Announcing The Ray Harryhausen Blogathon

I was thinking upon this idea frankly on just why not honor him. I had planned not do a  Blogathon until vivien leigh’s planned one for me which is a good while form now.So today to do a Blogathon to my childhood hero Ray Harryhausen.

BLOGATHON RULES:Bloggers are more than welcome to write about any film or topic relating to  Ray Harryhausen. the Blogathon will be held on July 10th – 15th, 2016. Please send your posts into me on any one of those days.Duplicate entries allowed but i prefer you you do your own orginal choice of an article. So all have fun and join in to honor him.These banners below was created by the wonderful world of cinema. I would love to thank Virginie Pronovost form that blog so much for making them. She is one is one my close friends. I would say check out her wonderful blog if you can too. You can use them for the event if you like.





This is Ray Harryhausen if reading this i am sure he was your hero too. He made the monsters the star which is the coolest thing in the world. Ray Harryhausen is A childhood hero of mine. I can say that i have been obsessed with his work snice i was a boy. His monsters had more personality then me as a boy but it was truly magical when i frist saw his movies i was in awe and wonder. it showed me that one man can make such wonders. I knew these monsters were not real but they touched my heart. it is still so true to my heart because i seen them when i was a boy and not know how how they were done. I remember many as boy saying they were not real but i didn’t care. I seen many things that passed in such effects but i never could get over how amazing this guys truly stands out. Ray Harryhausen truly is the greatest artist of special effects. One of the my true heroes to my heart. thank you ray for teaching me to let my imagination soar and showing what magic can be,thanks sir please join to honor this great hero as he truly is one of my heroes.


wolffian classics movies digest:Ray Harryhausen special effects titan

The Cinematic Frontier:1961’s Mysterious Island

Pop Culture Reverie :Jason and the Argonauts

Film Music Central: Jason and the Argonauts

A shroud of thoughts:The Valley of Gwangi

christinawehner:The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms and It Came from Beneath the sea(two movie choices)

In The Good Old Days Of Classic Hollywood:King Kong

Old Hollywood Films:The 7th Voyage of Sinbad

Silver Scenes:the golden voyage of sinbad

Once Upon A Screen(Aurora Desmond):Clash of titans

Ray Harryhausen Blogathon day one.(post day one posts here),thanks so much all taking part in day one folks.

Ray Harryhausen Blogathon‬ day two(post day two posts,thanks so much all taking part in event.

Ray Harryhausen Blogathon day three(put all posts of third day here folks)

Ray Harryhausen Blogathon Day four(Put all day four links here)

Ray Harryhausen Blogathon Day five(put all day five links here folks)

Ray Harryhausen Blogathon Day six(put all day six links here as final day of event.)


45 thoughts on “Announcing The Ray Harryhausen Blogathon

  1. primbud says:

    When I saw ‘The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad’ in the theaters, there was a little applause for Ray Harryhausen’s name during the opening credits – not much but there should be more. Wikipedia states ‘It took Ray Harryhausen 11 months to complete the full color, widescreen stop-motion animation sequences for The 7th Voyage of Sinbad. Harryhausen’s “Dynamation” label was used for the first time on this film’.

      • primbud says:

        It is amazing, captivating and fun – I quite liked the music, by Bernard Herrmann – have the ~7+minute version as an MP3 as it captivated – and all of Ray Harryhausen’s work in it’s marvelous, eliciting word such as “look at that”, “check that out” and bringing a sense of wonder and a smile and suspense to your countenance – it’s like he helped bring to life your imagination …

  2. Quiggy says:

    Just saw a link to this. By strange coincidence I’m doing a double feature of two Ray Harryhausen classics (“The Golden Voyage of Sinbad” and “Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger”) for Moon in Gemini’s “Swords and Sandals Blogathon” this weekend. If you don’t mind sharing the stage with her, I’d be happy to link your blogathon to the same post.

  3. Constance Rose Metzinger says:

    A perfect choice for a blogathon! Could you put me down for The Golden Voyage of Sinbad? I also wrote an article about Ray Harryhausen a few years ago that I would like to re-post, if it is allowed. Thanks!

    Constance ( Silver Scenes )

  4. Quiggy says:

    I didn’t see a yes or no to my previous post. Would you like to share the stage with Moon over Gemini, since I am posting a double feature for her Swords and Sandals blogathon which is also two Harryhausen movies (see above)?

      • Quiggy says:

        I’m not sure I understood all of that. But, my thinking was this: Moon in Gemini’s blogathon is July 8th-10th, and yours is July 10th-15th. If I wait and post on Sunday the 10th I can catch the tail end of hers and the beginning of yours. And I can write it in such a way that it fulfills both themes. OK?

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