The Twilight Zone:What Do We Fear?

The Twilight Zone:What Do We Fear?

In the 60 years since the first episode of “The Twilight Zone” aired on TV. The Twilight Zone explored certain fears during its original run. Even though it was back in the 1950’s and 60’s, these fears are still relevant today because they center on the unknown as the famous series would explore many of our fears.

The Twilight Zone:What Do We Fear?

Watching The Twilight Zone today it’s striking how complex satirical and thought-provoking it all is. While the tales include such fantastical imagery that can create haunting fears such as the powerful fear of the unknown as the fear of the other. “The tools of conquest do not necessarily come with bombs and explosions and fallout,” as Sterling muses as the episode draws to its end. “There are weapons that are simply thoughts, attitudes, and prejudices to be found only in the minds of men. The show talk’s fears of how future tech can change us but our Rapid social and technological change can also still have our same biases. It’s the power of this show us that our fears can play upon our unknown.Image result for The Twilight Zone street sign

The Monsters Are Due on Maple StreetImage result for The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street"

The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street,” Rod Sterling wrote a suburban Lord of the Flies, a parable about the fragility of civilization, paranoia and the susceptibility of nice folks to manipulation as we can be played upon fears of the other as we always fear that fear even now. a moral object lesson that plays as freshly today as it did during its post-McCarthy Era debut as the fear of the red scare was the idea for its time but now could be the fear of other or unknown.  A moral object lesson that plays as freshly today as it did during its post-McCarthy Era debut that fears can play us to do things we shouldn’t do normally. The “twist that aliens have been lazily tinkering with the lights and cars, and that they’ve concluded that the easiest way to destroy mankind is to let us destroy ourselves by our own fears. Its simply an amazing story.

Eye of the Beholder”Image result for eye of the beholder twilight zone

Eye of the Beholder contains a poignant commentary on the cruel, ineffective methods utilized by the state when dealing with undesirables” who, having been arbitrarily classified as such, are often relocated to artificially erected communities to avoid interfering with the lives of so-called ordinary people it’s The quintessential episode of The Twilight Zone, “Eye of the Beholder” suggests that the value of a human being can never be assessed by superficial measures alone. Also commendable is Janet’s reveal in the final sequence which is one of the greatest reveals in TV show history. Which, though somewhat predictable in some-ways does play upon our societies ideals of expecting us be a contain way or the fear of the other. It’s simply a story that you should see today

The Invaders”Image result for the invaders twilight zone

An absolutely gorgeous in every aspect, this episode is a near-wordless masterwork of fear about tiny intruders who terrorize an elderly wife (Agnes Moorehead). Despite being the size of mice, they torment and injure her until she fights back, killing one and following the other to the flying saucer that landed on her roof. Since we never hear her speak, it’s a shock when we hear the tiny alien as its twist.

The Obsolete Man

You walk into this room at your own risk, because it leads to the future, not a future that will be but one that might be. This is not a new world, it is simply an extension of what began in the old one. It has patterned itself after every dictator who has ever planted the ripping imprint of a boot on the pages of history…since the beginning of time. It has refinements, technological advancements, and a more sophisticated approach to the destruction of human freedom. But like every one of the super states that preceded it, it has one iron rule: logic is an enemy and truth is a menace. This is Mr. Romney Wordsworth, in his last forty-eight hours on Earth. He’s a citizen of the state but will soon have to be eliminated, because he’s built out of flesh and because he has a mind. Mr. Romney Wordsworth, who will draw his last breath…in the Twilight Zone.”

For the second season closer Sterling turned in this Orwellian horror story of a machine-like society that disposes of anyone or anything deemed unnecessary by the all-powerful forces of the State as the story shows us that the powerful forces can choose to hate upon those it feels not right for society. The story suggests that the value of a human being can never be assessed by superficial measures alone as we cannot just judge upon what makes society great based on our fears. The idea that the state can change things is played upon our fears of dictatorship which can happen in any state when it betrays its ideals. It’s a wonderful story that shows you the power of this show to enlighten us to our fears.

Rod Sterling did it with 156 episodes of the ground-breaking anthology series The Twilight Zone, thanks to his commitment to enhancing the twists by showing humanity in both its angelic and monstrous forms that was such bold commentaries upon our world that addressed our fears n desires in his show that was such bold commentaries upon our world. It always was about talking our world and its raw nature i hope you enjoyed my talk today on it.

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