tomb of cyberman

tomb of cyberman


Favourite TV Show Episode Blogathon which takes place this easter weekend is about bloggers talking about their favorite tv show episode. So today i am talking about tomb of the cybermen which is one of my favorite serials of doctor who. It is also the birthday of the leading doctor of this tale whom is  Patrick Troughton who is a wonderful legend of the britsh acting that led the show to new heights after the leaving of the frist doctor. So happy birthday to this wonderful legend i hope you enjoy my review of this classic tale.


The Doctor goes on an archaeological dig on the planet of the Cybermen only to find that they’re still very much alive, and much more creepy than their modern fibreglass equivalents. It is one creepy tale that really effectively make the cybermen some of the best villains in the show’s history it is a mix of the hammer horror meets universal’s the mummy. This smartly crafted tale with such great acting and depth brings to life the cybermen in a creepy way that really can be effectively called something amazing and noteworthy.  Patrick Troughton gives us his finest hour as the doctor as he really brings to life this tale to such great effect. Fans of the era should watch out for Hammer veteran George Pastell playing yet another weaselly character while Roy Stewart makes an impact as an imposing strongman. Frazer Hines and Deborah Watling have such great moments giving us some of their finest hours. I would also say many one thing one can notice its nods to Metropolis in many of its scenes with the cybermen. It turns them into some of the creepest villains ever. Tomb of cybermen form its wonderful casting to its great and creepy layers remains one of the best doctor who tales to ever grace the screen.

The ruth rating:five bette's


Jamie McCrimmon played by Jamie McCrimmon. He faced off against Daleks, Cybermen, Time Lords, Ice Warriors, the Yeti, and even a unicorn. And yet, he never lost his cool throughout those adventures as he stands out as the acting by the actor lead is just truly outstanding as they come. I acted alongside today’s birthday boy Patrick Troughton as a small tribute i thought i put this nod to one of my favorite companions of his era. Happy birthday to  Patrick Troughton  i hope you enjoyed my review of this classic serial.


5 thoughts on “tomb of cyberman

  1. Quiggy says:

    I always wondered. Is there a comprehensive collection of the entire run of Doctor Who though all his various incarnations? My library has some, but I’m sure it’s not complete, because I don’t recall any Patrick Troughton episodes on the shelf. But that doesn’t really mean anything. I’ve only watched a smattering of them as it is.

    • wolffianclassicmoviesdigest says:

      I have only tomb of cybermen of his era. they have a few out form his era.: The Ice Warriors (Story 39) and Doctor Who: The Moonbase (Story 33) and Doctor Who: The Enemy of the World and web of fear. its not as many form his era. they have tons more classic form other doctors

  2. mercurie80 says:

    Tomb of the Cybermen was the first Second Doctor serial I ever saw and it served as a great introduction. To this day Jamie remains one of my favourite companions–Frazer Hines and Patrick Troughton had such great rapport. This episode was definitely one of the highpoints of their run! Thanks for participating in the blogathon!

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