Norma Shearer queen of MGM

Norma Shearer:queen of MGM(

Today is Edith Norma Shearer’s birthday aka Norma Shearer the queen of MGM’s birthday.  She remains one of the finest legends to ever grace the screen so today is a tribute in way to the grand legend of Norma shearer .

Norma Shearer:queen of MGM11873452_877627198983566_8105809436302569396_n

The Divorcee (1930) Review

The Divorcee (1930) was the one that almost got away for Norma Shearer. As the wife of MGM’s director of production, Irving G. Thalberg, she pretty much had a lock on any strong female role that ended up on the production roster. But her marital situation almost proved her undoing on this one. Thalberg had such an exalted opinion of his wife, that he initially refused to consider her for the lead in this steamy tale of divorce and infidelity.  Its movie of its time period and era as it’s a pre-code classic that really does belong in that era of pre-codes over its subject. This movie is a study on life at end of movie to view as a study of American culture at the very end of the Roaring Twenties when women were assuredly emancipating their position in society as many things were changing yet it remained the same as its pre-code era America in its heart and soul.

Norma Shearer who won the best actress for this role really comes off very strong in the role as Jerry as she plays it softly in part but she makes us feel the for the character as we see her able to really come across as real and true which is a rarity in movies as this movie earned her an Oscar for this wonderfully layered role that she nails home one of her finest performances on the screen. Chester Morris is somewhat weaker in his role than Norma Shearer as he seems to lack the raw drive as Norma Shearer does in her role yet he does a darn good job in his role. The supporting acting of everyone in the cast is simply outstanding as they give such wonderful performances.

The direction is very strong as we see the hand of Robert Z. Leonard Craft out some great acting from his cast.      The Divorcee remains one of the finest pre-code classics ever crafted out on the screen form its mirroring of the time period and era in its feeling to its great acting and direction it makes this a timeless pre-code classic that one should watch today.

The Ruth Rating:five bette's                                                                     

A free soul reviewA free soul is another one of Norma’s pre-code classics which also starred Clark gable among other great legends as it is often overlooked for many of her other classic movies. This is one classic movie that is based upon a book that truly may be one of those classics many overlook today. Norma Shearer was nominated for an Oscar for this role as its truly one of her finer roles on the screen. She gives such a wonderful performance that remains one of her stand out roles. Lionel Barrymore gives out such a wonderful role.  Clark Gable’s charm really is on play here as he plays a good role as one of his early screen roles for the sliver screen he still feels raw somewhat as its still a fine role for him. This movie is a charming pre-code classic with great witty lines and good acting and direction making it one good classic movie to watch anytime.

The Ruth rating:four bette's

romeo and Juliet review

ROMEO AND JULIET does bare being the frist time MGM did the work of Shakespeare for the sliver screen as its a lavish production by  MGM and Irving Thalberg showcasing many of its talents in one truly golden classic. 

John Barrymore amply displays his celebrated talent in one of his finest hours on the screen. It’s such a wonderful performance by one of the finest legends of the golden age. Edna May Oliver steals the show as she gives such wonderful acting. Norma Shearer truly shines as Juliet in one of her fine roles as she gives us a fine display of acting in her performance on the screen. Leslie Howard’s Romeo truly does give us such a wonderful performance as he does such a wonderful acting in his respective role on the  screen. This movie has such wonderful sets and costumes that really are some of the finest at that time on the screen of its production. George Cukor’s direction is on display at his finest as he really does nail home the performances of the cast that do make out such dramatic roles that are outstanding performances by them. ROMEO AND JULIET remains one of those timeless classics that i can watch often as i find such joy in watching john Barrymore ham it up in so many scenes. It has wonderful acting-direction-sets and production all coming together to make it one of the finest movies of the 1930’s and finest of the golden age.

The Ruth Rating:five bette's

12321542_764358317004117_6444927574836744861_nHappy birthday to Norma steer as she forever remains one of the queens of the golden age as she managed to nail home such wonderful roles many times. She will always remain timeless to movie fans all over the world as today’s tribute was done in her honor for her birthday so happy birthday to this wonderful legend.13713_671588202947796_2218059961674286761_n


3 thoughts on “Norma Shearer queen of MGM

  1. B Noir Detour says:

    Great piece on Shearer. I really do need to see her early work. By the time she was in The Women, she was downright boring. As for Juliet, she was too old for the part, but that’s Hollywood!

  2. christinawehner says:

    Sadly, I’ve seen so few Norma Shearer films – I think only The Women – but considering how important she was at MGM, I’d really like to see her in more. These films you’ve reviewed sound like the perfect place to start. Thanks! And thanks for reminding me how integral a part of MGM she was.

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