disney plus must see classics

Disney plus must see classics

After several years of teasing comments and drip-fed information on Disney’s TV streaming service, the Disney Plus launch is finally upon us as we get to finally get a full on streaming service that will be the biggest thing for this Disney fan’s love. I cannot wait to all of the disney vault unlocked on the service. Disney have churned out a galaxy of beautiful films that shine like stars in mine, and many people across the globe’s childhood. It is these films that sparked my interest in how movies are made and everything as my love for Disney is truly beyond words. am forever grateful for the wonder and laughs I watched onscreen as child. Even today, with the awesome effects that we see in cinemas, these films have not lost their magic, entertainment or value. They are classics that should check out today as i give you sample today of what will be part of the Disney magic.

Disney plus must see classics

‘Chip ‘n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers’ (1989)

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Plot: Chip and Dale start their very own detective agency called Rescue Rangers with their friends Gadget, Monterey Jack and Zipper. No case is too small for this team, who usually help out other animals. Why you need to watch: These chipmunk brothers had only been known for tormenting Donald Duck and being song-and-dance troublemakers before this series premiered. This show gave the pair a back-story, friends and their own villains to battle this classic Disney animated gem of a show is often forgotten today but it was one of my childhood favorites. It’s simply such fun to watch the adventures unfold on screen. It’s fun and joy to watch anytime upon the screen.

The Parent TrapImage result for parent trap 1961

Plot: Two identical twin sisters, separated at birth by their parents’ divorce, are reunited years later at a summer camp, where they scheme to bring their parents back together. The girls, one of whom has been living with their mother and the other with their father, switch places after camp and go to work on their plan, the first objective being to scare off a gold-digger pursuing their father..Why you need to watch it: One of the most enjoyable of the Disney Hayley Mills films with a load of laughs and loads of heart. Hayley does double duty as twin sisters who were separated unknowingly when their parents divorced. They are reunited at summer camp and scheme to get their parents back together. The parents played by Brian Keith and Maureen O’Hara are wonderful together as A great film for the whole family to enjoy.

DuckTales’ (1987)

Plot: For six seasons, Donald Duck’s three nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie roamed around their wealthy Uncle Scrooge’s mansion looking for new adventures and getting into trouble.Why you need to watch: This TV show sparked a movement with merchandise, video games, comic books, a feature film and a spin-off series Darkwing Duck.” This series convinced Disney that weekday cartoons could work, paving the way for “Chip ‘n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers as this show was a classic that began so much magical things for Disney but this show is also one of my favorites as so much of all i adored as child is here as adventure n mystery n the wonderful

Fantasia (1940)

Image result for Fantasia (1940)

Plot: Released in 1940, represented Disney’s boldest experiment to date as bringing to life his vision of blending animated imagery with classical music. What had begun as a vehicle to enhance Mickey Mouse’s career blossomed into a full-blown feature that remains unique in the history of animation..Why you need to watch: Fantasia expanded boundaries way before audiences were prepared for it, including (quite probably) Walt Disney himself! I’m not quite sure whether if I fully approve its release date, but generations have moved on, and this sublime, unparalleled and absolutely unsurpassed animated masterpiece has stood the test of time, multiple perspectives and upcoming international deliveries with their respective animation styles. From the classical music style, to the macabre, to the unbelievable, to the allegorical (Mickey in Wizard’s Apprentice), this is, and always shall be, the best creation of Walt Disney Animation Studios. Behold its magnificence as simply one of best animated films ever made for screen that is a must see classic.

‘The Three Caballeros’ (1945)

A scene from "The Three Caballeros."

Plot: Comical mixture of animation and live action featuring Donald Duck in four short stories as he travels around South America. En route, Donald meets a flying donkey and Pablo the Penguin, who hates the cold. Disney’s first attempt at combining live action with animation was nominated for two Academy Awards. Why you need to watch: An undervalued and underrated rare project by Disney. So, it’s quite a fun classic that delighted me so much as a child as i could see this classic really capturing a new era of kids by their heart strings as this is is simply a fun classic that makes such fun for you to watch on screen. 

After several years of teasing comments and drip-fed information on Disney’s TV streaming service, the Disney Plus launch is finally upon us as we get to finally get a full on streaming service that will be the biggest thing for this Disney fan’s love as i am huge disney fan i could list so many classics. I think these movies would be best examples of what the service will offer to everyone. Its got classics and moderns as you can see Disney plus will be magical upon our world.

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