DOCTOR WHO The hammer years

DOCTOR WHO The hammer years


Terrance Dicks and Producer Barry Letts took helm of doctor who after the ending of an era of a producer and doctor duo. Robert Holmes and Philip Hinchcliffe
took influences from his favorite genre of movie Hammer Horror and successful horror novels and b movies and classic horror movies. It really was start of it as tom baker was chosen to replace Jon Pertwee after his successful era as the doctor. Tom baker replaced him as he was really starting get noticed in many movies such as The Golden Voyage of Sinbad among other movies. Tom baker era started with many tales that were based upon the hammer horror and horror classics and b movies of its day. Today my talk is to talk about that era of doctor who and movies that are connected to those tales. It’s a sit down talk about doctor who and movies today.

DOCTOR WHO Hammer horror era

The Brain of Morbius(doctor who’s frankenstein tale)

The Tardis lands on the bleak planet Karn, in a spaceship graveyard, where The Doctor and Sarah find a evil scientist named Doctor Solon is constructing a new body for the brain of a evil time lord known as Morbius.

It takes many cues form hammer horror here to great effect.
It is one of the creepiest doctor who tales all time. Comparisons between this era of Doctor Who and the Hammer horror films are common and understandable, but this to me had the air of one of the original Frankenstein films from the 1930’s, the feel of a Hammer production as well as a distinctively ‘Doctor Who’ air about which is one what really taken shape heavy Frankenstein. It is a full on hammer horror movie styled TV story. Tom baker and Elisabeth Sladen give us some fine acting as does all of the supporting cast. It’s a very wonderful serial.

The Ruth Rating:five bette's

curse of frankenstein

The Curse of Frankenstein really is one of the most beloved hammer horror classics all time. Doctor who took cues heavy form hammer horror and this one really does have such roots you could enjoy if you loved The brain of Morbius. It’s truly one classic horror gem.

‘The Curse Of Frankenstein’ is a landmark horror movie for several reasons. Firstly, though Hammer had already released ‘The Quatermass Experiment’, a science fiction movie with some horror elements as this movie really the first entry into genre of horror by them. It is inspired by Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein.

Peter Cushing plays Baron Victor Frankenstein who gives such a wonderful role of acting to the role. He is very brilliant in the role in the role. He plays it darker than many of the novels or movies before. It is one role that made peter a legend of horror. It really displays some amazing set designs and Colorful and imaginative cinematography by Jack Asher. The motion picture was masterfully directed by Terence Fisher. It is a masterpiece of horror.

The Ruth Rating:five bette's


PETER CUSHING is ever wonderful as the mad doctor. He plays it in such a manner that its ever charming and menacing to watch it unfold as its one of his finest hours on the screen. PETER CUSHING is great as ever in this classic gem. It’s a horror classic for the ages.

Bride of Frankenstein (1935) review

Bride of Frankenstein is a rare thing in movies. It is a follow up that really is miles better than the original in every manner. James’s wale was one of the greatest hands of the universal monster directors. He seemed able to make better tales out of such ideas. It is a wonderful gem that delights you always as i find the special effects stand out among its peers of horror films at the time. Elsa Lanchester plays Mary Shelley and also has the unbilled role of the Bride–where she provides one of the immortal images of the cinema with lightning-like streaks of silver in her weirdly towering hair. The central figure is played by Boris Karloff, who in “Frankenstein. It is one wonderful acting by Ernest Thesiger as Doctor Septimus Pretorius. It is also wonderful acting by COLIN CLIVE who plays frankenstein,whom is played with to create the bride by Pretorius. I would say Doctor Septimus Pretorius is the best one of the movie to me as he is just a mad man and a wonderful gem to watch throughout the film. This is James wale’s masterpiece and it shows as the visual effects are some of the best of that era and feels timeless and classic. It contains some of the best sets of the many universal monster films that later would be infamous series of movies that had so many famous sets and landmarks. The make up in this film is not withstanding some of the best of the 1930’s. It is universal’s crown jewel this film and it shows throughout with its wonderful acting,the wonderful direction by wale, the wonderful screenplay William Hurlbut and James wale. The sets and story too is wonderful. It is without doubt a gem to watch. 10/10 classic gem, watch it today, just watch it with popcorn in a dark room and you’re in heaven.

pyramids of mars

Returning to Earth after their latest adventure, the Doctor and Sarah Jane arrive at the site of UNIT headquarters, but in 1911 long before its existence. They find themselves in a room filled with Egyptian artifacts in a house owned by Egyptologist Marcus Scarman. They rescue Marcus’ colleague, Dr. Warlock, who was shot by Marcus’ servant Ibrahim Namin, a fanatical believer in the impending return of the his god, Lord Sutekh. Doctor Who: Pyramids of Mars ranks among the best doctor tales all time. It takes cues from mummy movies of the past greatly.
Pyramids Of Mars is one of the finest serials all time of doctor who.

It really has one of the finest hours by tom baker and Elisabeth Sladen. It is really creepy tale that has one of the finest doctor villains all time. Sutekh is one of the best villains in Doctor Who. The power and evil shown by him is scarily impressive, The Doctor appears genuinely in fear of him and so is the audience. Gabriel Woolf is playing one fine villain as Sutekh. Its mummies in this serial truly is one stand out thing that does bring the scares out. It is shocking none based on Egypt and its mythology as much as this tale of doctor who. It is truly one of the finest doctor who serials all time.

