BUSTER KEATON joyful shorts

BUSTER KEATON joyful shorts


I am a very huge fan of Buster Keaton. I would say i adore his work so much. He is one of the biggest joys for me to watch his work on screen as he simply is a wonderful act to watch on screen. I would say he ranks among the best of comedy legends all time to my eyes. Buster kreaton is simply one of the true founders of visual comedy and modern comedy in so many ways so to talk him is a real joy now.

The High Sign review

The high sign is one of the best buster kreaton shorts with a ton of amazing athleticism and stunts and tons of gags it really packs a punch. The way takes the house the hard way so many times really shows how far he would go for a gag. Its gags are so wonderful to watch form simple gags to surreal gags as each of the gags stand out giving us joyful and enjoyable gags that will have you laughing at them. Most silent shorts are long on gags but short on plot but this one has his character working in pawnshop and his character climbing houses. Keaton packs in an awful lot of locations and characters and a not insignificant amount of story into nineteen minutes that is amazing in itself. The short ends with Keaton cavorting through a tricked-out house booby-trapped and full of secret passages that shows off physicality and visual inventiveness in such ways that is bar to none simply marvelous. This is a truly wonderful short that you will enjoy anytime.

One week review

One Week is one of the most impressive short films I’ve ever seen. The stunts are absolutely incredible from the very beginning, and they only get bigger and better by the end as this short is so impressive with the stunt work that ranges form simple stunts to more complex stunts as it changes each scene. . Buster Keaton and his newlywed wife are gifted a plot of land and try to build a home for themselves, but things quickly begin to go wrong when the pieces get mixed up as normal everything seems to go wrong with this newly wed couple. The way buster plays in such stunt work is amazing beyond words. You are in for a treat with this wonderful short.

Convict 13 review

Buster Keaton’s first directorial efforts. During a game of golf, Keaton knocks himself out with his own ball and an escaped convict changes clothes with him. The guards mistake him for the prisoner. The joys of this short is the mistaking intent he plays off of trying to escape.  Besides the many obvious things that make Keaton’s performances great are the ways he plays off the camera as he always seems make angles and gags really light up the screen as he is truly the king of comedy as this short shows him at his collective best. Its a fun short that i feel you will enjoy for its simple charms.

The Goat review

Buster gets mistaken for a murderer, dodges the police, plays around on trains. Its noticeable he loves trains as he often would play around them on his shorts and movies often as trains were one thing he adored. This short is charming little gem that has such funny gags and moments as we see it to the end in a simply marvelous gem of a short.

The boat review

The boat is one of his most fun little shorts in my eyes. I adore watching buster deal with this boating trip form hell. Its a fun family trip gone wrong as much buster could get everything wrong with the vacation form sinking his car to sinking the boat to losing it fully in a storm as he simply cannot ever seem to win. A brilliant Keaton short that is endlessly creative and goofy form start to finish which makes it one of my favorite of his shorts.

The paleface review

A Buster Keaton comedy-western as its where Keaton defends some Native Americans from greedy oil-men. Its one of those very fun little shorts its fun to watch buster kreaton play such a soft role that leads to some fun gags and moments. Its fun comedy gem that i feel you will enjoy

cops review

Cops Among Buster Keaton’s short comedies Cops is one of his most recognized and famous and with good reason as its truly one of his best works of comedy. Keaton displays pure athletic ability, daring stunts of his own and simply hilarious comedy. One of the most impressive things in the film for me was the ladder sequence as that is half the size of hat is half the size of the fence as like a seesaw it tips down to the other side, and whilst this is happening, he turns his body around on the ladder whilst it is going down whilst this is happening, he turns his body around on the ladder whilst it is going down. He sees police officers coming, so he shifts his weight to the other side of the ladder, rotating his body once more causing it to tip over as gags of ladders go this is bar none the best of it ever on screen. I would say another scene is Keaton going down the street on his horse and carriage as a cop parade happening as he catches the bomb tossed at it and lights a cigarette with it. I would say its stand out gags and moments all make the comedy stand test of time. Keaton’s best short reel is cops which has some excellent gags and well-executed comedy that makes it his best of works of comedy.

