Flash Gordon which is Mike Hodges-directed as produced by Dino De Laurentis as he produced science fiction spectaculars and other movies as it doesnt play down its pulp roots at all as its really a remake of the serial as cutting down on many of the excess of the orginal serial form the start.

Its story following the paths previously established by “Flash Gordon” comic strips and serials, the 1980 film introduces its audience to the handsome, blonde toolbox, Flash Gordon, who is pressed into action to save the Earth as this movie was orginally to made by lucas before Dino De Laurentis started its production which would you know would direct a huge hit that blew the world apart which took so many cues and homages form flash gordon and other classic movies. Yes you can owe a huge thanks to flash gordon serials to inspiring one of the biggest box office hit series of all time star wars. it all started with flash gordon. flash gordon started the star wars unverse in the mind of George Lucas as he was a boy watching these serials becoming inspired by them which would later shape the future of movies to come for ages as flash gordon 1980 would come out after it debuted on the screen.

Hodges plays up the inherent corniness of the character with dialogue that feels right out of the comic strip and a production that is flashy and spiritedly rendered. Whether some of its low-rent looking elements are born out of artistic statement, limitation of resources, or lack of skill may be in the eye of the beholder, but the production combines roughly hewn effects, costumes, and vistas with some that are strikingly rendered on screen that looks like it came right out of a comic strip. The cast plays the sci-fi silliness at full, scenery-chewing volume. Max Von Sydow, Melody Anderson, Topol, Timothy Dalton, and Brian Blessed play their parts with fully-committed energy. Their lack of winkiness keeps the film from becoming mired in self-aware camp. Sam J. Jones, as Flash, may have the least interesting role as all of the cast give out such remarkable performances for what they were given on the screen. as for moment everyone almost adores is the queen battle scene in which flash gordon rushes to save the day. it simply is a remarkable dream as queen does one of the most rocking soundtracks of the 1980’s.

This not a serious “Flash Gordon,” yet it crackles with energy, unassuming adventure, and comic strip-derived fun. There is a certain earnestness to the affair that keeps the film from becoming a comedy and illustrates a dedication to form, tone, and story. Elevated by a strong supporting cast, the music of Queen, and the celebration of its roots as it truly stands out as a classic cult classic hit for all time.

5/5 classic movie as even its flaws its quite remarkable as my review copy was an arrow 4k blu-ray which is a remarkable edtion that truly makes this classic shine even more on your screens. Its a truly fun classic gem. Flash gordon may have started on the smaller pages of pulp comics then made it to serials then a movie in the 1980’s that started out as luca’s orginal plans for a movie. It truly is a remarkable feat for this icon. So thanks for joining in my review today.

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