Olivia de Havilland a shining legend

Olivia de Havilland a shining legend,#‎OliviadeHavilland100‬

Olivia de Havilland, the last remaining cast member from Gone With the Wind turns 100 years old. She truly has been shining on the screen for ages many can say she still remains a glowing light to show how even at her age she still shines as brightly as ever. She started out acting in 1935. She was a small supporting actress of little notice but that would change greatly in next couple of years. She would star in captain blood which would be one of her first big supporting roles. Her next bigger role in The Adventures of Robin Hood would be her big turn as a star that would bring her to light of the world. It would her next big role as . It would be in 1939 when we saw her star turn truly as she became forever a legend as she starred in gone with wind as Melanie Hamilton a role she should have won an Oscar for it as she gave us such a wonderful performance. Its 100 years of this shining legend it’s time to honor Olivia de Havilland. So time to honor this great legend.

Olivia de Havilland a shining legend 100 years of a legend.#‎OliviadeHavilland100‬

Captain Blood review

Captain blood is greatly remembered as the Hollywood debut of Errol Flynn. This is a wonderful opening to the shining action star of the golden age this is a colorful opening role for him. It’s such a great role for this fine action star. The charming and dashing captain blood is just a perfect role for this charming man of action. Colonel Bishop played by Lionel Atwill and his niece Arabella played by Olivia De Haviland. Both Lionel Atwill and Olivia De Haviland give us such wonderful performances. Captain Lavasseur played Basil Rathbone is another great role for an acting legend later. It’s such a joy to watch this movie as it’s just a fun golden age action movie with such wonderful acting and such wonderful action scenes. It is a gem you should watch today.

The ruth rating:
five bette's

The Adventures of Robin Hood  review

The adventures of robin hood is one of greatest most colorful costume dramas, swashbucklers, and romantically-tinged adventure films in film history. Its slashbucking tale can be said to one of the most fun movies you can watch ever.

Errol Flynn shines as robin hood as he plays the definitive Robin Hood. It expertly tells the story of the heroic Robin and his Sherwood Forest followers, who saved England from royal treachery by scheming nobles during the absence of the crusading and captured-ransomed King Richard the Lion-Hearted. And it tells the fairy-tale romance with nostalgic chivalry, colorful pageantry, simple righteousness triumphant over villainous and evil might, and spectacular action. The film would not be a masterpiece without the casting–not just of Flynn and de Havilland, who are indispensable, but also of such dependable Warners’ supporting stars as Claude Rains, as the effete Prince John; Basil Rathbone, as the snaky Sir Guy of Gisbourne, and Patric Knowles, Eugene Pallette and Alan Hale as (respectively) Will Scarlet, Friar Tuck and Little John, the fearless Merry Men as everyone of this movie’s remarkable cast shines in their roles as they give such remarkable permances.

Unlike modern films where superstars dominate every scene, the Hollywood films of the golden era have depth in writing and casting, so the story can resonate with more than one tone. The movie was initially directed by William Keighley (“Each Dawn I Die”), but Hal Wallis at Warner Bros thought the Sherwood scenes, filmed on location in Chico, California, lacked vitality, and they replaced him with Michael Curtiz (“Angels with Dirty Faces”; “Casablanca”), who added just that. He filmed additional scenes of the merry men preparing for and then attacking the caravan, and all of that climbing, running and jumping, sometimes directly at the camera, feel like primers for the masculine energy of “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. It is one of those charming classic gems that anyone can enjoy.

The Ruth Rating:five bette's

The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex review

The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex portrays the Elizabeth of legend based on Lytton Strachey’s book Elizabeth and Essex. Bette Davis shines in her best dramatic performance ever as the voice, the mannerisms, the psychological torment between Queen and woman to her emotions and eating habits everything is nailed in this amazing character performance that is one of the clown jewels of the golden age. Errol flynn gives such a wonderful performance in a dashing role. Olivia De DeHavilland gives such a wonderful and key role as she shines in the role. This movie is really a dramatic performance acting show as all the acting is just amazing to watch unfold as they give such wonderful roles to bring these characters to life. It’s a wonderful treat to watch from start to finish.

The Ruth Rating:five bette's

Gone with wind review

This film shows the best of the American cinema. Whether we like the film, or not, one has to recognize the greatest achievement, perhaps, of the creative talent of the people working in the movie industry. “Gone with the Wind” represents a monumental leap, as well as a departure, for the movies, as they were done prior to this film as gone with wind is a landmark in movie history.

