the time machine

the time machine(

So today I talk about the time machine which is directed by George Pal whom made some of my favorite films all time.  As a boy I loved reading the stories of adventure and fantasy as i would say George Pal movies are those types of tales to a tee. It’s truly fun to watch these classics unfold on the screen.  The Time Machine may be one of greatest scfi classics all time to my eyes as it’s truly a fun classic with the wonderful Rod Taylor of Hitchcock fame whom is a favorite of mine’s. G. Wells’ sci-fi tale is brought to the screen with magic and charm so my review today will tell you why I adore this classic.

the time machine review

In 1960, filmmaker George Pal brought to fruition a visionary concept for a film based on a the time machine which was written  H.G. Wells as this scfi classic brings it to life on the screen.  Rod Taylor passed away just four days shy of his 85th birthday with close to 60 films credits, his last performance was as Winston Churchill in Inglorious Bustards as truly he began with the birds. This movie may be one of his finest hours on the screen.  The story is brilliantly told on screen with such wonderful special effects. Director George Pal puts together a film is fun to watch on screen with such marvelous acting by its cast and wonderful special effects.  The Morlocks aren’t really evil as they are products of their age and time period. I would say they are some of most scary creatures on the screen to see on the screen.

The Time Machine has such wonderful creature designs with wonderful special effects and wonderful acting and direction. We always ask one another if we would go back or forth in time if having the option giving in the time machine as this is a great adaptation of the excellent novel. Just as George Pal has shown us that it’s the characters and the story that count, Nicholas Meyers achieved the same type of success years later with the film Time After Time as same is done with this wonderful classic movie.

The Ruth rating:five bette's

I hope you enjoyed my talk about the time machine  today which frankly is one amazing classic gem that i simply adored to talk about today.see you next time for another classic review soon.


HALLOWEEN classic Movies that are treats to watch 

HALLOWEEN classic Movies that are treats to watch


Many people have beloved horror classics they love such as nightmare on elm street and the many universal horror movies and the very well loved horror classics as Its a vastly wide wide world of horror classics you are overlooking by watching them often as today i talk about horror classics many do not watch as often as the beloved classics of Halloween.

The Body Snatcher review

Based on a Robert Louis Stevenson story, directed by Robert Wise, produced by Val Lewton, starring Boris Karloff and Henry Daniell, with Bela Lugosi in a small but important part. It may be Boris Karloff’s best role on the screen that is shamefully overlooked by many people. Its was the last horror movie to feature both Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi but as normal val lawton movies are overlooked by so many classic horror fans.  Karloff is chillingly perfection in the role of the sly coachman who augments his salary with a little grave robbing as he is pitch perfect fit for this role. Robert Wise directs a very good horror movie that has such wonderful acting with such a rich look to it that really makes it one of best overlooked horror movies to come the screen.

Black Sabbath review

Black Sabbath is one visually stylish flick, courtesy of one of Italy’s finest; Mario Bava. Boris Karloff introduces a trio of horror stories in Mario Bava’s anthology film as each horror story is truly different. Bava directs the The Telephone”, “The Wurdulak and “The Drop of Water as each tale is so different form last tale. This anthology is composed by three segments, all of them directed by Mario Bava as each one is masterfully crafted. Black Sabbath” is an atmospheric and evocative marvel that has three marvelous tales that each feels fresh and different. It’s truly a wonderful horror treat to watch.

The Ruth Rating:

ca75bfe0b446b1c7e75b4f3208772409Edgar G. Ulmer’s The Black Cat was released in 1934; it was the first feature film to famed Universal horror actors Bella Lugosi (“Dracula”) and Boris Karloff (“Frankenstein”) in the same film together which may explain why it is one of the beloved cult classics.

Bella Lugosi plays the good guy in this movie.  The role of Dr. Vitus Werdegast is among the finest ever played by Bella Lugosi. it is so much of a departure from many of his other roles it does stand out among his roles.

Boris Karloff plays Hjalmar Poelzig, a Satanic architect whom is among one of his finest roles on the screen as he plays a wonderfully creepy role. He plays a devil worshiper that holds black masses and a penchant for the ladies only when they are put to the  devil’s business. He plays it so dark and twisted as this evil devil worshiping priest. He was once friends to Dr. Vitus Werdegast whom he betrayed during the war which led to a long imprisonment.  This bond really plays off well in parts you see shades of the friendship yet you know truth that both men don’t like each other. They play both together in a horror classic in a fine manner as both of the duo really lights up the screen.

