The wicked lady

The wicked lady 


Margaret Lockwood devours the screen as a tightly wound seventeenth-century beauty with loose morals, who steals her best friend’s wealthy fiancé on the eve of their wedding. And that’s only the beginning of this piece of pulp from director Leslie Arliss—there are no depths to which this sinful woman won’t sink. James Mason co-stars, and nearly steals the movie, as a highwayman with whom our antiheroine becomes entangled. This nasty, subversive treat was the most commercially successful of all the Gainsborough melodramas. ( info on site)

So tonight i watched the wicked lady my frist time.


I will say that It inspired me to buy Eclipse 36: Three Wicked Melodramas from Gainsborough Pictures which contains The Man in Grey, Madonna of the Seven Moons, The Wicked Lady as such a highly loved gem by me as its truly one movie that captured my heart. I was even tempted to rewatch,Its just that good of a movie and joy to find this new gem. Chances are many more form across the pond know of this classic gem then harry potter or jaws as Margaret Lockwood made a name for herself by starring in the lady vanishes among other classics of the 1940’s as the  the British Film Institute compiled a list of the all-time most popular films ever shown in England, not just those made in Great Britain but across the globe this made the list as one of the biggest ticket sellers in the uk. This little known swashbuckler is a classic that shows that class in acting sells tickets. So my review of this highly loved classic gem.


The wicked lady  review

The Gainsborough Melodramas are not cited as masterpieces but box office hits in the united kingdom. It was heavily censored in America. Its themes are such that many times share many things common with each other as such of the unhappiness on the wedding day. sexuality and adultery are also shared among each other as common themes. I have not seen the others but i know of their themes that they share in common also they are all noir like but they are not noir with such themes that noir has in common but it could be placed into a sub-genre of noir if you like for Melodramas.

The wicked lady was directed by Leslie Arliss who wrote and directed it with such style and depth to his direction and script as his script is helped by A great deal of witty additional dialogue and catty repartee also aided by Jack Cox’s typically moody, gray-toned photography, John Bryan’s magnificent sets, Elizabeth Haffenden’s eye-catching Restoration costumes which are some very low cut period outfits, it could be said that helped boost its appeal in the uk as it really caught the eye of the public at large.

The wicked lady has such wonderful cinematography which has such remarkable daytime scenes that are captured with a graceful eye. Its gray toned and dark in tone yet it captures the mood and humor of the movie which you can say makes one laugh and delights one so highly.
Margaret Lockwood devours the screen really making the movie shine in such a way. It’s her wonderfully skilled acting that steals the show form her fantastic outfits she wears designed by Elizabeth Haffenden that captures her beauty so greatly. It’s her charming acting that steals the show as she truly shines in so many scenes as she acts out the wonderfully witty and charming script with such grace and charm that it makes her the star of the show. She is one of my favorite actresses all time with such charm and skill to her acting it’s no wonder why. This stands as one of her finest roles ever on the screen.

James Mason co-stars and nearly steals the movie, as a highwayman with whom our anti-heroine becomes entangled as he plays out his charming and dashing role of the highwayman which has him really playing it with such charm and style that he really seems like a figure that you would want to fall in love with instantly if you’re a lady. It is his acting talent that really pushes it along as he really was one of those wonderful actors that should be looked upon more highly as he really nails home a wonderful performance in this movie.

Patricia Roc nails home one of her best roles as Caroline a woman who really loves the man that was stolen by the leading lady. She really has such a charm manner to her that she plays it like she is a caring lady that just wants what is best for her love even if it means losing him. Its her style and grace that charms you too as she truly shines in her outstanding role. Michael Rennie gives a wonderful performance as Kit Locksby. Griffith Jones gives out a wonderful performance. I would say all of the stars of the wicked lady really shine as the script that really flows with charm and wit that makes it them all nail home such great acting.
The set designs are some of the finest ever done on the screen. Its magnificent sets capture the movie’s period perfectly along with its wonderful costumes by Elizabeth Haffenden Whom crafts out such period outfits that really catches one’s eyes as they are low cut but truly shines greatly as they are all wonderfully lovely and enchanting to behold on the screen.

The story is really very swashbuckler heavy with such charm and style as we have aristocratic Lockwood pursuing a life of adventure by becoming a highwaywoman, but it’s highly enjoyable as entertainment of this kind as it truly makes Margaret Lockwood shine greatly on the screen with such charm and depth to her acting. Its welcome cast of deservedly popular support artists help round out the movie with wonderful acting and such wonderful sets and cinematography and costumes. The wicked lady is a classic that one should not ever miss it is one of the best introductions ever to Gainsborough Melodramas, The wicked lady is a wicked treat not to be missed by anyone so watch it today.

The Ruth Rating:five bette's


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