Fred MacMurray,America’s Dad

Fred MacMurray  America’s Dad

tcm star of the month.


Fred MacMurray had an image of the all American dad. It really casts a slight shadow on him which many overlook his other remarkable works. He is highly under-rated as an actor. He was just as great as Cary grant or any other actor of his day. He was always able to pull up such range and depth to his roles. I wish many would take a further look at his amazing level of roles as he played in 100 movies which does mean he did such varied and different roles. He is the Tcm star of the month for January. Each week a different classic of his movies. His daughter was once watching some of his movies she knew he was good but not that good. He said they needed tall men in Hollywood. He was one of those truly talented actors that you wanted to take home to dinner. He was a great comic gem of an actor.

It was Billy wilder that cast him against type. Daddy was not sure he was able to play that role. Double indemnity proved that he could deliver such ranged roles. He blows you away as he plays the character so greatly He could really proved it again in The Canine Mutiny in which he gave us wonderful role. the apartment he reunited with Billy wilder to play a really wonderful role that was one of his dirtiest roles ever. He truly shined in it. One day afterward he was at Disneyland with his wife June Haver and his daughter a woman and her kids walked up to ask him if was Fred MacMurray He said yes I am he slapped him and said i took my kids see the apartment that was no kids movie. She was the wonderful legend June Haver whom was a great legend of her own. He said he not a kids movie he got slapped hard it was not such that he then turned to his wife afterward saying he would never play such a role anymore. He was a gifted actor of many ranged roles.

He started out in 1935 in which he starred in six movies that year. He was really very good in those early roles alongside such legends as Claudette Colbert and Katherine Hepburn. One of his early gems was Alice Adams in which he gave us one of his best early roles showing the charm that was to come from this talented legend. He was quite able to give range in so many great roles. Some quick reviews of some of his many classics as he starred in 100 movies you can find a movie that you will love truly. He was a true legend of acting.


Remember the night quick review

Remember the Night is one of a handful of absolutely indispensable Christmas classics: it deserves to be counted right alongside It’s a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, A Christmas Carol and The Bishop’s Wife. It is less known because of its unhappy ending. I think that is a shame as this movie has such wonderful acting by  Barbara Stanwyck and Fred MacMurray and Beulah Bondi. It is just a classic that everyone should watch today as it is such a treat.

Alice adams quick review

ALICE ADAMS, played by the late, great Katharine Hepburn Really has her play a beautiful, ambitious small-town girl put upon by circumstance She wants desperately to be accepted, to be something other than just a poor nobody to hide the fact that she doesn’t come from money and background. Katharine Hepburn shines in one of her best early roles. It really is because of the wonderful George Steven’s direction that is truly wonderful.Fred MacMurray deserves his share of the applause as he gives us a wonderful role. Hattie McDaniel is hilarious as the clumsy job cook who arrives to prepare and serve Hepburn’s dinner party as she gives us a great performance. It is Kate’s show as she shines alongside a remarkable cast of talents all giving us great acting, If you get a chance watch Alice Adams today.

Double Indemnity quick review

If you are a noir fan then this film is an absolute must see. The screenplay itself is a work of art in its character construction, plot structure and dialogue which is delivered by an ensemble of first class talent giving out amazing performances. Barbara Stanwyck gives out one amazing performance as Phyllis Dietrichson which in turn is a performance for the ages as she truly lands out one of the best acting performances by an actress in the history of cinema. Edward G. Robinson is perfect in the role of Barton Keyes and just about steals the moment every time he appears on screen. Fred MacMurray shines so greatly as Walter Neff.

Both Barbara Stanwyck and Fred MacMurray give have an amazing chemistry on screen. Their attraction is incredibly well portrayed, and the development of their relationship is outstanding. It is truly marvelous acting by everyone.

Double Indemnity is one of the true all time classic gems of cinema that stands up there with Citizen Kane. The excellent performances, the brilliant and imaginative direction, and the flawlessly created atmosphere. This is excellent, excellent filmmaking, and is a classic film that should not be missed by anyone.

The apartment quick review

Billy Wilder’s “The Apartment is one of those all time great classics. Billy Wilder’s quaint little tale about everyday people who get tangled up in love, jealousy and infidelity really has such an outstanding cast as all of the performances are amazing. Lemmon, MacLaine and MacMurray who are  amazing in their roles. Fred MacMurray gives us his finest hour as he truly shines in the role. It is him at this comic finest.

Billy Wilder perfected the style of satirical filmmaking. In The Apartment, he touches a lot of subjects. The movie deals with adultery, suicide, loneliness, and corporate cutthroats. The Apartment is so timeless and magical to watch anytime.

Closing thoughts 

It is truly a treat to watch. Given that Fred MacMurray built a successful film career as the quintessential nice guy, it’s rather ironic that some of his strongest and best-remembered performances cast him against type as he truly is one of the best actors of any era. It is a shame he is underrated by so many. A nice guy that remains ones of the brightest legends of hollywood.Tune into tcm each week of this month to see this marvelous talented actor charm you.


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