Kiss me Kate

Kiss me Kate:musical gem review today i review my first Musical gem review. It’s a new feature to talk about many musicals of the past form Broadway to movies to TV productions. It’s just to talk about magical musicals of past. I would say the MGM musicals are some of the defining musicals of any age as they all remain such classics that still last to date.  Musical gems will explore the magic of musicals so let’s begin by reviewing kiss me Kate. Kiss me Kate reviewKISS ME KATE is quite easily one of the two most famous musical adaptations’ of Shakespeare for the stage and screen as the other being west side story,focusing on a theatre company putting up a musical version of ‘The Taming of The Shrew. Kiss Me Kate is quite likely the best of the musicals of the 1950’s as this is a classical MGM musical. Kathryn Grayson and Howard Keel are great as dueling ex’s. Ann miller really steals the show of course as she really is quite amazing in this movie. She truly gives us a performance that is one of the finest she ever did on the screen. Tommy Rall truly gives us an amazing role. The cast of this movie really gives us all such outstanding performances.

George Sidney’s direction crafts out a smartly crafted musical that takes many of the Broadway play into the story with its Cole Porter lyrics which are witty and smart. The musical numbers are among some of the best ever put to the screen. Ann miller sizzles in “It’s Too Darn Hot. Brush Up Your Shakespeare really is one of the most fun songs of the movie to me to watch as it’s just a delight to watch two mobsters sing such in a movie. The choreography is really great as ever in this movie. The cinematography truly really stands out as very impressive. The costumes are amazing on screen as it makes best use of Technicolor. This is very greatly crafted musical drama mixed with comedy with such wonderful acting and great direction makes its one of the MGM musicals all time.  This movie is a must see for any lover of Cole potter or MGM musicals its one of the truly best musicals all time.

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