The vision of bringing David O. Selznick, the power behind bringing Margaret Mitchell’s massive account about the South, before and after the Civil War, pays handsomely with the film that Victor Fleming directed. This movie will live forever because it reminds us of how this great nation came into being, despite the different opinions from the two stubborn factions in the war that changed america forever. Vivien Leigh plays Scarlett O’Hara a role she truly is born to play as no one else could ever play the role as she just gets everything down path as she gives us one of the finest performances ever on the screen. Clark gable gives us one of his finest hours on the screen.  Olivia de Havilland as Melanie is truly amazing as she gives us one of her finest hours on the screen. Leslie Howard gives us a fine performance. Hattie McDaniel tuly shine in her role. The rest of cast as so many others in this movie all give us such wonderful performances. Gone With the Wind will always remain one of the timeless jewels of the sliver screen that one should watch anytime.

The Ruth Rating:five bette's

 To Each His Own review

OLIVIA DE HAVILLAND’s oscar turning role after her battle with wb as she  got her big chance when Paramount offered her TO EACH HIS OWN, a script that had already been turned down by Ingrid Bergman and Ginger Rogers. Everyone shines in this movie, from the leads OLIVIA DE HAVILLAND and JOHN LUND to smallest players of this movie. Olivia  De Havilland is perfect in the role as  Jody Norris which she plays the role in such a remarkable manner really showing the growth of the caracter.  John Lund is excellent too in a dual role as her lover and later her grown son.  Bill Goodwin and  Philip Terry give such wonderful shining roles.  An intelligent script, detailed period direction by Mitch Leisen, fine background score by Victor Young and memorable moments from everyone in the cast. Its just one of those wonderful gems you can watch often.

The Ruth Rating:five bette's

The Heiress review

The Heiress is among one of the finest  among the finest literary adaptations. The Heiress was based on Henry James’s novel, “Washington Square” and features arguably Olivia de Havilland’s finest screen performance. Morris Townsend , a handsome young man with ambiguous motives pursues Catherine Sloper, a plain spinster, who is slightly past marriageable age and possesses limited social skills. The young woman, who is the heiress of the title, is vulnerable prey for a penniless fortune hunter.

Catherine’s father, played by Ralph Richardson, and her Aunt Lavinia, played by Miriam Hopkins, take opposite sides in Townsend’s pursuit of Catherine. Although both her father and her aunt appear to see through the handsome suitor, Aunt Lavinia is practical and sensitive to her niece’s emotional needs, and she counsels compromise in pursuit of happiness, if only fleeting. However, Catherine’s father is unyielding and essentially unloving in his opposition to the match. Throughout, Dr. Sloper compares his daughter’s virtues to those of his late wife, and Catherine comes up lacking in every quality that he values.Sloper threatens to disinherit his daughter if she marries the suitor.

The direction, acting, casting, writing, production values, and music score of this film are perfect. Montgomery Clift plays Townsend in in an enigmatic manner, and viewers can debate his true intentions. Many fault Montgomery Clift whom plays it somewhat too modern even the director remarked it was mistake casting him yet he still shines greatly in the role. Miriam Hopkins is great as Lavinia Penniman shines just as greatly as the lead actress in her role as it plays to her strong acting skills as an actress. Ralph Richardson plays a good part in the movie does a great job with his part in the movie. Olivia De Havilland’s performance as Catherine is among her most sympathetic roles in which she turned in an Oscar winning role as she deserved it greatly for this amazing role that’s so wonderful to watch throughout it. The direction, acting, casting, writing, production values, and music score of this film are perfect.

On a technical note, this film is fascinating for director William Wyler’s use of space. When several people are conversing in one area, he does not always have them relating to each other all on one level. In the bon voyage scene, for example, Dr. Sloper stands nearest to the camera, gazing away from the action happening to his left.

The viewer then has the opportunity to see Morris and Catherine’s tender parting moment, Sloper’s disgusted reaction, and Aunt Penniman’s giddy/uncertain response. Numerous things occur simultaneously, just as they would in a real-life situation.

The multiple layers of action allow even someone who has seen the film countless times to spot something new and different with each viewing. Further, Wyler’s use of mirrors and lamp light is stunning as well, and serve to set the mood in a rather large, rather empty (physically and emotionally) mid 19th century home.

With an award-winning de Havilland performance, a handsome Montgomery Clift on the brink of stardom, and an engrossing Henry James story that makes it stand as one of the finest films ever among one of the finest of the 1940’s. Everyone in this cast shines greatly.

The Ruth Rating:five bette's

You never need to watch the flims you made again. They stay inside you always. Olivia de Havilland is an icon that forever remains one of the defining legends of the screen. She turns 100 years today. She had such wonderful performances in so many classic movies its just a joy to talk about her so here’s to you miss you earned it happy birthday Olivia de Havilland.

Happy 100 years to Melanie played by  Olivia de Havilland. A true Hollywood legend, Olivia de Havilland is the last surviving principle cast member of Gone With The Wind turns 100 years old. To paraphrase her dear friend Robert Osborne, today may be Olivia’s birthday but the gift is ours as this lovely legend turns 100.
its her officially now. a speical day to honor her. ‪#‎OdeH100‬‪#‎OliviadeHavilland‬,happy grand birthday to a legend.


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