Marvelous Marvel 04

Marvelous Marvel 04:The joker

The Joker can be considered the finest comic book villain all time. He was created as a larger then life caracter that could rival batman.He was not meant to last past the frist comic he showed up which changed after how beloved he became. He is the yang to batman’s good and noble ways. The joker seems to represent many things we like to hide about ourselves the dark nature that one bad day can bring out of a person. HSo my marvelous marvel spotlight on the joker will be an interesting one because it mixes movies and comics and tv and such. I will talk the joker.

The Joker’s Crime Costumes!”BATMAN 63 review

It is a cute gem of a story that  Joker deciding that he was sick of Batman having an advantage by having special uniforms for special mission (like an underwater Batman costume), so he decided to use special costumes inspired by famous fictional comedic characters. Joker’s having fun with those outfits as you see joker really creates many great looks inspired by movies and such. It really is a fun story that is one fun read.

Detective Comics # 475 & 476 review

The Joker stars in this two-issue comic book  story written by Steve Englehart, with pencil art by Marshall Rogers and ink work by Terry Austin. The first issue is entitled; “The Laughing Fish!” and the second issue’s title is; “Sign of the Joker!”. Both covers are done by Rogers and Austin

The Laughing Fish(Detective Comics Vol. 1 #475-476). The Gotham fishing industry suffers a major hit when the latest catch comes back contaminated. No, BP isn’t to blame this time. These fish clearly resemble the man responsible for their grotesque appearance: The Joker. It is one of the joker’s most crazy crimes all time. This classic tale written by Steve Englehart, with pencil art by Marshall Rogers and ink work by Terry Austin Really done both issues of this tale as both parts of this classic tale are such gems. Part 01 of the tale deals with the start of the classic tale deals with the joker’s crazy crime unfolding as men find fish with his face on it. It makes them throw up. The joker is really driven in his crazy plan to have all his faces on fish as he tries to copyright it. It is Joker at his finest as many traits does seem to work into a noirish fold that is really some of the darker elements of Gotham city works best in noir. It is the finest opening chapter of any comic ever as the story is such a joy to read.

Issue # 476 begins with the Batman and the Gotham police department providing protection to the Copyright Commissioner. But again the Joker is successful in killing the man, using his own cat, even though Batman was disguised as the Commissioner and the Commissioner was wearing Batman’s costume! The scene switches to Thorne and St. Cloud on their way to Akron, Ohio for some reason, but when Silver defends the Batman to Thorne, he leaves her at the edge of the deserted roadside. Lucky for her, its near a small airport and she is able to charter a plane and fly back to Gotham.  Meanwhile the Joker has brought his battle to Batman and the police!  Batman manages to dodge a blast of acid let loose by the Joker and chases him to a rooftop where they battle until Batman is forced to leap away to avoid another blast of acid and it’s at this moment that lightning strikes the girder the Joker is on and he plunges into the river below!  It is at this point that Silver arrives and tells Batman that she knows he is Bruce Wayne, but that even though she loves him, she can’t live with knowing that each night brings him so much danger.  She kisses him and runs away and Batman is left to swing away into the night, forever alone! The second chapter of this tale really shines as many great scenes that would echo in batman for years to come. Joker truly shines here as we see him at his finest. This two part tale is the classic joker tale you should read today.