Peter Alison (David Manners), a pulp mystery writer, and his newlywed bride, Joan (Julie Bishop,) both plays both roles finely i may add as both really are good at playing off this couple stuck in middle of this game between both men. Julie Bishop of course plays Joan the victim in the middle of it all.She is used as a pawn in Hjalmar Poelzig’s rituals. Both of the couple really stands out as both give out wonderful performances. The Black Cat contains some of the most unsettling scenes of any classic Universal horror film. It is the darkest of them all. I just wonder how it was viewed by audiences in 1934. Two scenes that immediately come to mind are the black mass performed by Karloff and the torture scene at the end of the film. These scenes are not typical of the Universal classics as this is darker than normal universal horror movies.  I adore the darker elements that make this movie really stand out among horror movies of that era. The setting of this movie is different than other universal horror movies as its futuristic house really stands out among universal horror movie movies.  It’s wonderful set design and cinematography and lighting really shines that makes it stand out along with its wonderful acting and makeup work and direction makes this universal classic stand out. This is one classic movie you should see today.

The Ruth Rating:

The Innocents review

The Innocents is haunting in every respect.  The imagery is Gothic and dusty, opaque, creepy, and violating it managed sneak past censors. Deborah Kerr’s performance is quite simply wonderful as it comes. The use of candle-light and glass filters around the camera is impressive as it comes as it gives cinema-scope such intimacy and freshness.  Freddie Francis’ cinematography is truly one of the finest as it captures such a haunting tale in such a wonderful way.  Sophie Devine’s costume design is perfect as it truly fits this classic movie.  The Innocents is one of my all time favorite horror films, and one of my favorite films. Its truly a wonderful horror classic you should see.

The Ruth Rating:

baby driver:classic connections

So today I talk about baby driver in a rare modern day review and look upon its many references to the past of movies.I adore so many classic movies as baby driver stands among classic heist movies all time as its truly a wonderful movie that is gonna be a lasting classic for the ages.  

baby driver:classic connections

How The Umbrellas of Cherbourg connects to baby driver?the musical beats(beat one)

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg is truly a musical in every sense of the word as every frame of the movie is a musical as every line of dialogue is sung as that seems very novel its a very stylish movie invention for its time as filmed in lovely color of the 1950’s and 1960’s. The actors are not singers as they do seem more real and grounded as There is none of the showboating of the big Hollywood musicals of the era as they speak it like you would every day each lyric of the movie. The Umbrellas of Cherbourg is fully of beautiful melodies and musical lines but there is no delineation between separate songs. Instead it is one continuous musical experience as Demy and composer Michel LeGrand sat at a piano writing the screenplay out page by page as each line has written notes added to the line. In an interview, LeGrand admitted to struggling through the process as a key a bit of inspiration when they translated the natural timbre of the spoken line for a scene, keeping the same rhythmic melody. It’s a classic tale about young love, loss, and the path that life leads you down which can take you off that love. It’s a classic tale as old as time itself. You loved baby driver you will adore this movie so much.

How Larceny, Inc connects to baby driver?Its a heist comedy classic with mobsters(Beat two)

A gangster comedy starring Edward G. Robinson’s as its playing on his image of a gangster as it’s a spoof of the 1930’s gangster comedies. The humor marries physical gags to some cute word play which makes it even more fun to watch it. It all sparkles due to the talents of an all-star cast of character actors that give us such wonderful acting as they all shine in their roles as they bring to life this collection of fast talking con-artists. This is a truly fun classic gem that you will adore if you love baby driver.

How does gun crazy connect to baby driver?well its a classic crime movie.  (Beat Three)

Peggy Cummins is The epitome of the bad dame as she truly gives us something truly special as she is perfectly cast in the role as this British legend really shines in gun crazy. John Dall truly is amazing in his role. It’s one interesting pairing as both truly embody a perfect pairing in acting. This movie has many great things such as its wonderful cinematography and its wonderful camera work as it feels just as wonderful and up there with many great noir classics. It’s truly a gem you should watch today if you loved baby driver.

