my third liebster-award:classicmovie thoughts

my third liebster-award:classicmovie thoughts

liebster-awardThis is my Third liebster-award for wolffian classic movies digest. I could not be not be more happy to answer these questions and give you insight into me. I am very happy to have my work honored form my writing on this blog. I loved movies since I was a boy so this is a deep honor for me being honored for writing about movies which I love greatly. Thanks for this wonderful honor form The Wonderful World of Cinema as i am once again honored by such an award. So let’s get started with the answers to the questions. 4939c-hunchback-cathedral

My 11 questions to those blogs form The Wonderful World of Cinema

1:What is your favorite blogathon?31 Days of Oscar Blogathon happens to be my favorite as last year I wrote about one about one of my favorite movies. As I wrote about Cinematography of Black Narcissus. I would say it’s one of my favorite topics is to talk about Oscar movies of the past.

2:What subject do you like the most to write about on your blog?I often write about noir as i love it so much. I would say its the topic most covered. As quoted by Eddie Muller, Dark City: The Lost World of Film Noir: The collective sign of relief heaved on V-J Day ought to have inspired Hollywood to release a flood of “happily ever after” films. But some victors didn’t feel too good about their spoils. They’d seen too much by then. Too much warfare, too much poverty, too much greed, all in the service of rapacious progress. A bundle of unfinished business lingered from the Depression — nagging questions about ingrained venality, mean human nature, and the way unchecked urban growth threw society dangerously out of whack. Writers and directors responded by delivering gritty, bitter dramas that slapped our romantic illusions in the face and put the boot to the throat of the smug bourgeoisie. Still, plenty of us took it — and liked it. These movies are some of those classics that do not hide such as they were about talking about social issues in a collective way. I would say some of the finest movies are noir classics. I would suggest the third man to watch as its one of the finest movies ever crafted for the screen.

3:What is your current movie character crush (not movie actor, movie character)?I would say my favorite is Jennifer played greatly by Veronica Lake. 4:Do you wear perfume? If yes, which one?Non 5:Can you sing? (I mean, can you sing well lol)?I sing like a frog. I cannot sing. 6;Do you play a musical instrument?nope i am not into playing any of them at all. 

7:What is your favorite cinematographic moment? I would say the opening shot of rear window. Its tour of his apartment as its use of the camera angles without a single word spoken it setups the movie greatly. 8:Have you ever written fan mail. Did you receive any answers? No i have no written any fan mail. 9:When you started your blog, do you remember what was the first blog you followed and what was the first blog to follow you? I started on the date of Mar 12, 2014. I would say my first follower was MATTHEW RICHARDS PHOTOGRAPHY.  10:What is the last book you read? I would say Dark City: The Lost World of Film Noir  again as i just adore to read it 11:What would be your dream house? I am not into housing as i have no dream home in mind. 

11 things about me(repost form My frist one)

  1. I have loved movies snice i was a boy. I seen wizard of oz and disney flims snice i was a little boy. I have the reputation to be the one person in my family and friends that loves classic movies so highly as i just adore them highly. I love them to death as i am lover of movies snice a young age.
  2. I was a gamer since I was a boy as I played super Mario bros at age four. Many that know me knows i was wild into video games more highly until i slowed down as i grew older. It’s still a passion of mine.
  3. I am comic book nerd snice a young boy as i started out reading comics at a young age.
  4. I love doctor who so highly snice the reboot started in 2005. I have been a whovian and proud of the fact. My favorite doctor is the seventh doctor Sylvester McCoy.
  5. I love to read often,i started my passion of reading at a young age of 7 years,i love books and love to read often a book.
  6. I am a Disney dork snice a young age as a boy. I had my grandparents buy me movies often of Disney as each tape came out as a boy. I really love and adore Disney movies.
  7. I consider myself a Vivien Leigh fan at heart. Ever snice i saw gone with the wind,i have always been captured by the lovely beauty of vivien leigh and her skills as an actress.
  8. I am Bette Davis fan so highly as she’s my favorite actress all time,i just love Bette Davis to death. That even my blog’s review system is named in honor of her. She is to me the finest actress to ever grace the screen in my eyes.
  9. I am a huge lover of batman. I have been a batman fanboy snice i was young boy seeing him on the movies. I just love batman to death.
  10. I love history so much,it’s my favorite subject as i am just a lover of history to death.
  11. I love to write so my passion is expressed often on my blog.

The 11 blogs I nominate for the Liebster Award Congrats!

  1. Summer Reeves
  2. The Telltale Mind
  3. the last drive in
  4. MIB’s Instant Headache.
  5. the flapper dame 
  6. moviemovieblogblog
  7. shadowsandsatin
  8. Speakeasy
  9. CineMaven’s Essays from the Couch
  11. Pop Culture Reverie

My 11 questions to the 11 nominated blog

  1. What is your favorite screwball comedy all time?
  2. Name your favorite noir classic?
  3. What is the last book you read?
  4. What is your favorite cinematographic moment?
  5. What is your current movie character crush (not movie actor, movie character)
  6. Name the movie that started your love for classic movies?
  7. Name three overlooked classics you feel everyone should watch more often?
  8. What subject do you like the most to write about on your blog?
  9. Who is your favorite actress all time?
  10. Name one of your favorite b-movies all time?
  11. What kinda movies you love to watch the most?

One classic movie review for this honor,thanks to The Wonderful World of Cinema and thanks everyone. 

patch of blue review

When Selina D’Arcey (Elizabeth Hartman), a blind young white woman, befriends Gordon Ralfe (Sidney Poitier), a black office worker, their budding relationship eventually leads to romance. However, once Salina’s insensitive and abusive mother, Rose-Ann (Shelley Winters), finds out about Gordon, she becomes determined to keep the couple apart. With its stirring story of interracial love, this thoughtful film fittingly reflects the civil rights movement of the era.

Elizabeth Hartman plays Selina a blind girl that has no idea of color or race as she is blind. She truly has no idea of many things yet she is so friendly and kind hearted. She befriends a black man that is kind as ever. Her Hateful mother played by Shelley Winters truly is something of a different class by playing Roseanne D’arcy a mean mother that is racist as ever. It reflects the civil rights movement of the era and racism in that era. Sidney Poitier is wonderful as always, as Gordon as this kind guy that truly shines in his role. Veteran actor Wallace Ford is excellent in the pathetic role of Winters’ drunken father, a man who obviously hates his daughter so much yet has little compassion for the granddaughter who adores him. The director is presented with a real problem when deciding how to film an actor playing a blind person. Tight shots on the eyes are what makes acting for the camera so special. Unfortunately the unfocused eyes of a blind person cannot convey much emotion. What makes this movie’s role very tragic is that Elizabeth Hartman was a very broken soul suffering depression which makes this sweet role very much a sadder role. Elizabeth Hartman’s Selina is so fragile that she looks as though she will break any moment. I have a hunch that much of her excellent performance is mined from her real-life depression. Its acting is truly wonderful as ever in this movie.

Sidney Poitier admits that of all his films, “A Patch of Blue” holds a unique and special place in his heart. It touched him that much, and it will do the same for you. Please have some Kleenex handy and let yourself see “A Patch of Blue as it is a movie that will stay with you for ages.  Thank you to also the wonderful Sidney Poitier breaking down all the barriers.  A small triubte to you too sir. You truly are right that this movie is a gem for the ages.

The Ruth rating:five bette's


Thanks to The Wonderful World of Cinema for the nomination! Such an honour! Its a great honor,thanks so much. This is one great honor. So happy about this wonderful honor. So thank you so much.


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