Pinocchio was Walt Disney’s second animated film as he moved up in production from Bambi. Although Snow White is considered a special treat many regard this gem as his greatest gem. So today I look upon this classic movie in insight into this classic gem and a review of it. When you wish upon a star any dream can true. So let’s begin into this dream.

A new art is born the start of a dream.

So Walt Disney had the smash hit Snow White break open a new medium as he decided a feature animation often. He started work on many projects at the same time about as he had Bambi and Pinocchio as while in process of making Pinocchio he started another classic later called fantasia as that later classic would mix music and animation richly as that classic remains one of my favorites.  It was a hard task take this kids story that was beloved and turn it into another Disney classic as to make the puppet more friendly as the books original version wasn’t so nice and friendly.

Often many books are tasks to create a template for a movie as this was one of those cases which was harder without many changes.

One of the hardest tasks was creating the under the sea feeling in water as water in animation in that stage struggling to make it look real. One trick was put bubbles in water to create a trick of being under the sea. It works greatly. It truly is a work of magic.

Jiminy cricket was a late addition to the movie as he was such a loved idea. Disneys favorite was the movies beloved cat.

The blue fairy animation was crafted by same animation crafter of Fantasia. Another first for this classic was its use of famous actors. As budget raised up it became one of Hollywood’s most costly animation budgets of the time.

Upon its release it truly was raved upon with great reviews and beloved by many hailing it as the start of the Disney golden age. It is often stated to be favorite among filmmakers and artist and many great legends as it’s a special kind of magical tale that tells a tale that is about a wish to be a real boy. When you wish upon a star any dream can come true. So now to review this classic I hope you enjoyed insight into this classic.

Pinocchio review 

Pinocchio benefits from one of the finest collections of songs such as I got no strings on me to an actor’s life for me and when you wish upon a star.

This classic had won an Oscar for best original song for when you wish upon a star. It also won for its wonderful musical score a Oscar which is truly wonderful. It’s voice acting is also remarkable as two great talents make its fold. Cliff Edwards whom truly is one of best character actors. Mel Blanc does work too as the donkeys as he does it greatly as he is truly one of its most famous voice actors whose work shines in many animation voice roles. Dickie Jones played one great role as Pinocchio. The blue fairy is played by the remarkable Evelyn Venable a great character actress. Frankie Darro plays a great role too another great character actor in many westerns. Walter Catlett truly is another gem in the fold in his role. Another legendary character actor. One other great talent is Don Brodie a director and actor. This movie has such vast contrasts in its themes. It’s dark nature n humor mixed with joy and heartbreak it really stirs up emotions.

Pinocchio has great acting with a wonderful musical score and wonderful themes make this a truly landmark classic. So you should watch it today this classic gem.

The Ruth rating:five bette's


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