Hitchcock noir II

Hitchcock noir II


Hitchcock is on his way to the studio to shoot his next movie. He will be shooting his next movie. It is called cutting through the classics today. Today i talk about the Hitchcock noir traits which frankly makes up many of his classic movies and traits today for the second volume of Hitchcock noir. Let’s cut through his classics.


So to begin with one movie that is often considered one of hitch’s misaligned movies today with the  The Paradine Case.

Poster - Paradine Case, The_03

It is often considered one of Hitchcock’s lesser movies. Many people dislike it and many people love it and praise it. Its acting is good that is not issue. It has such layers to this movie that it works for some and others it does not work right. The talents of Gregory Peck and Ann Todd and Charles Laughton and Ethel Barrymore and Louis Jourdan and other great talents all make up the cast of this movie. Its moody love story that centers on many of the leads of this movie really does bring some of its layer. One thing this movie misses is the Hitchcock humor does not seem to be in this movie. The acting of everyone is very good. Its Hitchcock’s noir classic in a way. It captures the soul of noir as you have a moody love story mixed with poisoning. It really is a fun noir gem to watch that really is such a fun case of it being a classic that is a mixed bag for many. Watch it today if you want a moody noir love story that will delight you.


Hitchcock is about to shoot the wrong man . The wrong man is often called hitchcock’s true noir classic. Its a classic noir story that truly shines. Time to talk about this classic noir tale.


The Wrong Man is under-rated as they come.  Henry Fonda’s role as  Manny Balestrero is one of the best roles ever did for the screen. He truly really brings to life the caracter. Though Henry Fonda’s Manny Balestero is told of his charge after being arrested, the whole ‘procedural’ nature of the film’s story, of how the system can be the damnedest thing, makes it downright gripping as you really are pulled into his plight. It makes you root against the law as you feel for him more. It’s very much a noir at heart and soul which makes this more magical when the time of year Tcm airs noir to tune into this gem. Fonda was the perfect choice considering the material, and while it is based on a true story and Fonda is terrific at his role, that Hitchcock leaves out certain details of his innocence to leave you wondering is he guilty or innocent? Vera Miles is amazing as his wife in a role that really is amazing as ever. The acting shines in this movie. Using real locations in NYC, the great many character actors that make up the police and everyday people (there is some very good casting in the insurance office scene), and a musical score that is decidedly vintage Herrmann, Hitchcock uses this sort of documentary realism to heighten his own subjective approach, It all works to help the story, which goes against the grain of the 50’s era thriller, and it works extremely well making it a must see movie.


Hitchcock’s famous cameo in the man that knew too much. Its time talk about the orginal one not the remake,


Very few artists have done as much for the thriller genre in film as British director Alfred Hitchcock, who not only was a pioneer of many of the techniques that would become widely used nowadays, but also across his career he literally invented a great amount of the rules that would shape the genre many of his early works are lesser known. Its a shame as many of his early works as just as wonderful as his later classics. The orginal man who knew too much is one such example. Peter Lorre. stars in a wonderful role that truly is one of his best roles.  Leslie Banks leading the cast with his charming presence and very British wit. Its his mix of humor and drama makes his caracter shine. its such a great role. Many think of the remake of this movie often over this classic gem. The performances by the actors are of an excellent quality all giving such great range. The screenplay for “The Man Who Knew Too Much” was written by Edwin Greenwood and A.R. Rawlinson, although it was based on a story co-written by D.B. Wyndham-Lewis and Charles Bennett. While the writing of the film was a cooperative effort, it is Charles Bennett’s style the one that’s shown the most through the story. Bennett’s plays and screenplays became the basis of many of the most representative Hitchcock thrillers, Its great direction by hitchcock with such a great screenplay which would help shape all his thrillers to come. Its wonderful acting. Its truly a must see for anyone that loves hitchcock.


Hitchcock has confessed to a murder. Well its time to talk i confess.


This is one of Hitchcock’s darkest films, and one of the best for seamless believability it lacks some of the breaks from verisimilitude that bigger hits like Psycho and Vertigo, The incomparable Montgomery Clift Stars in this classic gem. His use as an actor really brings this movie to a new level of depth in acting. It’s truly a work of art how great he captures the role in this movie. Anne Baxter truly shines in her role. its acting is truly something great. captures Quebec City greatly on film. Its great direction by the master. Its story of a confession of murder really being something deeper is a noir plot that truly makes this movie a gem that you must see today. Today I talked four classics you must see that are noir classics in this new volume of Hitchcock noir. Have a good day to enjoy a classic gem. hitchcock


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