bride of frankenstein.

bride of frankenstein


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Few sequels that are superior to their predecessors but bride of Frankenstein is far better then it’s masterful original prototype Frankenstein (1931) as James whale had refused at first to direct a follow up but did give in if given complete artist freedom. It starts out this movie as we have prologue that recaps event of first movie with Mary Shelley and only credited role of Elsa Lanchester for her for this movie as she is playing the role of Mary Shelley as it seems odd to have her talk the events of the first movie as what happened in the book. It came out four years after first movie as it’s the greatest example of a movie passing up original in every way as it truly does so in every way.

Colin Clive and Boris Karloff repeats their roles respectively as both are amazing in their respective roles. Valerie Hobson replacing replacement for Mae Clarke in the role of Elizabeth is really more suited to the role. I would say that Mae Clarke did fine in Frankenstein. Dr. Pretorius played by Ernest Thesiger is wonderfully amazing as Dr. Pretorius. Una O’Connor as Minnie is truly amazing in her role. It is fine performances by everyone in the cast.

Boris Karloff returned to portray the Frankenstein Monster as he gives one of his finest performances all time as he plays the creature falling into the hands of Dr. Pretorius whom is played by Ernest Thesiger is giving out one of his finest roles ever as he is born to play that role. the monster’s creator Dr Frankenstein is played by Colin Clive in one of his finest roles. It is Dr. Pretorius who plays Dr Frankenstein who is disinterested in it to do it as he is about to wed his fiancé, Elizabeth (Valerie Hobson) as she gives out a fine performance in her role. This time, the idea is to fashion a female for the creature, and Pretorius enlists the hulking Monster as an anxious partner into his scheme. Ernest Thesiger that steals the show as Dr. Pistorius as he plays one of the finest villain roles ever crafted to the screen as Pretorius’ character’s has such deep layers to his character. The amazing acting of Ernest Thesiger bringing to life this fine role. Its the many scenes you see him do in this movie that takes the cake as he really hams it up and plays the villain to a wonderful level of perfection as also he equally charismatic O’Connor works best when playing directly opposite of Thesiger as we see her play her role so greatly too.

Bride of Frankenstein is presented with amazing camera work German expressionist camerawork by cinematographer John J. Mescall as he uses many camera movements and angles that adds layer to the movie as many scenes are so brilliantly and captured for the camera as his work also aided to create the magical bride scene which is one of the hallmarks of the movie. It’s amazing cinematography.

Jack Pierce’s makeup work is one of the biggest hallmarks of this movie. It is the amazing level of craft and depth to creature work and the many other makeup works of this movie that you see the amazing level of craft and detail that makes this movie magical. He is often credited as one of the godfathers of the art of makeup for movies as Jack Pierce’s work in many movies was the greatest example of fine work and craft by any artist. A fascinating score composed by Franz Waxman, which is nothing less than a masterpiece of excitement and melody that truly is one fine soundtrack. When one thinks of this movie you always look the amazing level of special effects in the many scenes of the movie. It’s the men in the tiny bottle in the lab of Dr. Pretorius to the many other effects make this movie really feel far ahead of its time and place in history as many of these effects are so amazing. Its special effect work is one of the groundbreaking elements of this movie along with its makeup work to craft the movies charm.

The memorable sequence of bringing the Monster’s Bride (Lanchester) to life is unequaled to this day. the scene has him yelling she is alive as Lanchester who only stood 5’4″ tall was placed on stilts that made her 7’0″ tall, as well as, her unforgettable shock hairstyle which stood up and hinted that the electricity had shocked her to life was held by a wired horsehair cage. Also, her darting swan-like movements were inspired by the angry swans in London’s Regent Park. Although, the Bride’s appearance is extremely brief it is one of the movies most unforgettable moments in movie history. I would also say it is also not credited ever to Elsa Lanchester this role in the movie as like the first movie it was left unknown. This scene leaves it mark as one of the finest any era of movies.

Bride of Frankenstein is one of the finest sequel all time to any movie as it does so much more then the original and it really topples everything to make it a masterpiece of cinema. Its special effects work to its make up work to its soundtrack and direction and acting and cinematography all work together to craft out this gem of a movie. This movie stands out as one of the finest film any era of cinema.

The ruth Rating:five bette's

Thanks to the wonderful hosts for allowing me talk this movie in such joy and glee as it is one of my favorite movies all time. It is truly a magical movie that does make for some of my favorite times ever to watch any movie as it is so magical to watch and love. Be Sure to check out other posts for this wonderful event.



6 thoughts on “bride of frankenstein.

  1. Silver Screenings says:

    Ack! I am ashamed to say I have never seen this film. Well, now that I’ve read your post I must rectify this ASAP. I didn’t realize they put Elsa Lanchester on stilts – I will pay close attention when I see the film.

    Thanks for joining the blogathon and for bringing the Bride of Frankenstein with you. 🙂

  2. christinawehner says:

    This was the film that first introduced me to Universal horror films and turned me into a raging Universal horror fan. It was only after seeing this one that I finally saw the 1931 original. I completely agree, though, that The Bride of Frankenstein tops even the original. The humor, the cast (what a cast!) and as you mentioned, the camera work.

    I, too, had no idea she wore stilts. I should have wondered how they made her so tall, since she isn’t in other films, but perhaps that is the magic of films. 🙂

    Thanks so much for participating!

  3. Patricia Nolan-Hall (@CaftanWoman) says:

    Such strange goings-on, such abhorrent plans from the maddest of scientists and such heartbreak. “Bride” is ever entertaining and the reason they make movies and let directors have their way. You really seem to appreciate all the quirks and artistry in this sequel of sequels.

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