sullivan’s travels

sullivan’s travels


sullivan’s travels review

Sullivan’s Travels is one of the best films that came out of Hollywood in 1941. Preston Sturges created  an original with this story of self discovery. It is satire about hollywood.

Joel McCrea Plays a remarkable John Sullivan as he really nails home this role. It is truly one great role for him as he gives out one of his finest roles. Veronica Lake plays one fine role in this movie as the blonde companion to John Sullivan. The duo really shines together. Under Mr. Sturges’ direction do their best work on screen as both really give out their finest roles. It has such great acting under Preston Sturges direction. The supporting cast includes Robert Warwick (Mr. Lebrand), William Demarest (Mr. Jones), Franklin Pangborn (Mr. Casalsis), Porter Hall (Mr. Hadrian), Byron Foulger (Mr. Valdelle), Margaret Hayes (Secretary), Robert Greig (Sullivan’s Butler) and Eric Blore (Sullivan’s Valet) as they all give out fine performance too. It is finely acted by everyone.

Some very enjoyable references to socially conscious movie-making, to Ernst Lubitch in particular, make this particularly fun with some knowledge of the period and the films mentioned that makes this movie a movie about movies of its time as much as feeling very modern.

Preston Sturges made one of the smartest and most insightful comedies ever to come out of Hollywood, in which he especially held up the mirror to Tinseltown itself as its truly one of the finest comedies to ever be made on the screen.

The Ruth Rating:five bette's


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