BUSTER KEATON joyful shorts

BUSTER KEATON joyful shorts


I am a very huge fan of Buster Keaton. I would say i adore his work so much. He is one of the biggest joys for me to watch his work on screen as he simply is a wonderful act to watch on screen. I would say he ranks among the best of comedy legends all time to my eyes. Buster kreaton is simply one of the true founders of visual comedy and modern comedy in so many ways so to talk him is a real joy now.

The High Sign review

The high sign is one of the best buster kreaton shorts with a ton of amazing athleticism and stunts and tons of gags it really packs a punch. The way takes the house the hard way so many times really shows how far he would go for a gag. Its gags are so wonderful to watch form simple gags to surreal gags as each of the gags stand out giving us joyful and enjoyable gags that will have you laughing at them. Most silent shorts are long on gags but short on plot but this one has his character working in pawnshop and his character climbing houses. Keaton packs in an awful lot of locations and characters and a not insignificant amount of story into nineteen minutes that is amazing in itself. The short ends with Keaton cavorting through a tricked-out house booby-trapped and full of secret passages that shows off physicality and visual inventiveness in such ways that is bar to none simply marvelous. This is a truly wonderful short that you will enjoy anytime.

One week review

One Week is one of the most impressive short films I’ve ever seen. The stunts are absolutely incredible from the very beginning, and they only get bigger and better by the end as this short is so impressive with the stunt work that ranges form simple stunts to more complex stunts as it changes each scene. . Buster Keaton and his newlywed wife are gifted a plot of land and try to build a home for themselves, but things quickly begin to go wrong when the pieces get mixed up as normal everything seems to go wrong with this newly wed couple. The way buster plays in such stunt work is amazing beyond words. You are in for a treat with this wonderful short.

Convict 13 review

Buster Keaton’s first directorial efforts. During a game of golf, Keaton knocks himself out with his own ball and an escaped convict changes clothes with him. The guards mistake him for the prisoner. The joys of this short is the mistaking intent he plays off of trying to escape.  Besides the many obvious things that make Keaton’s performances great are the ways he plays off the camera as he always seems make angles and gags really light up the screen as he is truly the king of comedy as this short shows him at his collective best. Its a fun short that i feel you will enjoy for its simple charms.

The Goat review

Buster gets mistaken for a murderer, dodges the police, plays around on trains. Its noticeable he loves trains as he often would play around them on his shorts and movies often as trains were one thing he adored. This short is charming little gem that has such funny gags and moments as we see it to the end in a simply marvelous gem of a short.

The boat review

The boat is one of his most fun little shorts in my eyes. I adore watching buster deal with this boating trip form hell. Its a fun family trip gone wrong as much buster could get everything wrong with the vacation form sinking his car to sinking the boat to losing it fully in a storm as he simply cannot ever seem to win. A brilliant Keaton short that is endlessly creative and goofy form start to finish which makes it one of my favorite of his shorts.

The paleface review

A Buster Keaton comedy-western as its where Keaton defends some Native Americans from greedy oil-men. Its one of those very fun little shorts its fun to watch buster kreaton play such a soft role that leads to some fun gags and moments. Its fun comedy gem that i feel you will enjoy

cops review

Cops Among Buster Keaton’s short comedies Cops is one of his most recognized and famous and with good reason as its truly one of his best works of comedy. Keaton displays pure athletic ability, daring stunts of his own and simply hilarious comedy. One of the most impressive things in the film for me was the ladder sequence as that is half the size of hat is half the size of the fence as like a seesaw it tips down to the other side, and whilst this is happening, he turns his body around on the ladder whilst it is going down whilst this is happening, he turns his body around on the ladder whilst it is going down. He sees police officers coming, so he shifts his weight to the other side of the ladder, rotating his body once more causing it to tip over as gags of ladders go this is bar none the best of it ever on screen. I would say another scene is Keaton going down the street on his horse and carriage as a cop parade happening as he catches the bomb tossed at it and lights a cigarette with it. I would say its stand out gags and moments all make the comedy stand test of time. Keaton’s best short reel is cops which has some excellent gags and well-executed comedy that makes it his best of works of comedy.

The Electric House review
The Electric House is another great c Keaton short that highlights his delight in all things mechanical. Probably the high point so far of Keaton using technology for laughs as he truly does such wonders with all things mechanical as its a true joy to watch each scene unfold. History buffs will know Keaton broke his ankle filming the escalator scene and had to put the film on hold as he dusted off an old short until the next year then re-shot everything as simply to make everything perfect that makes me adore it even more as its done to perfection.  It is Hilarious, inventive, unique and full of gags. Buster Keaton entertains again in this truly classic short.
Why i adore buster kreaton so much

I simply adore Buster Keaton

because he simply could make any simple gag and many complex gags all work together as I went through his shorts i found that he simply is marvelous with his timing that he manages make any gag truly stand out by his timing as he makes simple gags and many ladder gags all stand out. He is also a wonder with mechanical gags and he adored trains and other modes of transport as he would often use them in his gags and shorts.  He did westerns a few times that managed poke fun at the western in fun ways before western spoofs were a thing. It is truly remarkable managed do so many wonderful gags and stunts without help of anyone. I enjoyed to talk him today i hope you enjoyed my talk on some of his shorts today.


One thought on “BUSTER KEATON joyful shorts

  1. badfinger20 says:

    Buster Keaton was a brilliant film maker… I thought he was a better film maker than Charlie Chaplin. That is not downing Charlie but Buster was just that good. Buster Keaton is my favorite screen comedian hands down. The Boat was my favorite short film…Sherlock Jr had special effects that are still impressive now. Steamboat Bill Jr and the General were my favorite full length movies by Buster…. Great Post

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