The Electric House review
The Electric House is another great c Keaton short that highlights his delight in all things mechanical. Probably the high point so far of Keaton using technology for laughs as he truly does such wonders with all things mechanical as its a true joy to watch each scene unfold. History buffs will know Keaton broke his ankle filming the escalator scene and had to put the film on hold as he dusted off an old short until the next year then re-shot everything as simply to make everything perfect that makes me adore it even more as its done to perfection.  It is Hilarious, inventive, unique and full of gags. Buster Keaton entertains again in this truly classic short.
Why i adore buster kreaton so much

I simply adore Buster Keaton

because he simply could make any simple gag and many complex gags all work together as I went through his shorts i found that he simply is marvelous with his timing that he manages make any gag truly stand out by his timing as he makes simple gags and many ladder gags all stand out. He is also a wonder with mechanical gags and he adored trains and other modes of transport as he would often use them in his gags and shorts.  He did westerns a few times that managed poke fun at the western in fun ways before western spoofs were a thing. It is truly remarkable managed do so many wonderful gags and stunts without help of anyone. I enjoyed to talk him today i hope you enjoyed my talk on some of his shorts today.


women in flim:a fight for change

women in flim:a fight for change



It was women that made the shape of Hollywood we see today yet the face of Hollywood has not changed for years since the 1930’s for women in film as the big studios got bigger they pushed out the women that helped create Hollywood as now we have a rare chance a movie will be directed by a female as many times today it is far worst yet the truth that women helped make Hollywood become the place it is today. It’s been a fight for change since the times of the 1930’s for women to have a bigger voice. Today we keep on fighting for the change in the face of Hollywood. It has been this way since the studio system pushed into the gates. It pushed women away from the front and center image of Hollywood to a smaller role. Its sad fact that very few movies directed by females or produced as it’s a male’s world today for Hollywood since the start of the studio system. It has not always been this way in Hollywood but it beginnings were noble but what it sparked ended the noble ideas of the start of Hollywood which gave women and other equal voices in Hollywood.


In the beginning of Hollywood we had  women in a bigger role in Hollywood. When it comes to tackling gender equality, Hollywood always seems to drag its feet and leave it beyond as women helped make the face of Hollywood we see today. It was a woman that helped create the directors vision with her co-founder of united artists.  It is sad the studio system today is a male world mostly driven by men now. It is a fact that we lose that this fact was not always this way in Hollywood yet we lost it with the invention of sound and the birth of studio system.

Women were in the movie game from the very start. The early directors of flim had both males and females both directing flims. The first woman to direct a film was almost certainly Alice Guy-Blaché, who worked for Gaumont in Paris. She began to make films in 1896 with her husband as she was also the biggest producer of her age for years. Women produced, wrote and edited films in vast numbers as they often played flappers and other images on the screen. Mary Pickford is the best example as she was making her own movies and producing as even co-founded united artists. Film historian Anthony Slide has rediscovered an early feminist film company, too. Entirely financed by women, the American Woman Film Company was founded in 1916 to “to produce motion pictures of the highest moral and artistic tone. In the silent era, distinctions between jobs were often blurrier than they are today as today we see the titles of jobs are more set in stone as Producing or editing merged into directing we seen crews start making costumes more or less and the studios became more formal and bigger it became where women lost that playing field as one Lois Weber’s advice to young women considering a career as a director was starkly prescient. “Don’t try it,” she said. You will never get away with it. it was not until 1982 when studios began fully crediting women fully. It’s a shame in a heartbeat as the one that helped make the tramp today was a female she was why he managed to become huge. It was females that began the modern idea of directors being the vision of movies in a way with Mary Pickford. We had women play big roles as stunt women and other roles in early days in which today we do not see that image. The face of modern Hollywood is still needing many changes as we cannot overlook the truth that women made the studio system without them we wouldn’t have it today. Last year one of biggest movies was wonder woman it shows why we need change.

