jenkins, Edward Arnold, Clara Blandish, Grant Mitchell, Jack LaRue. It is fairly short at 63 minutes long. It has everything that makes pre-code really shine. bursting with pre-Code yumminess – everything from extramarital relationships and divorce to kidnapping and drug use. Its title is about the bad luck omen of having three cigarettes on a match.

Lyle Talbot really shines as greatly as ever in his role,he plays a charming baddie. ssthree7Bette Davis in a role that really does very much start her off slightly in a good charming role for her which she did early in her start. It is great acting by Bette. It still is not really her at her best as she still is yet to get started in her acting truly.


 Ann Dvorak playing Vivian Revere who has taken up with a small hood. really does shine in a great respective role. It is such a charming role for her to play.  She truly shines in this role as she really does seem to remind us why her charm and grace really made her work in so many great pre-code classics. 


Joan Blondell’s character is a reform school standout whose life experience puts her in a position to counsel a depressed and fed up with everything Vivian. Joan Blondell really does have a charm to her. She is outstanding in her role. Humphrey Bogart in a minor role really does shine greatly yet his day is still yet to come yet when this movie was done.

This pre code classic really shines with melodrama. It has some fun light touches that really shine greatly to watch. great acting by Bette Davis and Joan Blondell and Ann Dvorak and small yet charming part by Humphrey Bogart.This pre-code classic is really highly overlooked which is a shame as it’s such a great and charming classic gem.

The Ruth Rating:five bette's


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