‎Ray Harryhausen Blogathon day three

‎Ray Harryhausen Blogathon day three 13295335_1359712914043820_350465495_n




Today i continue to honor Ray Harryhausen  hero today. This is Ray Harryhausen if reading this i am sure he was your hero too. He made the monsters the star which is the coolest thing in the world. Ray Harryhausen is A childhood hero of mine. I can say that i have been obsessed with his work snice i was a boy. His monsters always bring joy to my heart so today i honor him for day 3 of Ray Harryhausen Blogathon‬. Without further delay I present the Day 3 entries and thank all of the bloggers for their contributions ’ll be updating this list as entries come in throughout the day,thanks everyone for taking part in it today the third day of The Ray Harryhausen Blogathon. Post below your entries too folks.

EARTH VS. THE FLYING SAUCERS by The Hitless Wonder Movie Blog thanks for wonderful post.

The Golden Voyage of Sinbad ( 1974 ) By silverscenesblog,thanks so much for wonderful post


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