Today Hollywood is worst for women in the cores of the Hollywood studio system.  It is better on the TV front as they see more women watch it and allow it more. I do see often many screaming how Hollywood is still a male’s world it is truly that even today and now as we seen last night at golden globes we still have to fight for women to get more a voice in every manner of Hollywood. the time is up for the boys club to rule over things. I am hoping this does bring some details on the past how we can embrace a change for future.

Hitchcock noir III

Hitchcock noir III


Hitchcock is smoking at the stake today as he about to wrap a new movie he calls his darkest movie yet. Today as hitchcock would call it i am cutting trough the classics of hitchcock to talk about noir traits in hitchcock flims for a third chapter of this series. Today i talk about the  noir traits which frankly makes up many of his classic movies.

The 39 Steps review

It is sometimes the only thing necessary is the director’s soul and vision emptied into a project, and nothing else. When The 39 Steps came out, it was received only as a “camp fun” movie yet if you look further upon it you see it is Hitchcock’s fears of cops and being wrongly accused of a crime is at play in this story as also his fears of surveillance delirium gone wrong it holds up today as it does it so well with such a wonderful cast. Robert Donat and Madeleine Carrol both shine as the lead duo as both are so amazing in their respective roles on the screen. I do think out of the Hitchcock movies this classic has some noir traits such as the dark mystery of this story really does embodies the classic noir elements along with the cops being un-trusted by them. The random man-and-woman duo put in unusual, unprecedented circumstances of thrilling moments and espionage, all of this addressed with the typical and comedic sexual undertones by Hitchcock presents us such a rich and interesting movie that is one of the true classics you must see.

The lady vanishes review

This is one of the funnier Alfred Hitchcock films and up there with The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934) and The 39 Steps (1935) as Hitchcock’s best British work of the 30s as its truly form his early era of films. I am a huge fan of Hitchcock’s trademark humor as this movie really shines in that regard as it’s so funny and witty at times without losing the heart of its mystery.  Michael Redgrave and paul lukas and dame may whitty all shine in their respective roles as all give out such amazing performances. , The Lady Vanishes is an enjoyable, entertaining & endearing cinema from Alfred Hitchcock that ranks amongst his finest works of the screen that one should see today.

Rebecca review

Rebecca is one of the finest psychological thrillers of its or any other time. Rebecca is an expertly crafted Gothic tale by Alfred Hitchcock that tells the story of a woman who’s constantly haunted by the presence & reputation of her husband’s first wife, Rebecca.  When she moves to his large country estate and finds herself constantly in clash with the housekeeper, Mrs. Danvers, who was extremely fond of Rebecca.

Alfred Hitchcock is a master crafting out thrillers as this Gothic thriller was Hitchcock’s frist foray into Gothic horror with this movie really set the bars high for Hitchcock as he truly makes one hell of a thriller that is so captivating to watch form scene one to its ending. Lawrence Olivier plays one amazing role as Maxim’ de Winter that is truly one amazing performance of an actor playing such a broken man in such a wonderful way. Joan Fontaine plays an amazing role as the new wife of Maxim’de Winter. Joan Fontaine plays Mrs. de Winter. She plays one amazing performance that made her a legend for years to come. The acting of everyone else is outstanding as always. Rebecca is not a typical Hitchcock film by any means as he crafts out a gothic masterpiece

Rear Window review 

Rear window is an utterly incredible tale of voyeurism in miniature as every open window in the blistering apartment complex that Hitchcock’s camera resides in leads to another character, another emotion, another scene, and another mystery to the world. . The suspense, the humor, the direction, the music all is amazing. Grace Kelly shines in her role which in which her performance is such a standout.   James Stewart gives out his finest hour as he acts with such wonderful depth that should be used as lessons on acting 101 as his every emotion is emoted by his movements and way of his body as it’s truly his finest hour as an actor. Thelma Ritter plays such a wonderful role. Wendell Corey plays such a wonderfully acted role.  This movie is wonderfully acted by everyone in its cast.   Rear Window perfectly demonstrates the impulse of morbid curiosity and tells the story of a wheelchair bound photographer who, while confined in his apartment, spends his recovery time by spying on his neighbors through the rear window as its true classic in every sense of the word.

