women in flim:a fight for change

women in flim:a fight for change



It was women that made the shape of Hollywood we see today yet the face of Hollywood has not changed for years since the 1930’s for women in film as the big studios got bigger they pushed out the women that helped create Hollywood as now we have a rare chance a movie will be directed by a female as many times today it is far worst yet the truth that women helped make Hollywood become the place it is today. It’s been a fight for change since the times of the 1930’s for women to have a bigger voice. Today we keep on fighting for the change in the face of Hollywood. It has been this way since the studio system pushed into the gates. It pushed women away from the front and center image of Hollywood to a smaller role. Its sad fact that very few movies directed by females or produced as it’s a male’s world today for Hollywood since the start of the studio system. It has not always been this way in Hollywood but it beginnings were noble but what it sparked ended the noble ideas of the start of Hollywood which gave women and other equal voices in Hollywood.


In the beginning of Hollywood we had  women in a bigger role in Hollywood. When it comes to tackling gender equality, Hollywood always seems to drag its feet and leave it beyond as women helped make the face of Hollywood we see today. It was a woman that helped create the directors vision with her co-founder of united artists.  It is sad the studio system today is a male world mostly driven by men now. It is a fact that we lose that this fact was not always this way in Hollywood yet we lost it with the invention of sound and the birth of studio system.

Women were in the movie game from the very start. The early directors of flim had both males and females both directing flims. The first woman to direct a film was almost certainly Alice Guy-Blaché, who worked for Gaumont in Paris. She began to make films in 1896 with her husband as she was also the biggest producer of her age for years. Women produced, wrote and edited films in vast numbers as they often played flappers and other images on the screen. Mary Pickford is the best example as she was making her own movies and producing as even co-founded united artists. Film historian Anthony Slide has rediscovered an early feminist film company, too. Entirely financed by women, the American Woman Film Company was founded in 1916 to “to produce motion pictures of the highest moral and artistic tone. In the silent era, distinctions between jobs were often blurrier than they are today as today we see the titles of jobs are more set in stone as Producing or editing merged into directing we seen crews start making costumes more or less and the studios became more formal and bigger it became where women lost that playing field as one Lois Weber’s advice to young women considering a career as a director was starkly prescient. “Don’t try it,” she said. You will never get away with it. it was not until 1982 when studios began fully crediting women fully. It’s a shame in a heartbeat as the one that helped make the tramp today was a female she was why he managed to become huge. It was females that began the modern idea of directors being the vision of movies in a way with Mary Pickford. We had women play big roles as stunt women and other roles in early days in which today we do not see that image. The face of modern Hollywood is still needing many changes as we cannot overlook the truth that women made the studio system without them we wouldn’t have it today. Last year one of biggest movies was wonder woman it shows why we need change.

Today Hollywood is worst for women in the cores of the Hollywood studio system.  It is better on the TV front as they see more women watch it and allow it more. I do see often many screaming how Hollywood is still a male’s world it is truly that even today and now as we seen last night at golden globes we still have to fight for women to get more a voice in every manner of Hollywood. the time is up for the boys club to rule over things. I am hoping this does bring some details on the past how we can embrace a change for future.


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