The Ruth Rating:five bette's

THE MUMMY (1959) review

 a remake of the classic mummy. Peter cushing and Christopher Lee star together in this fun classic gem as they have some fine acting and a truly fine horror classic to boot for anyone to watch.

The Mummy review

Boris Karloff plays Imhotep, a cursed Egyptian buried alive 3700-years-ago, returns to life to claim the reincarnation of his lost-love in this Universal classic. It’s truly a wonderful horror classic that is one of the true classics of any era. It has some wonderful acting by everyone in the cast. A Gothic romance horror tale for the ages that really is something special to watch anytime.

the seeds of doom

Members of the World Ecology Bureau discover a centuries-old seed pod buried deep in Antarctica’s permafrost. It seems to be still alive, growing without soil. They transmit a photo to London where Richard Dunbar of the W.E.B. shares it with the Doctor. Wary of what it might be, the Doctor immediately flies down with Sarah. They don’t know that Dunbar is a leak in the bureau and has tipped off the discovery to a rich plant fanatic named Harrison Chase. Chase sends a thug and a plant expert down to verify the discovery and fetch it back by any means possible. But before anyone arrives, the pod hatches and the tendril-like life form within attaches itself to one of the men, turning him green. It’s as The Doctor feared: they’re dealing with a Krynoid.

This tale really calls back to many b movies and horror movies. It even does call back to The Thing from Another World and The Day of the Triffids and The Quatermass Experiment . I would say this tale is quite a fun doctor who serial about alien pods form space taking over earth. Its acting is very well done by everyone in the cast. It does have a James bond like feeling to its villains which is normal for doctor who in this era. It’s truly one of the finest serials of doctor who all time.

The Ruth Rating:five bette's

The thing form another world aka the thing review

The Thing” without a doubt is one of the finest science fiction films ever made. This version is Howard hawks at his finest. It truly is one fine horror-Sci-Fi gem that really does have some outstanding acting and horror and tension to it. It’s a fine horror classic for the ages.

 The Day of the Triffids review

Day of the Triffids is a delightful sci-fi horror movie from the sixties, its surely a very overlooked classic today by many. A meteorite shower lights up the sky and blinds all that watches it. Most of the world population must also deal with some rather weird plant life that can uproot itself and seek human nourishment very much a plot that does drive heavy this Sci-Fi gem. Its howard keel and Nicole Maurey in one of their finest hours. It’s truly great acting for a b-movie movie. It is very overlooked now sadly. I would say watch this Sci-Fi gem today. It’s a classic to watch for anyone that loves scfi.

the quatermass xperiment(1955) review

A secret rocket expedition to Space unexpectedly crashes back to Earth. One lone astronaut is found to have survived only he’s disheveled, not quite himself as he seems to be on the verge of some bizarre transformation! And what happened to the other two astronauts on board – all that seems to be left of them is two empty spacesuits?! A likely inspiration for many later film and TV works including THE BLOB, THE FLY, “The X-Files and doctor who and much more to come.   It really was a wonderful b-movie scfi gem that had some wonderful acting. Its a true classsic to watch anytime.

 The Talons of Weng Chiang

 Talons of Weng-Chiang has  the doctor and his lady Leela come to 19th century Victorian London, and there’s a big plot involving a 51st century Chinese “Lord” who’s trying to get a device together so that he won’t die off. Its one of the finest serials of doctor who ever. Tom baker is at his best as the doctor here. It does take cues form many horror movies and such. Its a truly wonderful classic serial for the ages.

The Ruth Rating:five bette's


Its one of the best acted and cast classics all time. Its wonderfully crafted and very richly entertaining to watch. Its a true classic from hammer studios. One of the finest classics ever crafted. Its a classic gem to watch anytime

The devil rides out review

Its one of the finest examples of hammer style and flare shining throughout it. Christopher Lee is so wonderful as ever. Its one of lee’s finest hours on the screen. This classic was not exactly a classic when released now you can see this classic is truly something special. Its one of the classics to watch anytime.

House of wax

House of wax was released in 1953. It stars Vincent Price in one of his finest roles on the screen. It lives up to its reputation as one of the true horror classics as it’s a remake of a classic horror movie called mystery at wax museum. This is one of the finest remakes ever made too. It’s a scary horror classic that stands the test of time with its wonderful acting and its charm of Vincent Price. It’s a true classic you should watch today.

Doctor who tales do also have others such as robots of death that had many traits of horror movies and other movies and such that were loved in its day. It is doctor who in this era that i feel strongly does have many more ties to classic movies and such then other eras of the shows history. Doctor who is a fine show that has a history of using movies and other things for ideas for its tales.


3 thoughts on “DOCTOR WHO The hammer years

  1. doctor3uk says:

    Early Jon Pertwee stories like Spearhead from Space, The Silurians and Inferno were reminiscent of the Hammer Quatermass tales. The later story The Sea Devils is somewhat Lovecraftian. I’m amazed you didn’t mention the Tom Backer horror classic Image of the Fendhal.

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