modern times

modern times


So today I talk about modern times for the Workplace in Film & TV Blogathon! and a silents are golden as part of this month’s ongoing theme of reviews as today i review this classic movie by Charles Chaplin which happens to be one of those very classic gems that remains to be timeless even today. I hope you check out other posts form the the Workplace in Film & TV Blogathon! thank as now to the review of this classic movie.

Modern times review

Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times (1936) is the last movie to feature the tramp as it’s the swan song to the tramp.  The Tramp a character that is so ingrained in the collective conscious of modern film audiences that many know him even if they never saw any of his movies. The Tramp is the most identifiable fictional image in history of film. Modern Times is a look upon the rise of technology in the world, and the American dream. modern time is a satire on capitalism and the drawbacks of the Industrial Revolution and how machines have burgeoned into a menace, dominating all aspects of human life.  Its a tale about the tramp struggling through our modern world as we see this iconic icon struggle with the world’s changes in its factories of our society until he finds love with a homeless woman  who referred to as The Gamin.

They are the only things seeming real in this world gone mad. Its truly a very look upon our modern society. Chaplin makes his most poignant and saddening statement about modern living which tells a story that shows us costs of this society. This movie is truly funny as ever with some of most iconic moments these include The Tramp’s bout with an assembly line and his resulting twitches, his unfortunate encounter with “nose-powder, the moment when he quite literally becomes a cog in the wheels of industry, and his epic struggle to bring roast duck to an angry customer as two other standout moments is the scene in a department store involving a blindfold and some roller-skates and the sequence where The Tramp is submitted to the mad whim of an out-of-control feeding machine.

The other moments are the very funny moment where he sings the non-sense song which truly is the stuff of comedy legend. These are just a handful of moments that make Modern Times the enduring masterpiece that it is. The aspect of the film that resonates strongest with me is its appeal to the idealistic misfit in all of us. In our hearts, many of us long for the simplicity and exuberance with which The Tramp and The Gamin live life which seems lacking in our society. This movie is a wonderful classic with very wonderful acting and direction and a wonderful story that is a funny comedy classic that you can watch anytime.

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