 Today I talked four classics you must see that are classics in this new volume of Hitchcock noir. Have a good day to enjoy a classic gem

MUSICAL STORYTELLING part 3:Silly Symphonies


Today for part III i begin where i left off on the Disney classics.  It is the nature of Disney movies to seem to find a way to tell us a story that makes feel like a kid again.  It is the pure Disney magic and charm that has kept it alive for such a long time as i talk about the connections of music in Disney animated classics today which strikes me that truly connects you by its music alone so much so that Walt Disney called the directors room  the music room as you never did story-point without it as music is the language that goes beyond the spoken word in classic Disney animated movies and animated shorts. So today i talk aobut the roots of Disney animated classics with Silly Symphonies. Its all the roots today as i go into a new dive for part III of these animated classics and Disney classics.

MUSICAL STORYTELLING part 3:Silly Symphonies

THe Skeleton Dance

 A Walt Disney SILLY SYMPHONY Cartoon Short. The powers of darkness are abroad one dark & stormy night. In a lonely churchyard as graves open up as Skeletons Dance is performed by four Skeletons who exhibit terpsichorean skills. It was 1928 when this short was released when sound entered the door as this short little delightful gem. The choreography of the Skeleton dance is very funny and delightful as one gets the feeling that this group of young animators was truly having fun when making this little film. It’s a delightful start to the range of ten years of magic to come from Walt Disney for The SILLY SYMPHONIES shorts.

Flowers and Trees

The first Silly Symphony to to be made in Technicolour, Flowers and Trees remains ever timeless among the classics of The SILLY SYMPHONIES shorts as its the frist to win an Oscar for best animated short. It is still a marvel to behold as its the frist of these animated shorts in color. Disney’s first Silly Symphonies cartoon made with three-strip Technicolor was a wonder at its time as the flowers and trees and birds and nature all sing a tone as its simply a fun little short gem.
Music Land (1935)

The story of Music Land is that of when Princess Violin and Prince Sax fall in love with each other, but they belong to two feuding kingdoms the land of symphony and the Isle of Jazz. It is loosely based on Romeo and Juliet with a happy ending. It is a sweet musical treat for those who are fans of classical and jazz music as both are heavy in the short. It’s a fun little short that may be one fun little musical gem.

The Night Before Christmas(1933)

“The Night before Christmas continues the story of the story of Santa’s Workshop but this time jolly old Saint Nicholas is leaving presents. This is a nostalgic cartoon short is one of the best Christmas themed animated shorts all time as it’s such a charming little short. Santa Claus sneaking into a house full of little sleeping children and begins to work by decorating the Christmas tree, using the toys he brought to life from his bag as each toy moves around and comes to life. The Night before Christmas is a sweet Silly Symphony based on the humorous, charming poem that you will simply enjoy to watch.

Mother Goose Goes Hollywood (1938)