How does  Criss cross connect to baby driver?well its a classic crime movie.  (Beat Four)

This is a vividly emotional heist thriller that the betrayals of the heart rarely feel this raw and real as its scarring and the sexual tension is off the charts. We sympathize with Burt Lancaster falling hard for Yvonne DeCarlo as we can get why he loves her so much and unable move on without her as she is a conflicted femme fatale. Noir is at its best when making it painfully clear that there is no future for the doomed couples in these films as this classic shows us the best of noir you will enjoy it anytime even if you loved baby driver.

How does How to Steal a Million connect to baby driver?well its a romantic heist comedy(Beat Five)

Directed by William Wyler, How to Steal a Million presents a terrific opportunity to watch Peter O’Toole and Audrey Hepburn spar in a romantic heist comedy that sparkles with their wit off each other as its truly fun movie with a very wonderful acting by everyone in its cast. In the climactic heist sequence, Wyler has a lot of fun. How to Steal a Million truly may be one very funny movie that sparkles that you should see today if even loved baby driver.

How does the ladykillers connect to baby driver?well its a crime comedy classic. (Beat Six)

The Ladykillers is a brilliant crime comedy from the 50s. The ladykillers, a band of criminals, all with distinct appearances and personalities, and an old lady make this movie much more fun as each truly has a wit and charm unlike anything else with such wonderful acting by everyone. You will adore this movie if you love baby driver.

How does The Asphalt Jungle (1950) connect to baby driver?its a crime drama. (Beat seven)

A John Huston film disguised as a heist film when its true strength is its character driven plot with such very good dramatic moments with good acting. It’s a very fun classic movie that instantly you will adore if you love baby driver.

How does The Lavender Hill Mob (1951) connect to baby driver? It’s a crime caper(Beat eight)

An Ealing crime comedy that sparkles with such wonderful acting and charm that is Eighty minutes of cinematic perfection as it’s so very wonderfully acted with such good wit and charm it’s a classic you will adore if you love baby driver.

How does the driver connect to baby driver? Well it is a classic heist movie.(Beat nine)

This is a classic car chase movie with similarities between this and Nicolas Winding-Refn’s Drive shine through in the depiction of their central characters. Both place men of few words as the central figure it’s very low on talk yet very much a very fun car chase flim that you will adore if you love baby driver.

How does Le Samourai (1967) connect to baby driver? It’s a classic Mystery/Crime film. (Beat Ten)

Jean-Pierre Melville’s Le Samourai is the cinematic embodiment of cool. This film is unlike any Hollywood action treatment of a hitman in that it every single movement is treated like a precious gemstone. Alain Delon plays a double crossed assassin who stays one step ahead of the law in what becomes a very smart cat and mouse plot. Melville’s exact direction is a joy to behold, never wasting a line of dialogue nor a single frame. This is film-making at its leanest, trimming off any hint of excess with such fine acting makes this a gem you will simply adore if you love baby driver.

How does True romance connect to baby driver? It is a classic love story(Beat eleven)

True Romance is one of those few movies with everything you need in a movie: Action, romance, drama and brilliant acting that is a throwback to the old ‘lovers on the run’ formula yet it is so good and wonderful with such rich wit and charm that you will simply adore it if you loved baby driver.

How does The French connection connect to baby driver? It is a classic heist movie(Beat twelve)

The French Connection is an excellent movie in every way. Gene Hackman stars in this wonderful movie. The French Connection is an intense character-study that you if you adore baby driver you will love this wonderful movie.

How does baby driver connect to Rififi? It is a crime film. (Beat thirteen)

Rififi is a terrific heist movie, and one from which subsequent heist films have drawn ever since its debut upon the screen. The  famous 20-minute silent jewel heist sequence of this flim is simply marvelous to watch unfold on the screen. If you are serious about heist films or film noir this is an absolute must see as its truly a marvelous flim by Jules Dassin that you will love so much if you love baby driver.

Baby driver review(Beat fourteen:last note as  would be the ending of story)

Baby Driver is the best mix-tape ever assembled for a movie. It’s simply a marvelous movie that simply is one of best movies of the year. Edgar Wright would have never fit the 70s new wave: he belongs at Warner’s in the 30s. Baby Driver colors inside the lines. Baby driver is a stark contrast to many movies now from other recent Hollywood films praised being different enough. He wants the image on screen to matter more than the cultural conversation that occurs afterwards.

