Why the doctor should be female?

Why the doctor should be female?



when peter was announced it blew fans wild. next doctor will be just a huge.


The doctor will always remain a hero as he is just a hero no matter what they cast.

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ever since Peter Capaldi announced he would be leaving Doctor Who after the upcoming season, fans have been taking to the inter-webs to list the actors they think would be best suited to take over the role as normally many were very hard pressed on a woman being the doctor but i think its time. we been seeing diffrent actors play the role of doctor. Its been a long time tradition to many to see a male doctor. Matt smith said the next doctor should be female to show many that it can be diffrent then we think. Its been a long time tradition to many people to see a male doctor.  If the show remains popular, then the ethnicity of the leads won’t be questioned by anyone other than a minority. If the casting is right, then the actor will be popular enough to convince the audience. Personally, I don’t have any problem with an actor of any age, sex, creed or colour playing the Doctor if they’re good enough to play the role. 13TH DOCTOR ANNOUNCED on Sunday. Exclusive News: It’s Almost Time. #DoctorWho so here is some female choices for the role. get ready the doctor is coming.


Yes its time for a female doctor who.I will reveal a choice that would be good as i feel Suranne Jones would be a fan perfect choice as she played the tardis she could be the doctor next.  Any moment the doctor is coming get ready for Sunday.




One thought on “Why the doctor should be female?

  1. Jeremy says:

    It wasn’t necesarrily that the doctor should be a woman, but the doctor sure as hell needed to be Jodie Whitaker. 🙂

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