So today I talk about Camille which i review for my friend Crystal’s blog for THE Greta Garbo Blogathon. No one quite lights up the screen in the way Garbo does. This should be just a straight melodrama but is taken to another plane by the divine Greta Garbo as this classic lights it as i talk about this wonderful classic movie and Greta  Garbo for this BLOGATHON today. Be sure check out others form event.

Camille review 

Of all the love stories no one does it as a well as Garbo does as i truly cried with this classic gem as It’s all about the unquestionable love from a lady that has played many men and that has been played many times over when she meets a younger man she finds love to be the happiest girl on earth as she gets sick it truly is one sad thing to see her lose that love.

Greta Garbo channels the soul of this damaged soul so perfectly in her performance to channel the emotions to pull at your heart-strings as this may be her finest performance. Robert Taylor plays one wonderful role in the movie. This movie shows you why Garbo was such an amazing legend. MGM has lavishly produced the film. The cinematography, art direction and costume design are lavish and exceptionally beautiful. The supporting performances are all wonderful. George Cukor crafted out one of his finest classics all time. The performances were exceptional by everyone starring in this classic movie. The costumes are gorgeous as an example of French extravagance despite the fact that Camille was made in the 30s. Garbo earned an Academy Award nomination and the New York Film Critics Best Actress Award for her memorable work in which you can see why in this movie. It’s truly one classic that i adore as its simply such a moving tale to watch on the screen.

Camille is a film that will live on forever in our hearts as its truly a wonderful classic with wonderful acting by everyone and wonderfully crafted by George Cukor. Its a classic you simply will adore to see anytime.

The Ruth rating:five bette's

I hope you enjoyed my talk about Camille today which stars Greta Garbo in what may be one of her finest hours on the screen for THE GRETA GARBO BLOGATHON as i truly enjoyed talking about one of my favorite movies all time that really is one of the finest hours you can watch off movies. I hope you enjoyed it as much I enjoyed talking it today to you. See you next time for another classic review soon.


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