Today’s review goes to the 1980’s as i review splash one of my most beloved movies form that decade. I have very fond memories of many movies form this decade having grown up as an 80’s child. So this review today is done for the Blogathon! about the 1980’s. what do you consider the ultimate 80’s movie? So today i review one classic form this remarkable decade of movies. Thanks to the host of Ultimate 80s Blogathon whom is Drew form DREW’S MOVIE REVIEWS. Thanks to host and check out others when posted too. Thanks again to the host.





So I love so many movies form this wonderful decade called the 80’s so to review splash one of the many classics form this era.


Splash Review

Splash is a romantic comedy that really is one of the classics of the 1980’s. I adore Splash! It is a beautiful, charming and sweet romantic comedy that has quickly become a favorite of mine ever since seeing it as a boy in the 1980’s it’s just that charming and good to watch anytime.


Tom Hanks is perfectly cast as Allan Bauer who is a a successful businessman who falls in love with a beautiful mermaid named Maddison as he plays the role to such a great level of charm as he is just very charming in the role. Daryl Hannah look gorgeous here as she is he is a generally ignored actress, and she was positively charming in the role as she gives her best role on the screen. Eugene Levy plays a sort of bad guy, and he is funny as well as detestable in the role but gives such a great role to it. John Candy is hilarious as Allan’s brother who gives out one fine role for him.. Every single person did a superb job in their respective roles.


Out of all the romantic comedies I have seen, this has to be the most charming and possibly irresistible with such a remarkable level of great acting by everyone and it’s great lovely cinematography and stunning underwater sequences. the movie itself is an enthralling fairytale come to life as it’s truly a classic for the ages.

The Ruth Rating:five bette's


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