This was a wonderful idea for a Disney (or non-Disney) cartoon. It was very creative to portray the latest Hollywood stars as characters from the classic nursery rhymes as this fun little twist really on these classic tales. Movie mavens will love spotting & naming each animated celebrity as it has so many wonderful legends of this period and era. for the record is a listing of the celebrity spoofs: Katharine Hepburn as Little Bo Peep; Hugh Herbert as Old King Cole; Groucho, Chico & Harpo Marx as the Fiddlers Three; Ned Sparks as the King’s Jester; Joe Penner as the King’s Servant; Donald Duck as himself; Charles Laughton, Spencer Tracy & Freddie Bartholomew as the 3 Men In A Tub; W. C. Fields as Humpty Dumpty; Charlie McCarthy as himself; Stan Laurel as Simple Simon; Oliver Hardy as the Pieman; Edward G. Robinson & Greta Garbo in See Saw Margery Daw; Wallace Beery as Little Boy Blue; Edna May Oliver, Mae West & ZaSu Pitts as the trumpeters; Clark Gable as the flautist; George Arliss as the saxophonist; Joe E. Brown & Martha Raye as the jitterbug dancers. Apparently, unedited versions of the cartoon also feature ‘appearances’ by Fred Astaire, Cab Calloway, Eddie Cantor, Stepin Fetchit & Fats Waller as all these cameos are simply put into the tale in a wonderful way. The premise is a series of Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes acted out by popular Hollywood celebrities of the 1930’s is one of the most different of Disney animated shorts. Its simply a marvelous little gem of an animated classic.

Today i talk about the third part of this series as today i break-down four of the Silly Symphonies was a series of animated short films produced by Walt Disney Productions from 1929 to 1939 as unlike the Mickey mouse shorts these shorts were Silly  did not have recurring characters and each one was depicted as a standalone productions with stories based on classic books. It’s simply a marvelous series of shorts. I talked for three parts Disney’s epic musical story-telling wonders and gems of Disney animation. This today ends our adventure as we end where the story began for them all.  I feel to explore the magic of Disney in the future i may return the worlds of Disney in the future until next time into the movie magic.



Today for part II i begin where i left off on the Disney classics.  It is the nature of Disney movies to seem to find a way to tell us a story that makes feel like a kid again.  It is the pure Disney magic and charm that has kept it alive for such a long time as i talk about the connections of music in Disney animated classics today which strikes me that truly connects you by its music alone so much so that Walt Disney called the directors room the music room as you never did story-point without it as music is the language that goes beyond the spoken word in classic Disney animated movies and animated shorts.   So i hope you enjoy my talk about it today for the second chapter as i dive further into the  musical story-telling of Disney classics for its second chapter you will see further how Disney made music key to the movie and short i hope you enjoy this look.



Dumbo is a favorite among Pixar’s brain trust as it features all the hallmarks that would characterize the studio’s own flims it has great characters  and a story full of warmth and a lot of heart. This movie turns 76 years old today as it has not only inspired pixar but countless over the years. Dumbo was the flim was the little flim that did big things much like dumbo. The movie’s hero as the studios past efforts of Pinocchio and Fantasia were flops upon their release as this movie was made a b-picture on cheaper budget it became a huge hit as their frist hit animated movie snice snow white.  Its a simple story of the ugly duckling retold in a new way.


Dumbo is the shortest feature films Disney produced it arguably possesses more memorable moments than any of their other movies. From the stork delivering newborn babies which we see baby mine song playing as you feel for dumbo and its mother as both suffer so much.  It has some of best songs of the period compared to the cloyingly sweet music of the other Disney films made in the 1940s the songs all possess an infectious and poppy lightness When I See an Elephant Fly, Elephants on Parade and Song of the Roustabouts are all numbers that will be bouncing around your head for days afterwards as i do see this score has many diffrent tones that all stand out.  It is films like Dumbo that made me fall in love with animation in the first place as this classic is simply a classic in every right that will charm you instantly. It’s a classic you should see today.


Bambi stands among the best of animated flims all time. Its opening scene where the  multi-plane camera glides through a quiet forest until the stirring forest fire climax. Walt Disney’s Bambi is a jewel of a movie that touches upon nature in the circle of life. Its the shortest of animated flims. It has a wonderful musical score with four musical songs. love is a song opens up the movie as its an enjoyable little song. Little April Shower is a song that feels most repeatable of its songs. Let’s Sing a Gay Little Spring Song is its spring song which plays for spring its a very charming little song.  Looking For Romance is another charming song about love in the movie. Bambi is a simply marvelous little classic gem.


