The More the Merrier

The More the Merrier:screwball gems review


So today i review my first screwball gems review. It’s a new feature to talk about screwball comedies. They remain one of my favorite genres to watch often. I would say screwball comedies are some of the best comedy classics ever crafted for the screen. So this new feature is to talk about screwball comedies as i begin with  The More the Merrier which stands as one of the best of the genre all time So to begin my review. The More the Merrier Review( More the Merrier is a screwball comedy classic that was more of a gem that many overlook today this Oscar nominated classic of many Oscars as it was a widely beloved movie in its time of release in 1943 and a huge box office hit at the time of its release. So much love in its time for this often overlooked classic gem.                                               Charles coburn had been a successful Broadway actor in the period 1910 – 1930s, frequently appearing with his wife in Shakespearean roles then he went to Hollywood to be one of the finer supporting actors of the golden age as he played in The More the Merrier one of his finest roles on the screen as he truly played one fine role of comedy,this is one one fun role that he did such an outstanding job of nailing home this role so its no wonder it won him an Oscar as its an outstanding role. Jean Arthur plays one of her finest comedic roles as she truly makes one laugh with her timing and wit as she also was such a remarkable actress in so many classics. I really admire her role in The More the Merrier as she makes me laugh and also admire her wit as an actress as she shines in this movie. Joel McCrea gives one heck of a performance in The More the Merrier as he truly gives out such a wonderful role in this movie. The acting of everyone else in the cast also shines as its just such a finely acted out movie. George Stevens directs another fine golden age classic which stands among the others he directed as he directed Gunga Din’, ‘Penny Serenade’, ‘Woman of the Year’, ‘A Place in the Sun’, ‘Shane’ and ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ to his credit. I feel the direction of this movie really shines to show his masterful crafting of directing actors as always he does outstanding direction and craft

A great script is written out in this classic movie. It was nominated for best orginal story by frank ross and Robert Russell as its one truly one greatly crafted out story that has such wit and charm to it. The screenplay writing truly shines in this movie as its such a smartly crafted out script.  Its no wonder it did get nominated for an award for this screenplay as its one of the finest orginal screenplays of the golden age. It’s truly sad this movie is often overlooked for many for many other classic movies of the golden age. A great script, great direction, and great acting. A great look back into life during the war and wonderful romantic story that is one of the best original stories of the golden age makes this movie one of the finest classics of the golden age.

The Ruth Rating:five bette's



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