The film stars Ansel Elgort as the titular character whom truly shines in this marvelous role that shines with very emotion driven acting as he barely speaks as he feels like buster kreaton in a modern sense but so good here. Jon Hamm, Jamie Foxx, Kevin Spacey, and Eiza González did their parts well and portrayed convincing mentally unstable killers that have such wonderful wit to them all as the actors played well off of each other, especially in scenes involving comedy where they nailed the punch-lines each time.

Many of the heist films of recent years have been rather disappointing when it comes to both story and technical achievement this movie is simply marvelous as it comes. The casting in Baby Driver was absolutely divine.

I cannot think of one character or actor who was misplaced or a weak link within the film as they give such wonderful performances. Writer-Director Edgar Wright delivers the sharpest dialogue and story of his illustrious career as he simply brings home his best film ever here which is a tall order coming from this amazing talented director crafting out such amazing and clever heist scenes with wonderful acting and a wonderful screenplay with wonderful direction and acting makes this movie a must see for anyone that loves classic movies.

The Ruth Rating:


Judy Garland a vaudevillian legend of the screen

Judy Garland a vaudevillian legend of the screen



So today I honor Judy Garland the woman that began my love for movies. When I was a boy I recall first seeing wizard of oz as she played Dorothy as she entered the world of oz.

Dorothy entering oz began my love for movies as that sparked my love for movies. She was the first icon of stardom that I loved truly as i admired this wonderful woman that managed to take me a new world of magic as she sparked forever my love of movies. So today i am honoring her for her grand tribute to give her due as I feel to honor this wonderful woman that sparked my love for movies. The tribute to Judy garland i is done today for the THE JUDY GARLAND BLOGATHON hosted by my dear friend crystal of in the good days of classic Hollywood thanks to her for hosting this wonderful event. check out other posts form the event for days of the event. So lets begin to honor Judy garland.

So Judy garland began preforming as a little girl with her sisters at a very young age as she was always able stand out among them all. She was quite the little charmer as i will show you a clip of her early gum sisters singing now.

You can see the sisters of Judy garland and her preforming together as Judy stands out as she is the little charmer among them all.

Judy garland preformed in Pigskin Parade as she is able to convey such longing and emotion at age 14 is simply amazing. What a powerhouse! and it was just a sample of things to come for her talent. These early samples give you a small taste of the magical charm of this wonderful lady. Babes in Arms begins her larger impact as her charm and wit was starting to be mined.

Babes in Arms review

The struggle of two talented young artists, to make their own way in the show business.(plot form IMDb)

This charming classic is a very fun movie because it’s simply start of a duo that really clicked together. It was made after she shot wizard of oz which would bring her to stardom. She was a bit player and supporting actress to the bigger star of Mickey Rooney at the time. Mickey Rooney was even nominated for Best Actor which was just to put a name on ballot.  A babe in arms is a charming little gem that is fun little musical comedy that really makes both of the stars stand out as their performances are magical together. This classic gem has very good acting and direction with very fun musical numbers very much reflection of the times. It’s a fun movie that you will enjoy to watch anytime.
everybody Sing review
When boisterous Judy Bellaire (Judy Garland) encourages her fellow school chorus members to sing a classical piece with a modern swing beat, her scandalized teacher uses the musical mutiny as an excuse to expel her from the Colvin School for Girls. With the encouragement of Ricky Saboni (Allan Jones), her family’s cook, Judy decides to follow her dream and audition for a stage musical. Meanwhile, Ricky struggles to gain the affections of Judy’s sister, the lovely Sylvia (Lynne Carver).
 (plot form goggle)
Everybody Sing” is a delightful 1938 film filled with music but frankly not Judy’s best with a cast of good stars such as Judy garland and Billie Burke and Fanny Brice and Lynne Carver and Allan Jones as each do a good job with what they are given here. its frankly not their best work by a long shot honestly. Its an okay movie you may enjoy.
wizard of oz introduction 

Wizard of oz was one of first movies I seen as a boy. I recall fondly when she frist enters oz it was a strike like a match to me. I instantly found a new love in my life as my love for movies.