Walt Disney’s CINDERELLA takes the fairy-tale classic with humor and suspense while retaining the tale’s essential charm of the fairy-tale. The  songs  of the movie which are Bibbidy-Bobbidy-Boo” and “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes among its the work song all make such simple joy and CINDERELLA song is such a wonderfully repeated often song in this classic gem. “Cinderella” is one of the classics produced by Disney that belongs not only to my childhood as simply its a fun little gem of a movie.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is, without a doubt one of the most original, distinctive, imaginative and creative movies Disney ever made as its simply one of my favorite animated movies all time. This version on Alice in Wonderland is one of the best takes of the classic book. In an effort to retain some of Carroll’s imaginative verses and poems, Disney commissioned top songwriters to compose songs built around them for use in the film. A record number of potential songs were written for the film based on Carroll’s verses as each song is done with the verses in mind they are fun songs that are fresh and different. The cast of voice actors all give out such wonderful performances. Alice in Wonderland is, by far, the most inventive and original of all the Disney animated classics as it’s simply a marvelous classic.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan is undoubtedly one of the best of Disney’s films. Peter Pan has its virtues as its a return to form Alice in wonderland driven by thought provoking ideas, some appealing characters, and memorable music with charming songs that all match the charm of many other Disney classics.  Peter Pan is truly one of the best of Disney classics all time as simply its a marvelous must see movie all time.

Musical Storytelling part 2 ending

Today i talk about the second part of a big epic break-down of Disney classics. I will go into a diffrent trait next part as i simply find the many beats to connect to the next set of Disney animated classics. I hope you enjoyed part one as i simply tried my best do something new on my blog for this feature artcle as next time i am gone into the worlds of silly symphony for part 3.Its time for another adventure into Disney magic next time.

best movies of the year.

best movies of the year.



So today we we discuss the years best movies of 2017. 2017 was an excellent year for film, probably the best since 2013. As often seems to be the case it was best year in a while for movies as so many wonderful movies. The bigger surprises this year was the big breakthrough director movies they proved that new visions can craft a new future for flim. Its a wonderful year of movies that feels like breath of fresh air for movies.

1. lady bird

Lady bird wins my top choice for years best movie. Eighteen is a messy age. You think you’re an adult. (You aren’t.) You think you know better than everyone else. it’s a tale that connects to everyone. Lady Bird will take you right back to being on that fragile cusp of adulthood. I am definitely in love with lady bird as this coming of age tale is the best of its kind in such a long time. Greta Gerwig is this year’s finest director in my eyes as she crafts out the finest tale of the year.

2. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri is a dark comedy that has an a-list cast with names like Frances McDormand, Woody Harrelson, Sam Rockwell, John Hawkes, and Peter Dinklage all giving out their best performances as they truly shine in this wonderful dark comedy. It centers on Mildred Hayes, a woman whose daughter was raped and killed, and who believes that the local police have not done enough about it. In reaction, she erects three billboards outside of her town that send a message to the sheriff about the state of the investigation. It’s no secret that Frances McDormand is quietly powerful and a top notch performer in this movie. Sam Rockwell does his thing in a role that requires less, and Woody Harrelson offers his best hour in years. It’s one of the truly finest movies of this year.

3. get out

Get Out provided me with something I long for. The debut of a new filmmaker that makes you look hopefully into the future. Jordan Peele has done just that. He wrote and directed this smart, elegant film and even made us find a new way to classify it as it has Horror, comedy, drama, social satire all in movie with wonderful acting by everyone in its cast. Daniel Kaluuya is sheer perfection. As an actor he projects and provokes empathy as he gives one of the best performances of the year. This movie is a rare debut that truly shows how remarkable some directors are beyond the camera.


