Tarzan the ape man

The HOT & BOTHERED: The Films of 1932 Blogathon:Tarzan the ape man review 

Today’s review of Tarzan the ape man is for Hot and Bothered: The Films of 1932 Blogathon as  It is hosted by Once Upon a Screen and Cinemaven’s Essays From the Couch. For a complete list of participating blogs, visit the links at either site,thanks to hosts for this wonderful event so to review one of my favorite movies all time.  Be sure to check out others form the event and enjoy my review of this classic gem.



Tarzan the ape man review

TARZAN THE APE MAN was one of Irving Thalberg’s ‘pet’ projects at MGM which gave them a chance to bring to life an existing IP that was beloved to help give the studio a hit. This is the original that started it all that it continues to go strongly today.

Johnny Weissmuller’s Tarzan frist shows up watching the party form the trees looking simply muscled and built as he seems to fit the build of Tarzan. He gives it his all as Tarzan. Maureen O’Sullivan whom plays Jane truly gives us one great and charming role. The acting of everyone else is great in this movie. The scene where Maureen O’Sullivan is swimming with Weissmuller,completely nude was removed form many cuts of the movie it was one of the many hot scenes that we had such as the unmarried together scenes it was pre-code era. This is one fun adventure as many scenes with that was such a joy to watch. The animal footage is excellent. I would say some scenes do rely on silence more. Its direction by W.S. Van Dyke is really great. 

TARZAN THE APE MAN has it the wonderful acting of Maureen O’Sullivan and Johnny Weissmuller that is perfect casting for both. But because the sexual chemistry is only hinted at, the entire relationship is one of Jane flirting and Tarzan pursuing. It just builds and builds. This romance actually has excitement to it. Definitely one of the best screen romances ever on screen. It has the kind of eroticism that pre-Code Hollywood is known to have. a new MGM franchise was born, that would produce six more films over the next nine years many of which i adore as this series is just a joy to watch. Tarzan the Ape Man is really a wonderful film that still really shows us the magic and charm of escapism at its best. 

The Ruth Rating:five bette's


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