Dorothy entering Technicolor

This scene still makes me feel a smile as i just feel its truly one of the most magical scenes in movie history.  I fondly remember as boy running TV each time it came on TV on CBS. I was so happy it was about to air on TV as it was an event to see wizard of oz. I had the tape too which watched so often as that tape had a feature that i never found ever again about making of wizard of oz which talked about this classic movie. I fondly remember Judy garland being the frist icon i ever loved as a child as an she stood as my favorite actress. The wizard of oz is the most beloved classic all time as billions of people saw this movie. a flim historian said that the magic of wizard of oz touches the child in all of us. I frist saw wizard of oz as boy later I realized this movie is a very special picture.

Wizard of oz review

Wizard of oz was one of first movies I seen as a boy. I really adore this classic so fondly the cast of legends really stands out. Judy garland gives out a wonderful performance in a star making role as Dorthy as she made the movie magical as her charm is what made it click. She sings somewhere over rainbow which may be one of my favorite songs ever as its a song that feels so magical. Frank Morgan played five roles as he played Professor Marvel / The Wizard / Doorman / Cabbie / Guard. one of few actors to play such wonderful range on a movie as he could make each role feel like their own roles as he truly makes each role stand out as he gives out such ranged acting in his wonderful acting in the wizard of oz. Ray Bolger as Hunk/Scarecrow. I would say ray’s main role as scarecrow truly shines as you see such a wonderful performance as he plays a second role as hunk in which he gives same level of wonderful charm.  Bert Lahr as Zeke/Cowardly Lion. Bart lahr as the Cowardly Lion really stands out among the cast as he was a very wonderful character actor. Jack Haley as Hickory Twicker/Tin Man. Jack Haley gives out a very wonderful performance in his acting of his role.

Margaret Hamilton as Miss Gulch/The wicked Witch of West. Margaret Hamilton plays two roles as she plays miss gulch in the intro in which she gives out such a wonderful performance in her role.The main role she plays is the wicked witch role in which she became famous for for many years as she would often come back to this role. Margaret Hamilton plays the wicked witch in such a wonderful way that she makes the wicked witch a very fun villain role that does make you far her.

Billie Burke plays Glinda the Good Witch. Billie Burke gives out such a wonderful perfomance that really is so sweet and charming as she helps make us feel happy. She always adored the role as it felt closest to her roles on the stage. Pat Walshe as Nikko may be one of the other stand out roles as he has look like a wicked monkey for movie as he truly makes us fear him but also plays the sidekick to our villain. Charley Grapewin plays Uncle Henry and Clara Blandick plays Aunt Em both of them give such good performances.

The whole cast of oz all give out such good acting. Its charm does mainly come from its musical numbers as a few were cut from the film which are all famous little songs that stood out like the jitterbug and scarecrow’s song that was cut. The movies story connects to us via a dream is how Dorothy connects to us as she faces a crisis in her life that ends her up dreaming about oz. The movie has a magical charm that always touched my heart. The ending has always seemed very wonderful to me as its ending does have a feeling that you fell like oz is what we wish upon as the farm or home may not feel as magical at times yet as it says there is no place like home in the end.

The wizard of wizard offers the cinema lover looking for magic everything they want, it’s all here, in about two hours of pure entertainment in every way from its wonderful casting to wonderful score it’s lovely sets and makeup design that’s rich and detailed and its costumes that are so amazing too. It’s wonderful in every way. Its a wonderful classic that is timeless classic you can watch anytime

The Ruth rating:

This was Judy Garland’s first young adult movie role after starring role as Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz. It is among one of her best roles. I can say her as Nellie Kelly as a feisty whom feels very modern. It is Judy’s charm that gives out one of her finest roles.The cast all give out very good acting. Its a very good classic you should see today.

THE HARVEY GIRLS is one of my favorite Judy Garland movies all time. Judy Garland stars as Susan Bradley, an impressionable and very naive young woman on her way west by train, as a mail order bride. On board the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe she meets a bunch of other equally young and naive young women heading west to work as Harvey Girls. Judy plays the role with such a charm and power. She shines in this role. The cast all do a good job here. This movie is a fun little musical gem you will enjoy anytime.

Don’t you just love those old 40’s musicals? Easter Parade is certainly one of the best musicals all time. It is a classic gem that has Fred Astaire and Judy garland both together giving out their finest acting and charm to boot. It is just a charming magical duo that shines. This is one of my favorite Judy garland movies.

