Jezebel review


Today is Bette Davis’s birthday. She is the greatest actress of all time to me. A tribute to Bette Davis is today as  review for THE BETTE DAVIS BLOGATHON. It is also my tribute to my favorite actress all time. So check others to today’s BLOGATHON hosted by my friend form The Good Old Days Of Classic Hollywood which is the blog of  Crystal Kalyana Pacey thanks so much to the wonderful host for today’s event to honor my favorite actress. . So my review below is the classic Oscar winning gem of Jezebel which was handed to her by Jack Warner after she lost gone with the wind.  So let’s begin to honor my favorite actress on her birthday.

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Jezebel was Bette Davis’s consolation prize for losing the Scarlett O’Hara sweepstakes as she lost out that role to Vivien Leigh. She truly proved she could handle the same role to Vivien Leigh did so greatly. Bette Davis plays the role of Julie Marsden greatly as she is just as strong willed as Vivien Leigh’s Scarlett But Scarlett would never deliberately violate the code the way Julie does and wear that red dress to a cotillion. Just simply not done in the best families. Henry Fonda plays the role of the proper gentlemen perfectly. George Brent’s head as the dashing Buck Cantrell also truly shines. Margaret Lindsay as Amy is strong as ever too. The acting of everyone in the cast is truly wonderful.

Director William Wyler does a fantastic job at direction giving the film a genuine southern flavor and period feel. The black and white cinematography in this film is tremendous and procured the film one of its five Oscar nominations. AS this movie won Bette Davis one of her Oscars it was her wonderful acting that nailed home that Oscar. Jezebel” is a tale of defiance, love and redemption that truly shines with a wonderful cast and Max Steiner’s music and Ernest Haller’s stunning cinematography and of course Bette Davis’s riveting performance make this a gem you can watch many time again and again. Watch this classic today.

The Ruth rating:five bette's

Bette Davis remains my favorite actress all time as my top favorite actress all time. A wonderful actress that was one of the finest actresses to grace the screen,she was one that gave me such wonderful memories of her wonderful image on the screen of a powerful powerful woman. She stood out out from other actresses because of her audacity,it was how studios owned the stars,she defied Warner brothers,she was lifting the veil for women in film for their behavior and traits as she did what was right for the character as she was able melt into characters greatly,she was a short woman but always stood out among every-one in the room,she truly is my favorite actress all time. Happy birthday to this wonderful legend.


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