A spaceship that is trapped in the gravity well of a black hole harbors one of The Doctor’s most-feared enemies.

Doctor Who series finale is always exciting as we can see how the series arc fits together. This is true for a finale written by Steven Moffat as he loves to to obscure pertinent pieces of the narrative puzzle, via careful phrasing or editing, throughout the series. The story begins with  The Doctor Regenerating. Its truly a moment that could take place in future or past.I cried i admit it as i felt so sad as i was thinking he had died.

The time has come. But the moment has been prepared for as the doctor doctor quotes as the doctor is about face his end. It begins with this week’s tale the end arc of this doctor. The story begins with bill and Missy and Nardole are together. Its very early in the story where bill gets shot by a trigger happy alien with a hole trough her. It cuts to her and doctor talking as she asks doctor not get her killed as we know the doctor says he cant promise it but will try such. It cuts back to bill and gang together as we see moment where someone drags her away as doctor thinks she will be saved as he talks to her saying i will save you in hopes to save her. 

Bill awakening on a hospital bed with chest full of retro cyber-tech, rows of half converted patients screaming in pain, the show’s own take on Nurse Ratchett silencing the victims’ volume dial – it’s chilling as you hear them yelling out in horror. “Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain” then kill me  as bill walks trough it you realize they are cyber-men and they are getting converted to them. the horror of this tale is the this is the genesis of the cyber-men as we hear nods to exodus but its not an exodus but a genesis as its where the cyber-men began their tale. The tale is so chilling as each moment that is pure horror unfolds. Its one very scary tale that will leave you on edge of your seat.


You know you are watching an amazing episode of doctor who when it end s and you’re convinced that forty-five minutes can’t have passed that quickly.  World Enough and Time plays with your emotions from start to finish, from the opening moments where your jaw falls and is left-hanging, and to Missy owning the show ,and again we’re back to silence as we’re left in a state of true shock.  We see the horrors of forced human-experimentation and Bill is left in amongst it all.  Its truly one of the doctor’s finest hours. any moment he is coming the 13th doctor. Its the end of this doctor. we will be sad to see him go but we will see it unfold at Christmas time. good night to 12th doctor. the doctor shall always be fondly among the best of doctors forever.

This is one amazing tale that may be one of best doctor stories all time ever. its gonna go down as truly one of a kind. Its truly one amazing ride.

The Ruth Rating:



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