Chris Nolan is more than a storyteller; he’s a myth-maker. He wants you to experience the Truth of a story as i seen with Dunkirk its so raw and honestly gripping. He crafts out a tale so epic yet it feels so grounded and raw you feel the story is happening as you watch it. The acting by Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance, Fionn Whitehead, Kenneth Branagh, Cillian Murphy, and Harry Styles is exceptional as they do it all with almost everything from facial expressions to the way they act out lines. It’s so wonderfully crafted. It is one of the truly best war movies i sever seen period. The real star of the movie is Hans Zimmer’s musical score, which perfectly punctuates the action on the screen. Nolan himself wrote the screenplay, a masterpiece of building tension until it becomes nearly unbearable. It’s one of the truly one of the best war movies all time.

5. The Killing Of A Sacred Deer

The Killing of a Sacred Deer is a compelling and bizarre thriller that tells a brilliant story in a peculiar, unnatural world it’s not a normal movie in any way through the way the characters interact with one another. They are not normal in anyway. Film critic Mark Kermode articulates this perfectly by describing the dialogue as “theatrically mundane” with discussions “delivered in the monochromatic rhythms of a trance state as this movie truly is one of a kind for movies its something that will blow your minds.

6. Coco

Drenched in vibrant violet and singed sienna, the world of Coco is a visual feast as its truly the finest animated film this year to my eyes. Not only that, it touches on topical political themes such as the unjust rigidity of Mexican border control in a way that never seems heavy-handed. It touches on family and traditions too in a way too. Pixar’s embrace to Mexico, a love letter to your southern neighbor country with which you share exclusive cultural, historical and geographical bonds. It’s truly a touching animated classic you will enjoy for ages to come.

7.  The Florida Project

Sean Baker’s TANGERINE follow-up is an absolute barn-burner, brimming with life and noise and neglect and an all-timer of a performance by Willem Dafoe and Baker definitely finding his groove. It’s a smart movie that has such wonderful acting by everyone in its cast.  A movingly episodic story of the “missing homeless” living week-to-week in a god awful motel just outside of the Magic Kingdom, the film builds a remarkably comprehensive portrait of life on the margins. It’s a must see for anyone that loves movies.

8. the big sick

The big sick has Romance, cultural conflict, betrayal, compassion and redemption All neatly wrapped within the context of a comedic memoir with a wonderful cast of talents all giving out their best performances. Michael Sholwater did a superb job directing and the writing collaboration between Emily V. Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani gave the audience a wonderfully intimate sense of how the warmth, power, and growth of a couple relationships can expand and strengthen the bonds of family. The Big Sick’ is pure cinematic bliss form start to finish.

9.Blade Runner 2049

Like its predecessor blade runner is a lovely film that is truly finest to see on big screen. one of two this year, along with Dunkirk, that truly demands to be watched on a big screen. In every other way, it is better than the original: more probing and sophisticated, and populated by far more interesting performances. It’s a classic scfi tale that may be among the finest of the year for its genre.  It’s the kind of provocative and soulful sci-fi yarn that makes you proud for movies as its truly a wonderful movie to see.

10. baby driver

Baby Driver is the best mix-tape ever assembled for a movie. It’s simply a marvelous movie that simply is one of best movies of the year. Edgar Wright would have never fit the 70s new wave: he belongs at Warner’s in the 30s. Baby Driver colors inside the lines. Baby driver is a stark contrast to many movies now from other recent Hollywood films praised being different enough. He wants the image on screen to matter more than the cultural conversation that occurs afterwards with marvelous acting and wonderful direction. This movie is truly among best of the year.

Eugene Pallette:WHAT A CHARACTER

Eugene Paulette:WHAT  A CHARACTER


So today I talk about  Eugene Paulette for What A Character! blogathon hosted by Once Upon a ScreenOutspoken and Freckled, and Paula’s Cinema Club. This post is written in conjunction with the What a Character! blogathon for it to honor the wonderful Character actor Eugene Paulette i talk about him for my tribute today.  If you want to check out others form event please do so. Once Upon a ScreenOutspoken and Freckled, and Paula’s Cinema Club.  So let’s begin to honor this wonderful Character actor.

