My favorite flim soundtracks all time.

My favorite flim soundtracks all time.


So today I talk about many wonderful classic movies that i adore with simply wonderful soundtracks that remain forever timeless. I have so many movies i adore and love each day as today i talk about my favorite movies that have my favorite soundtracks all time.

Wizard of oz was one of first movies I seen as a boy. Its Cinematography really is one enchanting trip down the yellow brick road as it captures the magical feeling really does capture the full magic of movies. It’s just timeless and enchanting as they come. Its story is fun and simple yet charming that’s just enchanting to its many wonderful musical numbers and scenes that showcase something special about this magical film which makes this among the list of best soundtracks all time as its simply a magical soundtrack that remains timeless as ever as you can sing to this soundtrack over and over again. Its simply a magical soundtrack to a magical movie.

Alfred Hitchcock’s VERTIGO is a movie that a film which functions on multiple levels simultaneously. One of the many movies that Hitchcock did in his lifetime was vertigo. It was not considered much of a masterpiece at the time. Vertigo is often considered Hitchcock’s most personal and emotional and complex of his movies. It is a tale of obsession that is Hitchcock’s best movie to my eyes. Yes its soundtrack also is one of the best scores ever done by  Bernard Herrmann as its truly one wonderful soundtrack.  This is one simply wonderful classic movie.

Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho remains the most influential, successful & famous work of his legendary career and is rightfully hailed as one of the greatest achievements in the history of film-making. as simply one of best of the Hitchcock classics as its haunting score is simply magical. This classic thriller remains forever timeless as one of best classics all time.

This is a Wonderful film. Great in every detail. Director Sydney Pollack captures every nuance of time and place, and the cast is perfection. Meryl Streep is a total wonder as the Danish woman who goes to Africa to find a life but learns about love instead. Robert Redford was much maligned when this film was released in 1985 is really quite wonderful in the role. . Michael Kitchen, Rachel Kempson, Suzanna Hamilton, and Michael Gough are all good. John Barry’s beautiful score is among the best in film history. Its simply one magical classic that remains also one of my favorite movies all time.

When i first discovered THE THIEF OF BAGDAD,it blew me away as the movie is far ahead of time in many ways due to its wonderful effects. It is one of the greatest fantasy movies all time. Conrad Veidt is a delightful villain,who might have inspired Walt Disney for Aladdin as gives one of his finest roles on screen,the acting of everyone is just amazing and top notch. The script is poetic, simply and very beautiful. The costumes are amazing and some of the best on screen ever. John Justin is both energetic & sensitive as the unenlightened king who must learn about the realities of live the hard way; Sabu gets a significant part of the action (when he’s not transformed into a dog) but Justin is appropriately athletic when needs must. Lovely June Duprez plays the endangered Princess of Basra, coveted by two very different men. Appearing late in the film, massive Rex Ingram shakes things up as a genie with an attitude as we have all of them giving us such great acting. This enchanting fantasy adventure remains one of the finest classics all time with great acting and effects.  It also has such a wonderful soundtrack that is among one of the best all time in movie history. The Technicolor in each was incredibly beautiful. Its to remain one of the classics for the ages. you should see this classic today.

There’s a reason why The Umbrellas of Cherbourg garnered the Palme d’Or at Cannes when it was released; it’s a cinematic experience unlike any other. Its is one of those simply magical musical classics that is Soothing, mournful, and delightful exhilaration from the first frame to the last as simply this one wonderful musical classic with one of best flim scores all time.  This is simply one amazing classic movie.

The third of Sergio Leone’s trilogy of spaghetti westerns is his definitive masterpiece of his series of movies with breathtaking photography, a fantastic score and Leone’s masterful direction. The performances are all iconic with scene-stealer Eli Wallach the standout. The wonderful acting form the cast. This movie is absolutely brilliant in which you should see today.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is the second of the Indy films from director Steven Spielberg which truly is a prequel that stands among one of my truly favorite classics all time.  The direction by Steven Spielberg has its moments of brilliance in the action sequences  as simply this one magical action flim that has such good acting and a score that remains one of my favorites all time. This is simply one magical classic movie.

It’s a classic. It is one of those timeless movies that contains all the elements of a great work of art. The story is simple, straightforward yet profoundly powerful, with outstanding performances by every member of the cast. This is the kind of movie that Hollywood no longer makes that started the modern box office classic. s a movie with a story, devoid of any computerized special effects, depending entirely on the actors to bring the script to life. This movie is so effective that it has become an cinematic icon. Roy Scheider gives one of the great performances all time.  Robert Shaw’s performance is equally powerful. Jaws also has one of best scores all time that simply is one magical classic remaining classic forever.  Jaws is simply one amazing classic movie.

These are my favorite movies that have y favorite movies that have my favorite soundtracks all time which simply are magical classics that last the test of time. I hope you enjoyed my choices for this wonderful list of classic movies.



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