Jean Arthur the actress everyone adores.

Jean Arthur the actress everyone adores.


In her film appearances, Jean Arthur projected an image of a strong, self-confident, outgoing woman. But behind the scenes, it was a very different story. She probably had a harder time being a “movie star” than anyone who has ever made it onto the silver screen. And that includes Greta Garbo.(tcm bio) Jean Arthur was called a jewel of acting by frank capra. She is a jewel of acting indeed. She was one of the finest golden age legends. I call her one of my favorite actresses. Only Angels Have Wings one of her early classics she starred alongside Cary grant as she gave a powerful role. You Can’t Take It With You and Easy Living also showed her range as an actress in two fine roles.

Jean Arthur was an intensely private person once remarking that she hated Hollywood. She would often refuse interviews. She truly was a different person then what she played on screen yet we always will recall her star power as an actress. She starred in 1936 she starred in mr deeds goes to town as she played a very wonderful role in that movie as that was her first pairing with frank capra. She would become one of his favorite actresses. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington had her play her greatest role ever on the screen to many even me. Jean Arthur whom played a wonderful role as Clarissa Saunders. She truly is one amazing legend in that movie. She next would play another one of her finest roles in The Devil and Miss Jones. She would star in two comedy gems afterward in The Talk of the Town and The More the Merrier.  She truly is one amazing actress able pull out such range in many movies. She truly is one of finest actresses ever to grace the screen form her role in seven chances to her last role she truly was a great legend that gave us such great and charming roles

Hopes you enjoyed my small tribute to this great legend.



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