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As the world’s biggest box office draw for two weekends in the row for 75 years wonder woman has been an icon for women snice the 1970’s when she landed on cover of miss magazine.   She started out as a brain child of William Moulton Marston to create an icon that would be feminist ideal to create a superhero character that young girls and boys could look up to as wonder woman started out as the frist female super-heroine ever as she always been looked upon as the icon for years for women. The idea of superheroes was created out of the depression that we needed these heroes to save our world.  So today i talk about the marvelous wonder woman in my spotlight today.


Few heroines have lasted test of time as wonder woman as she has been continued snice her debut in 1941 as her comics remain something special with many classic arcs remaining forever part of our world.

Gods and Mortals was the reboot of the classic wonder woman story as we see Wonder Woman’s origin re-told for the modern day. Its regarded the definitive account of Diana Prince’s origin story, exploring her creation on Paradise Island, her first journey into man’s world and her first clash with Are. Its a very fun arc that sees wonder woman finding her place in man’s world.

Spirit of Truth is a very interesting read if you love This character-driven story focuses not on Diana’s battles with supervillains, but more real-world threats that aren’t so easily punched away. The story is basically a meditation on her humanity and place in the world. Its out of print but will be re-printed later this year in a hard-cover which i beg you to read.

Wonder Woman #170, a story titled “She’s a Wonder!” This standalone issue features an interview between Diana and Lois Lane as the two spend a day together and Lois learns a little about what it means to truly be Wonder Woman. Its not all about saving people as you might think its a struggle of many things in her life to balance all the elements of her life. Lois lane is also a wonderful pool player one of the best in dc comics ha ha. This story is worth tracking down the trade of Wonder Woman: Paradise Lost for this issue alone which is one of best comics ever written ever.

Having just started getting used to living in Patriarch’s World, Diana is dealing with suddenly being a celebrity when she encounters a new archenemy, the Cheetah. Whereas Diana wishes to share her gifts with the world, the Cheetah is willing to sacrifice everyone and anyone for more power and her sights are set on stealing the power of Wonder Woman. As if this weren’t bad enough, Diana must face the rivalry of fellow Amazons and has to deal with the Zeus, king of the Greek gods, deciding that she’d make a good wife. And when the Amazon warrior turns him down, the results aren’t happy. And just why does Wonder Woman’s costume resemble the US flag? Its an arc that very much explores her and this rivalry of her fellow amazons and Cheetah.Its a very fun arc that further defines her modern origin story that you should read today.

This one-shot by Christopher Moeller has Wonder Woman faced with a prophecy: a menace is coming that will destroy the JLA. When an ancient dragon begins to stir awake for the first time in many years, Diana realizes the prophecy is coming true and decides the only thing to do is to make sure only one member of the JLA is around to confront the beast. thing to do is to make sure only one member of the JLA is around to confront the beast. If you never thought of Wonder Woman as that formidable compared to the likes of Superman and Green Lantern, here’s the book that shows you how wrong you are. Through a combination of power, battle savvy and keen intellect, Diana neutralizes all of her teammates, all in the hopes of preventing their deaths even if it means they’ll hate her for it. Its a wonderful story that has her fighting with her all power and wisdom to overcome a foe stronger then her whole team which you should read.

Phil Jimenez (joined by co-writers J.M. DeMatteis, George Perez and Joe Kelly) brings an interesting collection of stories that can’t be classified by one genre. begins in Gotham City. Diana has faced the god of war Ares and his children before, but now these dark creatures have a new strategy: join forces with some of the most dangerous criminals on Earth. The Joker, Poison Ivy and Scarecrow were deadly before but now they’ve all been joined by the essence and power of Greek gods. Wonder Woman and her allies must join forces with Batman and his apprentices against the new gods of Gotham. Afterwards, Wonder Woman must face a civil war happening amidst the Amazons. Can she stop it when she refuses to raise a hand against any of her sisters? Its also the same book that features one of her single best stories all time as Wonder Woman #170 tells about a day in life of wonder woman. Its a very wonderful collection of tales that you will love as many really show wonder woman at her best.

WONDER WOMAN #206-213! The deadly Medousa comes calling, and Wonder Woman’s world is turned completely upside-down. After a terrible sacrifice, the Amazing Amazon must prove herself once again to her comrades in the JLA and to the world. Themyscira, a.k.a. Paradise Island, has moved its location and now resides near the U.S. coastline, which means Diana, as ambassador, must deal with new political ramifications and fears over national security. Its also this arc deals with Wonder Woman’s enemies joining forces as she also takes on the most famous gorgon of them all, Medusa in a battle. Its an arc also where we see a coup of Mount Olympus and it looks like Wonder Woman is going to have to decide who’s side she’s on. Its this wonderful arc we see wonder woman really grow as a heroine as we see her make tough choices in a wonderful must read arc.

Gal Gadot stars as the iconic character of Diana, the Amazonian who fought for justice throughout the ages of comics. In this modern re- telling, the Amazonians are immortal women who reside on a secret island, hidden from the world. Born of the Greek Gods, they have Herculean qualities in combat, strength, and character. Eventually, they are accidentally discovered by soldiers fighting in World War I – the War to end all Wars. Its a very good movie that defines her greatly for a modern movie re-telling as Chris Pine plays the perfect Steve Trevor that inspires her to act more heroic in the end againist ares. Its truly the wonderful acting of Gal Gadot whom shines in the role as few really seem to be like their heroic counterpart as much she plays it as she makes us truly love wonder woman as she reminds me of the richard donner superman and Clark Kent at times as she embodies those traits. Patty Jenkins really made a tale that tells us about a war set to end all wars as we have wonder woman dealing with this new world she has to live in now. Its truly a wonderful tale of compassion and love that has a few faults in its very lesser ending but the movie as whole is so wonderfully done with wonderful action and drama and acting by everyone in its cast. Its a wonderful treat.

To celebrate the release of Wonder Woman, we pay tribute to the heroic icon with a mashup of classic feminist anthems in the ultimate music video, Save The World!(fitting tribute to this wonderful heroine)

Wonder woman has lasted for 76 years as the first super-heroine ever that stood out among our world as she continues to inspire girls and people with her compassion and care and her love for humanity we will see her continue to be a legendary icon for many for ages to come. Today’s marvelous marvel talked some of her best comics ever done about this wonderful heroine. I hope you enjoyed it.



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