happy birthday to Henry Fonda

happy birthday to Henry Fonda



Henry Fonda may have hidden beyond many characters but he was a man that had many facets to his way. A beloved, enduring screen star who embodied an idealized yet recognizable vision of the average but nonetheless intelligent and honorable American man. He truly was one of the greatest actors to grace the screen. He Wore many masks while he was not perfect. He was one of the best actors all time.  He played an amazing role in  Jezebel and Young Mr. Lincoln. The Grapes of Wrath had him play one of his finest roles on the screen. He would play another amazing role with Barbara Stanwyck in the lady eve. It was one of the finest comedies all time. It is just a delight to watch him in that movie. THE OX-BOW INCIDENT would bring up memories of his past as a boy. It was that movie you see him tell about how he feels about justice and some of his ideals. My Darling Clementine had him play  Wyatt Earp which was one of his finest roles ever by him. The Wrong Man he played another amazing role. 12 Angry Men Twelve Angry Men alongside many other great legends we saw him at his finest as an actor. He played the president in fail safe one fine role. Once Upon a Time in the West had him play a role totally out of his type as he played one of the finest villains ever on the screen. He was an amazing actor in so many roles. I could say that this actor deserves a birthday tribute. So happy birthday to this great legend.


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