The Adventures of Robin Hood  

The adventures of robin hood is one of greatest most colorful costume dramas, swashbucklers, and romantically-tinged adventure films in film history. Its slash-bucking tale can be said to one of the most fun movies you can watch ever.

Errol Flynn shines as robin hood as he plays the definitive Robin Hood. It expertly tells the story of the heroic Robin and his Sherwood Forest followers, who saved England from royal treachery by scheming nobles during the absence of the crusading and captured-ransomed King Richard the Lion-Hearted. And it tells the fairy-tale romance with nostalgic chivalry, colorful pageantry, simple righteousness triumphant over villainous and evil might, and spectacular action. The film would not be a masterpiece without the casting–not just of Flynn and de Havilland, who are indispensable, but also of such dependable Warners’ supporting stars as Claude Rains, as the effete Prince John; Basil Rathbone, as the snaky Sir Guy of Gisbourne, and Patric Knowles, Eugene Pallette plays little john in one of his fine roles.  It has fine acting by everyone in its cast.

Unlike modern films where superstars dominate every scene, the Hollywood films of the golden era have depth in writing and casting, so the story can resonate with more than one tone. The movie was initially directed by William Keighley (“Each Dawn I Die”), but Hal Wallis at Warner Bros thought the Sherwood scenes, filmed on location in Chico, California, lacked vitality, and they replaced him with Michael Curtiz (“Angels with Dirty Faces”; “Casablanca”), who added just that. He filmed additional scenes of the merry men preparing for and then attacking the caravan, and all of that climbing, running and jumping, sometimes directly at the camera, feel like primers for the masculine energy of “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. It is one of those charming classic gems that anyone can enjoy.

The Lady Eve (1941)

It’s no accident when wealthy Charles (Henry Fonda) falls for Jean (Barbara Stanwyck). Jean is a con artist with her sights set on Charles’ fortune. Matters complicate when Jean starts falling for her mark. When Charles suspects Jean is a gold digger, he dumps her. Jean, fixated on revenge and still pining for the millionaire, devises a plan to get back in Charles’ life. With love and payback on her mind, she reintroduces herself to Charles, this time as an aristocrat named Lady Eve Sidwich.

The Lady Eve is one of my favorite movies of the 1940’s. It is one of the best movies that Barbara Stanwyck starred in too. This comedy treat truly always delights me. Henry Fonda and Barbara Stanwyck truly shine together as a duo as both acting legends give us their finest performances all time.  brilliant writing and direction provided by Preston Sturges.Mr. Sturges  Barbara Stanwyck and Henry Fonda make the ideal players for Jean Harrington aka Lady Eve Sidwish, and Charles Pike. Eugene Pallette plays mr pike whom is a another wonderful role for him.  The saying that opposites attract is well demonstrated in the film when we watch these two different characters fall for one another. Ms. Stanwyck shows in this film her great timing. The tight direction of  Preston Sturges. It is a comedy treat you must see today.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 

Frank Capra’s Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is another quality product from the notable filmmaker that skilfully presents its support of democracy & is now counted amongst the great American films of its era. This movie is wonderfully acted by everyone in its cast. James Stewart’s brilliant performance is perhaps among his best performances ever on the screen.  Claude Rains as the Senator Joseph Paine and Edward Arnold as Jim Taylor both are truly wonderful in their roles. Jean Arthur plays the educated and cultured female figure of the nation, and her performance is extraordinary, among the most complete female performances of cinema. Eugene Pallette  plays Chick McGann in one of his wonderful roles. Its cast all give out such wonderful performances.  Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is a classic that you must see today.

The wonderful Character actor Eugene Paulette whom i talk about some of his classic roles out the many wonderful roles he played as he simply was a marvelous actor in any role in his many roles he played always managed stand out among its cast of legends each role. I hope you enjoyed this tribute to this wonderful legend.