Fred Astaire Judy Garland Vaudeville Medley really has to be among one of my favorite musical numbers it is just pure magic and charm to watch them do this number together.

This charming beat is just a fun little beat that i just adore. I can say it is truly one of those wonderful charming song beats.

The year 1954 proved to be one of the professional best for Judy Garland as she gave out one of her finest hours on the screen. She truly shines in this role. The quintessential story of a couple, one who’s career is on the rise, the other on the decline is made extraordinary by the performances by its talents. It is just a gem to watch.

Two tragic wonderful performers, Robert Walker and Judy Garland, star as a soldier and the girl he meets in The Clock. I would say that Judy Garland shines in her finest dramatic performance as she truly gives out one of her finest hours on the screen. Robert Walker shines in his wonderful role on the screen too. This movie truly is one classic that i do love truly so much with its wonderful acting that makes it stand out. It’s a timeless classic love story you will enjoy anytime.

Vincent Minnelli makes sumptuous use of color, costumes and settings in this lush MGM musical teaming Judy Garland and Gene Kelly in their prime in this wonderful classic with wonderful songs by Cole porter produced by the Arthur freed of the MGM unit. Its cast all give out such good acting. It’s very good musical numbers all stand out. It’s truly a classic you should watch today.

A star is born was a comeback picture for Judy garland as she truly managed to give out a role that almost earned her an Oscar as she truly is one wonderful actress in this role. James mason stands out by giving a wonderful performance. The whole cast all stand out by giving out such wonderful performances. Its songs in this classic all feel natural to each part of the movie as it’s very much a reflection into a star’s life. This classic is one wonderful classic that shines among movies that you will enjoy anytime.

Judy garland will always remain in my fond heart as since a boy to now i just adore and love her truly. I can say that she had that magical charm to her that many talents today cannot match ever. She was an amazing and talented lady that could really give out such great and charming performances. She is a magical legend for all time. I am highly in love with this legend as she will forever remain in my heart as one of a kind in legends as no legend seems compare to her. Thanks for joining me in honoring this legend today for the THE JUDY GARLAND BLOGATHON hosted by my dear friend crystal of in the good days of classic Hollywood thanks to her for hosting this wonderful event. Check out other posts form the event for days of the event. Thanks for joining me in honoring this legend today.

Lover Come Back

So today i am reviewing one of my favorite comedies all time. lover come back is one of those wonderful comedy gems that i just delight to watch often and repeat watching often as i been so busy lately this is my return to blogging i hope you enjoy this review folks of this classic movie.

Lover Come Back review


Rock Hudson and Doris day movies are often called very silly by today’s standard by many people but I just adore watching this movie.

It’s the screwball wit and charm of Doris day that brings the movie to life as she captures wonderfully as an actress what it means to be a screwball on film. She truly has such a charm that really works greatly for you to enjoy her.
I would say Rock Hudson really is another charming lead actor that gives one of those good wonderful roles that he manages to balance out Doris day.

The comic chemistry between Doris Day and Rock Hudson was unique and ranks with other classic pairings such as Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell among other pairings. Tony Randall shines in his his insecure character that is among one of the funniest ever performances on the screen.

The simple story of warring advertising executives works well as a good story that has such comic gold with its story making it among the best of the Doris day and Rock Hudson movies.
All the cast members do just fine in this very bright comedy that has me splitting a gut with laughter every time see this wonderful comic gem.

Lover Come Back is really a delightful and witty romantic comedy that really with such wonderful comic talent really is one of those wonderful little gems that really shines greatly with such wonderful humor making it a comedy to see over and over again.

 The Ruth rating:five bette's

ray harryhausen evolution

ray harryhausen evolution


Dinosaurs have been really fascinating us since we found them. It is a wonder that when a new medium called cinema was invented many tried to make dinosaurs to varying levels of success in early movies. Before Jurassic park we had the dinosaur creations of ray harryhausen.Ray Harryhausen is one of my heroes. I would say he made dinosaurs more realistic then many others at that time. Jurassic park may have changed the game but it was ray that inspired that game changing movie among others. Ray Harryhausen inspired many of today’s filmmakers among others in cinema.