Joker’s Five-Way Revenge” (1973’s Batman #251) review 

A rainy Gotham city night and a murder has taken place on its outskirts. At the crime scene Commissioner Gordon and the Batman find the victim, Jack Barton wearing a ghastly grin along with Jokers calling card. The Batman leaves the crime scene realizing the Joker recently escaped from the hospital for the criminally insane has it in for the former members of his gang. The Batman tries to bring former gang member Packy White (a janitor now at a boxing gym) under police protection. After a sparring match Packy is convinced to go along with the Batman’s plan. He takes a drink of water to “wash the taste of Batman’s knuckles away” when he suddenly falls backward with the Jokers grizzly grin upon his face. The Joker soon takes out another member of his gang with an exploding cigar filled with nitro-glycerin. The Batman tries to help another former member Bigger Melvin only to be hit from behind and falls unconscious. When the Batman comes to he finds Melvin hanging dead from the rafters and then knocked unconscious again from behind by the Joker. The Joker at first seems to want to kill the Batman but then decides against it. Regaining consciousness, the Batman heads for the last member Bins Hooley, the forger at the Home for the Aged to find he was taken out earlier that day by Mr. Genesius, realizing that this Mr. Genesius is the Joker. Rubbing his head from the Jokers attack, the Batman finds crude oil and sand and comes to the conclusion of the Jokers whereabouts, an abandoned aquarium. There he finds the Joker holding a control to lower Hooley (sitting in a wheechair) into a tank with a great white shark. They make a deal to spare Hooley and put Batman in the tank with shark instead. After the Batman is pushed in so is Hooley. The Joker laughing after breaking his promise watches. Soon the Batman frees himself from his chains and defeats the shark and then uses Hooley’s wheelchair to break the glass tank. The Batman chases after the Joker who almost gets away when he slips on the oil slicked beach. The Batman overtakes the Joker and puts him out with a right cross(plot of the comic form comicvine)

This comic hit stands in 1973.  It diverged from the established conventions of The Joker, his actions and his interactions with Batman, which at that point were more in line with a prankster or mild annoyance more than a wildcard killer. Despite it being rightfully recognized by many as the measuring stick for the joker we see today. It truly is a shame this comic is often considered lesser by many fans. The issue is a game of cat and mouse at its finest as we see joker’s staked raised for batman as we see how dangerous the joker can be. 

The story works pretty well as a self contained unit, with the plot ultimately being resolved by the end of the issue with Dennis O’Neil writing and crafting out one of the finest joker tales all time. It is a gem that you should read today.

The story takes place around Christmas time and is narrated by Robin (Tim Drake). In it, his attempt to apprehend weapons traffickers goes awry when rival weapons dealers arrive and he is caught in the middle of the shootout. He crashes his motorbike trying to getaway and a stranger who is driving by throws open their door to help him escape. His desperate situation leads him to take the offer (“Besides, any port in a storm…”), but before he can get his bearings inside the car he discovers the driver is none other than the Joker, who gasses him and drives off. The story follows the two as the Joker drives around Gotham City, committing gruesome and wanton acts of homicide (vehicular and otherwise) in an attempt to psychologically torture Robin, who he has bound and gagged in the passenger seat. Eventually Robin escapes, gassing the Joker and throwing him out of the car, where he is hit by a truck and knocked off the overpass. His body is not found at the end and he is presumed escaped. If one is thinking this has nothing to do with Christmas. You are right it could be normal fare but the stakes are raised by the joker. Paul dani expertly makes the tale better and better each page by raising the stakes and making the joker’s kidnapping of robin and robin overcoming joker a very great ride of emotions. Slay ride is one of the truly classic joker tales that may joker at his finest that one should read today.

The Joker is Wild/Batman is Riled review

Cesar Romero, alongside Burgess Meredith as Penguin, was one of Batman’s most frequent villains. It truly is a fun gem of a story that has joker doing one of his silly schemes which is classic joker. Bat-shenanigans we’ve seen, it revolves around the Joker attempting to unmask Batman and Robin as what makes it such fun is just the nature of it as it is just purely comedy gold for joker. It is one of the best examples why many love the 66 batman TV show.

As joker would say you can be goody two shoes to the end of days but where is the fun in that. Listen to the big black bat but you have no fun without a crazy clown like the joker as he truly remains one of the finest villains any medium. So to talk about the crazy clown was a joy to me.

As one of batman’s biggest fans I truly think this week’s marvelous marvel was a joy to write i hope you all enjoy it too. 


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