Hitchcock noir III

Hitchcock noir III


Hitchcock is smoking at the stake today as he about to wrap a new movie he calls his darkest movie yet. Today as hitchcock would call it i am cutting trough the classics of hitchcock to talk about noir traits in hitchcock flims for a third chapter of this series. Today i talk about the  noir traits which frankly makes up many of his classic movies.

The 39 Steps review

It is sometimes the only thing necessary is the director’s soul and vision emptied into a project, and nothing else. When The 39 Steps came out, it was received only as a “camp fun” movie yet if you look further upon it you see it is Hitchcock’s fears of cops and being wrongly accused of a crime is at play in this story as also his fears of surveillance delirium gone wrong it holds up today as it does it so well with such a wonderful cast. Robert Donat and Madeleine Carrol both shine as the lead duo as both are so amazing in their respective roles on the screen. I do think out of the Hitchcock movies this classic has some noir traits such as the dark mystery of this story really does embodies the classic noir elements along with the cops being un-trusted by them. The random man-and-woman duo put in unusual, unprecedented circumstances of thrilling moments and espionage, all of this addressed with the typical and comedic sexual undertones by Hitchcock presents us such a rich and interesting movie that is one of the true classics you must see.

The lady vanishes review

This is one of the funnier Alfred Hitchcock films and up there with The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934) and The 39 Steps (1935) as Hitchcock’s best British work of the 30s as its truly form his early era of films. I am a huge fan of Hitchcock’s trademark humor as this movie really shines in that regard as it’s so funny and witty at times without losing the heart of its mystery.  Michael Redgrave and paul lukas and dame may whitty all shine in their respective roles as all give out such amazing performances. , The Lady Vanishes is an enjoyable, entertaining & endearing cinema from Alfred Hitchcock that ranks amongst his finest works of the screen that one should see today.

Rebecca review

Rebecca is one of the finest psychological thrillers of its or any other time. Rebecca is an expertly crafted Gothic tale by Alfred Hitchcock that tells the story of a woman who’s constantly haunted by the presence & reputation of her husband’s first wife, Rebecca.  When she moves to his large country estate and finds herself constantly in clash with the housekeeper, Mrs. Danvers, who was extremely fond of Rebecca.

Alfred Hitchcock is a master crafting out thrillers as this Gothic thriller was Hitchcock’s frist foray into Gothic horror with this movie really set the bars high for Hitchcock as he truly makes one hell of a thriller that is so captivating to watch form scene one to its ending. Lawrence Olivier plays one amazing role as Maxim’ de Winter that is truly one amazing performance of an actor playing such a broken man in such a wonderful way. Joan Fontaine plays an amazing role as the new wife of Maxim’de Winter. Joan Fontaine plays Mrs. de Winter. She plays one amazing performance that made her a legend for years to come. The acting of everyone else is outstanding as always. Rebecca is not a typical Hitchcock film by any means as he crafts out a gothic masterpiece

Rear Window review 

Rear window is an utterly incredible tale of voyeurism in miniature as every open window in the blistering apartment complex that Hitchcock’s camera resides in leads to another character, another emotion, another scene, and another mystery to the world. . The suspense, the humor, the direction, the music all is amazing. Grace Kelly shines in her role which in which her performance is such a standout.   James Stewart gives out his finest hour as he acts with such wonderful depth that should be used as lessons on acting 101 as his every emotion is emoted by his movements and way of his body as it’s truly his finest hour as an actor. Thelma Ritter plays such a wonderful role. Wendell Corey plays such a wonderfully acted role.  This movie is wonderfully acted by everyone in its cast.   Rear Window perfectly demonstrates the impulse of morbid curiosity and tells the story of a wheelchair bound photographer who, while confined in his apartment, spends his recovery time by spying on his neighbors through the rear window as its true classic in every sense of the word.

 Today I talked four classics you must see that are classics in this new volume of Hitchcock noir. Have a good day to enjoy a classic gem


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