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I always adored musicals ever snice i was little boy i adored the genre of musicals. Musicals and Hollywood glitz and glam go hand in hand. Whether its romance, tragedy, comedy or even horror you’re after, there are plenty of adaptations and original movie musicals that have you covered. In a cinematic marketplace as the one we have these days, the movie musical is making a comeback that’s more than welcome as its always welcomed many diffrent types of genres and ideas as today i talk about my personal top eleven musicals all time. They have five musicals that are simply classics. meet me in st louis-cabin in sky-42th street-the pirate-top hat among others that are simply must sees as i listed 11 movies that are simply classics.

1396028_542364819176474_713271636_n american in paris

In 1949, Vincente Minnelli began discussions with producer Arthur Freed for a musical based on George Gershwins work. Freed had a vague notion for a musical about an expatriate Yank living in Paris as this musical classic has everything form great musical numbers to wonderful acting that may be This may be Gene Kelly’s best performance as he truly gives a wonderful performance.

10.West Side Story 

West Side Story  was named the best picture of 1961 and won 10 Academy Awards, it is not much mentioned by movie fans these days, and the old warhorse “Singin’ in the Rain” is probably more seen and certainly better loved by everyone but this movie takes the tragic Shakespeare story of Romeo and Juliet as it modernizes it. A groundbreaking musical, West Side Story is a spectacular story of love and violence, delivered with high energy performances, superb choreography and wonderful acting that may showcase why Natalie wood was such a charming actress. West Side Story is a stellar achievement, an unblinking look at a street-level romantic tragedy turned into one of Hollywood’s all-time best musicals all time.

9. The Young Girls of Rochefort

One of the most celebrated and an influential movement of international cinema is no doubt, French New Wave. This movement, that began in the late 1950s and continued into the 1960s, is known notably for the work of directors like François Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard, with films like The 400 Blows and Breathless. While most French New Wave films graced the screen in black and white, with plots reminiscent of Hollywood genres like gangster film and film noir, there was a director painting French screens with effervescent, candy-colored hues of lyrical wit. Jacques Demy is a director that stands apart from the rest as this movie is a tribute to the golden age Hollywood musical. Michel Legrand’s memorable music is immediately set into motion as it’s something truly special form the start to its end as it’s such a fun musical. The Young Girls of Rochefort has such wonderful performances that stand out. It’s truly one of best musicals all time.

8.  A Star is Born(1954)

Judy Garland’s grand comeback movie and an inside look at the studio system golden era, A Star Is Born is an engrossing if over-long near-classic. With her powerfully emotional singing and acting, Garland dominates the movie as the singer on the way to stardom, but James Mason also gives an affecting performance as the drunken star actor who helps to launch her career. Star Is Born is simply a wonderful musical classic that showcases the wonderful acting of Judy Garland. Its a wonderful classic that simply is a must see today.

7.Meet Me in St. Louis

Meet Me in St. Louis is a nostalgically idealized little memory book of a musical chronicling a year in the life of a suburban family in turn-of- the-century St. Louis, MO. Divided into a series of charming and delightfully idiosyncratic vignettes that all make for all seasons of a year. Meet Me in St. Louis was a movie I’ve been in love with all my life as its simply something so fun to watch from start to finish that makes it a must see classic with wonderful acting n wonderful musical numbers that makes all a movie worth watching anytime.


6.The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

A Soothing,mournful, and delightful exhilaration from the first frame to the last. Didn’t know that The Umbrellas of Cherbourg is a non-stop musical that simply is a tear-jerking classic love story.Every performance, musical note, and display of filmmaking technique culminates in a truly stirring experience, and by the end, I was crying and contemplating and smiling and experiencing all kinds of feelings as simply its a must see classic movie.

5.My Fair Lady

My Fair Lady is a film which remains popular, partly because it contains a message that remains relevant to modern audiences. It also perfectly combines all the elements of a great film into a winning package that continues to attract viewers. The picture was a financial and critical success winning eight Oscars including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Costume Design. But for me personally, I adore this musical for its’ cast, story, music and costumes as all come together make a classic you should see today.

4.kiss me kate

Kiss Me Kate premiered on Broadway in 1948 to immediate acclaim. Written by Samuel and Bella Spewack with a score by Cole Porter, Kiss Me Kate took Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew” (1593) and turned it into a backstage musical. The plot follows recently divorced actors who star in a Broadway version of Shrew and let their personal drama spill onto the stage. The “play-within-a-play” concept is very cleverly done because the backstage conflicts between the ex-husband and wife mirror the onstage conflicts between Petruchio and Katherine. The actors can play out their arguments on stage and it all still fits the play! Its a wonderful musical adaptation that has wonderful performances n wonderful musical numbers. as simply its a must see classic that you will adore anytime.

3.Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

One of the greatest of all the classic MGM musicals, it’s got adventure, romance and some of the best choreography ever put in a dance number. Howard Keel, one of the studio’s bright musical stars opposite Jane Powell gives a wonderful perfomance along with other wonderful acting talents of mgm to make this delightful musical stand the test of time. It’s a sheer delight with terrific songs, terrific performances and terrific cinematography to create 1850 Oregon territory that simply is something you should see.

2.wizard of oz

The Wizard of Oz is one of my favorite film of all time. It has very special place in my heart as i always recall about seeing as boy every year it aired on cbs as its quite possibly the pinnacle of cinema as its such a wonderful movie form start to finish with such wonderful acting and musical numbers you always want revisit oz. The Wizard of Oz is often cited as one of the greatest achievements in cinema history as simply it’s a marvelous classic you should see today

1.singin in rain

One of the few original Hollywood musicals to emerge from the Golden Age of musicals, it seems inconceivable that this film was not no for Best Picture. Easily one of the very best of the decade, it deserved at least ten nominations. Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor and Debbie Reynolds shine in the film, each doing some of the finest work of their careers as they give out such marvelous performances. Gene Kelly is a robust, powerful and confident dancer, thrilling to watch in any number of this movie. Superb on every level, it remains a classic in every sense of the word, and utterly timeless movie to watch anytime.

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I hope you enjoyed my eleven musicals list all time. I would say so many wonderfully charming musicals form hte golden age of flim that i could listed far more movies then i did as simply you can always find a wonderful musical classic to enjoy anytime form the many musicals form Hollywood’s golden age. I hope you enjoyed my top musicals list.

1 thought on “top eleven musicals

  1. I love musicals too- my top ten musicals is a combo of musicals from the Golden Age to Contemporary. Not all of them have a musical movie- two are tied.

    1. Les Mis
    2. Wicked
    3. Sound of Music
    4. Annie
    5. Phantom of the Opera
    6. Rent
    7. Newsies
    8. Beauty and the Beast
    9. Lion King
    10. Music Man

    Those are my top ten for now- so it is from a combination of decades. #1/#2 are tied right now for that top spot. I am not just using movie musicals here. Without Wicked and Les Mis- wouldn’t have developed a passion for musicals.

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