Ray Harryhausen’s love of dinosaurs dates from 1925, when he first saw Willis O’Brien’s film The Lost World in the cinema at the age of five, which he described with the words, I was about five years old when I had my first taste of dinosaurs. My parents took me to see the movie of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World (1925) in which an intrepid group of explorers, led by the fearless Professor Challenger, discover a dinosaur-infested plateau in the South American jungle. I had never dreamt that such huge and terrifying creatures might exist and they captured my imagination immediately, setting me on the path to a career in animation.
The Lost World inspired him to make papier mâché puppets of dinosaurs. These puppets, and the sets in which they performed, became increasingly sophisticated, allowing him to develop model making skills that would prove key in later life. After seeing King Kong at the age of 14 in 1933 he made more marionettes of the main creatures; those of King Kong 1 as well as a brontosaurus, pterodactyl, triceratops and Tyrannosaurus rex. These puppets remarkably still exist, photographs of which were published in Ray Harryhausen’s Fantasy Scrapbook. So it inspired him to create many ideas which would inspire this great man among many other things would inspire him greatly so I talk about dinosaurs he created.

Harryhausen’s Dynamation dinosaurs 


The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms

This movie pre-dated Godzilla by one year it was As a result of an arctic nuclear test, a carnivorous dinosaur thaws out and starts making its way down the east coast of North America is basic story of this monster movie.  It was ray’s frist movie after mighty joe young. Ray Harryhausen love of dinosaurs is used in this movie to great effect. The prehistoric creature was a dinosaur of some kind yet he never named it.

The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms dinosaur

Ray Harryhausen’s special effects are fantastic. The dinosaur moves very fluidly and has a very convincing sense of realism to it. All the sets and models look great too. If you watch Giant Monster movies to see Giant Monsters this movie will not disappoint you. t. It’s fairly well written and there’s never any really cheesy dialogue at all it. Its characters are very well written too and very easy to sympathize with. Its must see for any fan of b-movie movies or Godzilla or Giant Monster (Kaiju) films in general, along with fans of 50s sci-fi films its just that darn good.


The Animal World (1956)

The Animal World is a 1956 documentary film that was produced, written and directed by Irwin Allen. The film includes live-action footage of animals throughout the world, along with a ten-minute stop motion animated sequence about dinosaurs. Its very rare as they come as it is a short documentary with stop motion animation. Its one of rare times where ray animated a t-rex.  I put you-tube link of the view-master slides of it. Its very much a fun thing to see as this video is a treat to see a dinosaur come to life by the master the process.

Ray Harryhausen and jules verne is a match made in heaven. I would say out of his many movies he helped craft this movie truly marvelous. The flim departs form the book in so many ways. I fondly enjoy many of his movies one is a treat to watch anytime. The caracters are given so many conflicts that its a joy to see the story unfold. The icing on the top of this cake is the music by Bernard Herrmann as his wonderful score really is such a joy. Mysterious Island is the type of old-fashioned adventure film that they just don’t make anymore which you should watch today.

Pre-Jurassic Park dinosaur b-movies get no more fun than in One Million Years B.C as its truly a fun b-movie. It’s very silly movie in many ways yet it’s very much a fun b-movie at heart and soul as it’s a hammer remake the 1940 fantasy film by the same name. It’s very much b-movie acting at its finest as all of them are good in their roles yet it’s all cheesy.  Raquel Welch is the big selling point of this movie with ray’s wonderful stop motion dinosaurs really stealing the show form her many time as these creatures are a joy to watch on the screen then again so is Raquel Welch. This is a fun b-movie that you will enjoy but do not expect it to set world on fire.

Those years of obscurity were unfair, because The Valley of Gwangi is one of my favorite films from the team of Ray Harryhausen and producer Charles H. Schneer. It’s a huge sugary ball of all the things I love to see in a pulp adventure tale as this western gem mixed monster movie. It’s a gem for sure. Originally written by King Kong’s Willis O’Brien, Gwangi script was never filmed, but a copy owned by Ray Harryhausen stored in his garage was resurrected in 1966. With additional work by writer William Bast. It has wonderful acting by its cast as James Francious headlines it with Gila Golan and Richard Carlson. It’s very much a fun gem with many fun moments of joy as the prehistoric mayhem of the stop motion dinosaurs vs. dinosaurs really is such a treat to watch. I would suggest you see it today. Today i talked about some classic gems you should see today. I was hoping to inspire you to check out the works of ray harryhausen. I will be hosting a The Ray Harryhausen Blogathon,which you can join by clicking the picture below. I hope you enjoyed my talk on these fun classic movies.

