MUSICAL STORYTELLING part 3:Silly Symphonies


Today for part III i begin where i left off on the Disney classics.  It is the nature of Disney movies to seem to find a way to tell us a story that makes feel like a kid again.  It is the pure Disney magic and charm that has kept it alive for such a long time as i talk about the connections of music in Disney animated classics today which strikes me that truly connects you by its music alone so much so that Walt Disney called the directors room  the music room as you never did story-point without it as music is the language that goes beyond the spoken word in classic Disney animated movies and animated shorts. So today i talk aobut the roots of Disney animated classics with Silly Symphonies. Its all the roots today as i go into a new dive for part III of these animated classics and Disney classics.

MUSICAL STORYTELLING part 3:Silly Symphonies

THe Skeleton Dance

 A Walt Disney SILLY SYMPHONY Cartoon Short. The powers of darkness are abroad one dark & stormy night. In a lonely churchyard as graves open up as Skeletons Dance is performed by four Skeletons who exhibit terpsichorean skills. It was 1928 when this short was released when sound entered the door as this short little delightful gem. The choreography of the Skeleton dance is very funny and delightful as one gets the feeling that this group of young animators was truly having fun when making this little film. It’s a delightful start to the range of ten years of magic to come from Walt Disney for The SILLY SYMPHONIES shorts.

Flowers and Trees

The first Silly Symphony to to be made in Technicolour, Flowers and Trees remains ever timeless among the classics of The SILLY SYMPHONIES shorts as its the frist to win an Oscar for best animated short. It is still a marvel to behold as its the frist of these animated shorts in color. Disney’s first Silly Symphonies cartoon made with three-strip Technicolor was a wonder at its time as the flowers and trees and birds and nature all sing a tone as its simply a fun little short gem.
Music Land (1935)

The story of Music Land is that of when Princess Violin and Prince Sax fall in love with each other, but they belong to two feuding kingdoms the land of symphony and the Isle of Jazz. It is loosely based on Romeo and Juliet with a happy ending. It is a sweet musical treat for those who are fans of classical and jazz music as both are heavy in the short. It’s a fun little short that may be one fun little musical gem.

The Night Before Christmas(1933)

“The Night before Christmas continues the story of the story of Santa’s Workshop but this time jolly old Saint Nicholas is leaving presents. This is a nostalgic cartoon short is one of the best Christmas themed animated shorts all time as it’s such a charming little short. Santa Claus sneaking into a house full of little sleeping children and begins to work by decorating the Christmas tree, using the toys he brought to life from his bag as each toy moves around and comes to life. The Night before Christmas is a sweet Silly Symphony based on the humorous, charming poem that you will simply enjoy to watch.

Mother Goose Goes Hollywood (1938)

This was a wonderful idea for a Disney (or non-Disney) cartoon. It was very creative to portray the latest Hollywood stars as characters from the classic nursery rhymes as this fun little twist really on these classic tales. Movie mavens will love spotting & naming each animated celebrity as it has so many wonderful legends of this period and era. for the record is a listing of the celebrity spoofs: Katharine Hepburn as Little Bo Peep; Hugh Herbert as Old King Cole; Groucho, Chico & Harpo Marx as the Fiddlers Three; Ned Sparks as the King’s Jester; Joe Penner as the King’s Servant; Donald Duck as himself; Charles Laughton, Spencer Tracy & Freddie Bartholomew as the 3 Men In A Tub; W. C. Fields as Humpty Dumpty; Charlie McCarthy as himself; Stan Laurel as Simple Simon; Oliver Hardy as the Pieman; Edward G. Robinson & Greta Garbo in See Saw Margery Daw; Wallace Beery as Little Boy Blue; Edna May Oliver, Mae West & ZaSu Pitts as the trumpeters; Clark Gable as the flautist; George Arliss as the saxophonist; Joe E. Brown & Martha Raye as the jitterbug dancers. Apparently, unedited versions of the cartoon also feature ‘appearances’ by Fred Astaire, Cab Calloway, Eddie Cantor, Stepin Fetchit & Fats Waller as all these cameos are simply put into the tale in a wonderful way. The premise is a series of Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes acted out by popular Hollywood celebrities of the 1930’s is one of the most different of Disney animated shorts. Its simply a marvelous little gem of an animated classic.

Today i talk about the third part of this series as today i break-down four of the Silly Symphonies was a series of animated short films produced by Walt Disney Productions from 1929 to 1939 as unlike the Mickey mouse shorts these shorts were Silly  did not have recurring characters and each one was depicted as a standalone productions with stories based on classic books. It’s simply a marvelous series of shorts. I talked for three parts Disney’s epic musical story-telling wonders and gems of Disney animation. This today ends our adventure as we end where the story began for them all.  I feel to explore the magic of Disney in the future i may return the worlds of Disney in the future until next time into the movie magic.


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