Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Star Trek: The Motion Picture

p1580_p_v8_aqStar Trek: The Motion Picture is the first film in the Star Trek series of movies which continues on today with the recent star trek beyond. The fact the star trek concept is alive and well 50 years  says something about the genius of Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek’s creator as its so beloved by many legions of fans that love star trek due to its nature of teaching us a better way to be human as a fellow Trekkie this movie is very much one of my favorites in the movie series,So this review is begining of my 50 years kick off honoring star trek. So to review this classic gem. Star Trek: The Motion Picture is the first film in the Star Trek series of movies as it divides legions of fans as many hate this movie yet many love it so its a Trekkie love and hate for this classic movie. The film is masterfully directed by Robert Wise, the academy award winning director of “The Sound of Music as it reunites the original cast of the Star Trek series with a few new faces such as  Stephen Collins as “Capt. Decker” and Persis Khambata as “Lt. Ilia. It does not insult fans as this movie is a smartly crafted sci-fi classic that has many of the series traits yes its slow which can bore many yet this movie truly is closer to the TV series then many movies in the series.  The plot of Star Trek: The Motion Picture is very smartly crafted as it features an intelligent, logical entity that calls itself VGER. VGER is an innocent entity with one mission to earn all that is learn-able to transmit that information to the creator which it believes is earth. Its became a threat when it destroyed  three Klignon vessels and a Federation space station with incredible destructive power. To counter this threat, Admiral Kirk takes command of the Enterprise and leads the Enterprise in an intriguing battle with this alien entity. When battling with it the crew learns about its relationship between humans and logic as Spock helps to stop it.  Its cinematography is amazing with amazing visual effects to match it with amazing musical score. The acting of the cast of this movie is very good as they all give their best performance in their respective roles. Star trek the motion picture has some slight flaws as some of its acting seems to be missing the charm of orginal trek yet trough all its slight flaw its truly a fun gem of a movie that is one of the true classics to see anytime.

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  1. christinawehner says:

    I just watched Wrath of Khan, but I have not seen this one yet. Is Wrath of Khan less typical of the TV series than Star Trek: The Motion Picture, then? I haven’t seen the TV series as much, so I wasn’t sure how much Wrath of Khan was like it.

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