Jean Arthur in  TALK OF THE TOWN

31 Days of Oscar Blogathon 2016

TODAY i talk about Jean Arthur’s oscar snub. Its oscars talk time again. Today as part of 31 Days of Oscar Blogathon which today is hosted by Once Upon a Screen,Outspoken and Freckled and Paula’s Cinema Club. So as all taking part today are talking about an oscar snub. Thanks to the wonderful hosts for today’s event and check out others. Today to explain why Jean Arthur in TALK OF THE TOWN should have won.


Talk of the Town stars  Cary Grant, Jean Arthur and Ronald Colman in A capra like movie. It is not as highly regarded as many other classics. It is a great screwball comedy mixed with legal drama.

This movie has such great acting by Cary Grant, Jean Arthur and Ronald Colman and every other member of the movie’s cast. Its acting is very great and wonderful. The blend of romance, comedy and drama makes for an engaging movie to watch.

It is sad as many overlooked gems like this movie does not get the attention it does deserve as one of the movies many sad things was that Jean Arthur never won the award for her wonderful role which was one of her finest on the screen.

Director George Stevens directs a fine comedy gem that he crafted out to a level of perfection with writers  Sidney Buchman and Irwin Shaw whom all together crafted a comedy gem that has such fine acting and a wonderful level of passion beyond it to make it one overlooked gem of any age.

The Ruth rating:five bette's

Jean Arthur Starred in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, You Can’t Take It With You, The Devil and Miss Jones, The More the Merrier as some examples of her many movies as she was one fine actress i feel the role in Talk of the Town really was one of her finest roles as she really plays the character to a level of greatness not matched by many actresses. It’s such a shame she lost that award as you can see her due in many other great classics. She truly was one legend for all time.

She was one legend i cannot forget as one of my favorite actresses so to thank that remarkable legend for all time. I do think Jean Arthur truly will remain one of the finest legends all time. Thanks to the hosts to let me talk about her today as she stands as one of my favorites all time. Be sure to check out others form this event too.


2 thoughts on “TALK OF THE TOWN

  1. Kim says:

    Funny, I wrote about Arthur’s snub for The More the Merrier! This was definitely one she should have been nominated for, and I think the mixture of tone may have been one reason it was overlooked and not as well remembered today, despite the fantastic cast and performances, as you mentioned. Great film, nonetheless (and now I want to go re-watch it!)

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