ball of fire

ball of fire

Todays review for the  REMEMBERING BARBARA STANWYCK BLOGATHON. Today is the day we sadly lost one of the finest legends all time. This review is in honor of this legend. today’s review will be a movie review of ball of fire. Be sure to check out others taking part in this event. Thanks to the wonderful host of crystal kalyana for hosting this wonderful event.

Barbara Stanwyck remains one of my favorite actresses all time. She was a wonderful legend able to pull off such great range to her roles. She is a legend really that stands among the legends of hollywood forever.



Ball of fire review

Ball of fire is a comedy gem that really is one funny classic comedy gem. A Howard Hawks comedy gem that stars Barbara Stanwyck and Gary Cooper and Henry Travers. A splendidly funny twist on the story of Snow White set in this 1940’s comedy gem.

Barbara Stanwyck plays Sugarpuss O’Shea finely as ever. Barbara Stanwyck plays out the role to the finest level of acting. She gives out one of her finest hours in comedy. Gary Cooper is wonderful in his role that really is a comedy gem of a role. The acting of everyone is wonderful as all those actors playing the roles of professor give us some of their finest roles.  Henry Travers plays fine role. It has such a wonderful cast of talents that give out such wonderful performances.

Howard hawks crafts out a comedy gem. It is a screwball masterpiece with smart wit and charm. It’s a very funny comedy gem that truly is one of the finest comedy gems. Ball of Fire(1941) comprises of some fine cinematography by Gregg Toland that truly is some fine work. Howard hawks comedy is one of the many great classics of the 1940’s of the screwball comedy genre. It feels like same vain as many great Billy wilder comedies too. It truly is one wonderful romantic comedy stands among the finest of the golden age.

A very funny classic comedy gem that is full of wonderful performances with a wonderful direction by Howard hawks in one of the finest screwball comedy gems all time.

The ruth rating:five bette's


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