bewitched reflections


So today I talk about bewitched today. It remains one of my favorite TV shows all time. I always adored this TV show. I recall watching this charming show as a boy as it was so magical to watch upon the screen. I am ready talk some of my favorite bewitched moments and tales as reflection upon my memories of this classic series.

bewitched reflections

This series had brilliant writing for the first and possibly the second season. The characters had depth and grew and changed like real people. Serious themes were explored. Endora was even moving toward acceptance of her son-in-law as the series grew along it did have somewhat lesser later seasons but the show was always so much fun to watch for me.

A Is for Aardvark review

Here we see how power corrupts. We explore the meaning of life. When Samantha makes the house cooperate with Darrin, while he is bedridden, Darrin gradually reexamines all of his assumptions toward life. It’s truly a very good tale which we have very wonderful acting by its cast with a wonderful scripted tale that truly shows us what power if abused upon. I truly adore this tale. It has a moral lesson that really makes it even better to watch again and again this charming gem of a tale.

Eye of the Beholder review

Endora always like to have fun, particularly at Darrin’s expense and she seizes the perfect opportunity to send him into a blind panic when she comes across an old painting in an antique shop and artfully changes it to appear as though it is a portrait of Samantha, dated 1690. Darrin is positively alarmed when he comes across it and tries to hide it from Sam but when she finds it in a closet; she quickly puts two and two together and realizes what Endora is up to. This is a very wonderful tale to watch anytime.

Abner Kadabra review

Gladys Kravitz (Alice Pearce) is convinced that she has finally caught Samantha out doing something that can’t be explained, after all, it just isn’t possible for pictures to jump off a wall and hover about in mid-air before rearranging themselves. Or is it?

This is truly one of the funniest stories of the series as it’s truly funny to watch the cast act out such very funny and witty storytelling that matches closely to its roots form classic comedies. It’s truly a wonderful classic tale that you can enjoy.

My memories of the show

I recall as a boy watching this show as I tuned it often in morning when I was waking up eating breakfast as a boy for school I would laugh ass off at some of the funny moments as the charm of the series just made me smile so much. I adore this wonderful series so much. Montgomery and Agnes Moorehead and dick York among many other wonderful talents all made magic happen upon the screen. It is a series that remains forever in my heart.

2 thoughts on “bewitched reflections

  1. Was a bit older-so it is a stretch to call this a “childhood” memory (what years did the series air?) Still, found this a delightfully entertaining series and was sad when it ended. Will always like the first Darrin (Dick York?) the best. He had a quality of which Jim Carrey reminds me now…!

  2. I watched it in reruns during the 1970s on local tv. In daily strip syndication.Of course, I didn’t see any of the B&W episodes until the later 1980s as various cable channels were developing. I might have seen it in B&W in the early days of Nick at Night (now TV Land).

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