So today I am talking about the batman. I grew up being a huge batman fan as reads almost anything connected to the batman often. This movie recently came out on March 4. Between bus adverts, viral campaigns, and truck loads of merchandise, the new movie is causing quite a stir. The only way you will have avoided it is if you have spent the last couple of weeks actively dodging the hype machine. The movie is called The Batman and it is directed by Matt Reeves. The film stars Robert Patterson, Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano, Colin Farrell, Jeffrey Wright, and Andy Serkis, John Turturro and Barry Keoghan(cameo as joker) The batman sees the Dark Knight cross paths with the Riddler, Catwoman, and Penguin and Carmine Falcone and Gordon as also many other smaller roles such as joker(spoiler alert)he is played by Barry Keoghan as its so short and brief in movie. I will put spoiler tags on spoilers but I want remain as spoiler free but some key things do make movie even more the true batman movie of all time.  The movie kicks off on Halloween thus a nod to one of the greatest batman storylines of all time as also he was a teacher of matt reeves at school. The perpetrator of the murder is long gone, but they have left a riddle at the scene of the crime. This riddle makes it clear that this murder was not an accident, nor the result of a burglary gone wrong, this was a carefully planned and meticulously orchestrated death as he often leaves clues at the scene of his crimes in form of riddles.  As batman looks into the crimes finds self at Iceberg Lounge – a seedy nightspot run by Oswald ‘Ozzy’ Cobblepot, better known to the criminal underworld as the Penguin. The origins of that element started in batman comics in the 1990’s as it has been the base of where he does his crimes for years which is a seedy nightspot run by Oswald ‘Ozzy’ Cobblepot, better known to the criminal underworld as the Penguin it’s not just the Penguin that Batman crosses paths with, as he also meets club worker and part-time cat burglar Selina Kyle. Normally starting movies have origin points and origin stories as this movie assumes you know these icons by now as batman has been around for ages by this point in history. I am simply amazed by its marvelous acting by stars Robert Patterson, Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano, Colin Farrell, Jeffrey Wright, and Andy Serkis, Serkis, John Turturro and Barry Keoghan(cameo as joker) as all of these roles. We see the batman aka the dark knight aka vengeance cross paths with the Riddler, Catwoman, and Penguin and Carmine Falcone and Gordon.  . The penguin is played by Colin Farrell as he is a more comirelief that may make you laugh a bit but he is simply a mobster that was working for Carmine Falcone(spoiler) as he is simply a funny relief to the darkness of others but he can also be very bad too.

The Riddler is played by paul dino as he is the main lead villain of movie as he simply is marvelous this isn’t your grand-dad’s the riddler as he really comes off as a threat. Robert Patterson plays vengeance aka batman aka the batman as he simply is marvelous as he really isn’t Bruce yet as that side isn’t even out to him yet but he simply is amazing in the movie form start to finish. Catwoman is played by Zoë Kravitz as she is simply amazing in her performance as she gives out a comic-book take on her in many ways as also a big reveal her dad is Carmine Falcone(spoiler) Carmine Falcone is played by  John Turturro as he is played like the character in comics to every point of view as feels like the true version of him as he also plays key role into the Riddler plot in the movie as he is the rat brought into the light.(spoiler). 

Matt reeves direction as has captured the true nature of batman in his early years as this movie showcases many layers that comic book fans of batman will know for ages as he is a huge batman comic book fan and Matt Reeves was a screenwriter student for Jeph Loeb, as he directs this movie with such passion and love for the character you feel it almost come to life as it’s the fans true-version realized to screen to a perfection unlike anything else you ever seen on the screen. 

The production design is like a comic-book as its one of the best ever done in film ever as you feel like a more grounded batman comic page coming to life on the screen. The musical score has been one of weakest things in most recent batman movies but this one is amazing as it captures tone of the batman to a tee as it’s by Michael Giacchino’s as his dark symphony for the batman captures the tone perfectly. As you will know many nods to batman comics form batman court of owls to long Halloween and zero year and many others. The waynes play key part into movie too as but his dad as sins of father’s as mom is never shown but hinted in movie as his dad is shown in brief videos running mayor of gotham on projector (spoiler) as both play roles as he covers up the truth about Bruce’s mom family’s of insanity to and Carmine Falcone’s dad as he did one mistake that cost him forever as he was a good man as even good men have moments of weakness.(spoiler) as it may be why they died.(it’s a twist on the story that changes batman but also a bold idea).

5/5 This is the true batman movie for batman fans since childhood but also works as one of best movies about batman ever that feels like a batman comic come to life on the screen.(yes many spoilers in end point so please see movie soon if you wish avoid so many spoilers). I thank you for joining me today to review this wonderful modern classical modern movie review today.

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