The devil rides out review

The devil rides out review((


The Devil Rides Out, known as The Devil’s Bride in the United States, is a 1968 British horror film, based on the 1934 novel of the same name by Dennis Wheatley. It was written by Richard Matheson and directed by Terence Fisher. The film stars Christopher Lee, Charles Gray, Niké Arrighi and Leon Greene. The Devil Rides Out is possibly is one of my truly favorite horror movies all time. Today i review the movie for The Third Hammer-Amicus Blogathon.

Welcome to the 3rd Hammer and Amicus Blogathon!!!

The Devil Rides Out is one of those classics in the horror cannon where everything just works in spite of how incredibly silly and hammy it could all be for its subject matter. The Legendary Hammer Horror directors Terrence Fisher’s adaption of Dennis Wheatley’s devil rides out novel of the same name. The script was written by equally legendary writer/screenwriter Richard Matheson and is a much more subdued and serious horror film compared to Fisher’s other works for the studio. It’s much of a psychological horror then a full out horror movie. The movie is a classical psychological horror classic that really stands out with its acting and direction and acting and talents all at the top of hammer horror.

The devil rides is a splendid example of Hammer Films operating at the height of their powers, The Devil Rides Out released as The Devil’s Bride in the U.S. to avoid being confused for a western is pure classic horror as its come.  Christopher Lee, in a role he has long claimed as a personal favorite. The Devil Rides Out wasn’t a big hit at the box office and isn’t nearly as well known as it should be, but it regularly appears near the top of most fan polls of Hammer’s best movies all time.

It was Christopher Lee, himself an avid collector of works on the occult and a fan and friend of Wheatley’s, who spurred Hammer on to make a film based on his works as he truly plays out of one of the finest roles he played upon the screen. The Devil Rides Out also stands apart in its supporting cast, eschewing the regular Hammer stock company as that cast is simply marvelous to watch upon the screen play out their respective roles with such amazing charm and acting skills in their roles they play on the screen. I would this is a fun thriller to watch form start to finish.

The Devil Rides Out is perhaps unlikely to be particularly scary for anyone that loves horror movies as but its such a wonderfully crafted out thriller that is as well as a fascinating oddity in Hammer’s horror catalog as it stands out among them as so diffrent form so many of its counterparts done by hammer horror with wonderful acting that makes its such a wonderful thriller you will adore to watch again and again.

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8 thoughts on “The devil rides out review

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  2. One of Hammer and Lee’s very best. Enjoy it every time I see it. And your thoughtful review makes me need to see it again!

  3. Great review! 👍
    I first heard of the devil rides out earlier this year during the Christopher Lee blogathon and I still need to see it!

  4. The first time I saw The Devil Rides Out I was sort of ho-hum about it, preferring Hammer’s reboots of the classic monsters. Over the years, I’ve come to appreciate it much more, especially Charles Gray as Mocata, and it prompted me to look up Dennis Wheatley’s novels, some of which are very wild rides!

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