Rest in peace starman

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Rest in peace starman aka david bowie.

David Bowie pop singer

David bowie is a hero of mine from childhood to now. I really can say i frist saw david bowie in the movie Labyrinth made by jim henson.

There is such a sad thing today as our world falls down as we lose this wonderful artist.  He had that cool charm in way he did his swager in the role. It is the cool and charm of bowie.

Jim Henson's Labyrinth

I really can say i had a boyhood crush on Jennifer Connelly. Boy she was just so hot and sexy. I still do. Bowie is still the one that draws you deeper into the movie as you adore the villain role bowie plays with such depth and charm.

What kind of magic spell do you have over us bowie?you truly had us under your spell snice you began. You were the rock and roll outcast to…

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