The Ray Harryhausen Blogathon

Why i love screwball comedies

Why i love screwball comedies


I am a very huge fan of screwball comedies. I often review more screwball comedies on my blog often also i review many noir classics and talk about hitchcock often. I would say they are my three favorite movie areas to talk about. I love fondly screwball comedies.  Films definitive of the genre usually feature farcical situations, a combination of slapstick with fast-paced repartee and show the struggle between economic classes. Films definitive of the genre usually feature farcical situations, a combination of slapstick with fast-paced repartee and show the struggle between economic classes. They also generally feature a self-confident and often stubborn central female protagonist and a plot involving courtship and marriage or remarriage or cross-dressing. Some comic plays are screwball in nature. It was a genre that was made in movies until 1942. Many flims of the 1950’s also have traits of screwball comedies.  Time to talk these golden classics.


how would ‘Lubitsch do it? to start with the start of the traits in a talk about something that would test nerves for years.  Trouble in Paradise.  This pre-code sophisticated comedy epitomizes the European attitude toward sex in its very first scene between Hebert Marshall and Miriam Hopkins An utterly charming comedy classic. Time talk about the Lubitsch touch of comedy.


This pre-code sophisticated comedy epitomizes the European attitude toward sex. It is more open in sex. It is pre-code in that nature toward how it plays sex. It is based on Laszlo Aladar’s play The Honest Finder which was the springboard for the movie. The sexual undertones is very frank. I would not call it as sexually open as Design for Living which is far more sexual in nature. This was a taste of what was to come for his works.  Trouble in Paradise is a comedic counterpart to a melodrama as it is a melodrama mixed with comedy. The acting of Herbert Marshall and Kay Francis and Miriam Hopkins really shines greatly. This movie opens the door for many comedy traits to come. It was a big game changer i would suggest you see it today.

design for living

Design for living really is a bold pre-code comedy that i really would call the movie comedy that changed the face of comedy yet it did not show that change for many years. It was written originally by  Noël Coward but the movies screenplay was written by Ben Hecht. A woman cannot decide between two men who love her, and the trio agree to try living together in a platonic friendly relationship. Miriam Hopkins is amazing in her role in this movie as she stars alongside Fredric March and gary cooper as both actors give us fine roles.  Miriam Hopkins could do no wrong in a Lubitsch film, and her work here is brilliant. She’s intelligent and uncompromisingly honest. The key to the Lubitsch Touch was in the perfect timing of physical gestures and the delivery of the lines. Trouble in Paradise and Design for Living were the best in this respect as both shine.   This movie is very sexually bold for its time. It even had the leads suggest a gentlemen’s deal of no sex between the three which is broken but it is very much ahead of its time in that regard. Intelligent script, witty dialogue, sexy stars, sophisticated story with a great direction and acting. It is a must see classic gem.  

Ernst Lubitsch really had a golden touch when it came to comedy. I would say he was one of the first modern comedy directors in a way. He directed some of the finest comedies of his day. It was also known if you starred in a Ernst Lubitsch you were going to be starring in something special. He often stirred up with his movies. Many of the movies were very -sexual in nature. One of his movies was a mix of both politics and sex which is very hard subjects to talk about in movies. He was a master of comedy directing. Ninotchka and To Be or Not to Be were two of his later gems often regarded as two highly loved gems of comedy. I talked two of his movies above in a short review but you can read about his movies and watch them and enjoy one of the greatest directors all time.

Frank Capra golden comedies. 

Frank Capra is often regarded as one of finest flim makers all time. He was not considered much in his time. The critics used to call his works capra corn. It is now very diffrent as he is such a wonderful director that crafted out many wonderful gems.

Lady for a Day(1933)

Apple Annie is an indigent woman who has always written to her daughter in Spain that she is a member of New York’s high society. With her daughter suddenly en route to America with her new fiancé and his father, a member of Spain’s aristocracy, Annie must continue her pretense of wealth or the count will not give his blessing. She gets unexpected help from Dave the Dude, a well-known figure in underground circles who considers Annie his good luck charm, and who obtains for her a luxury apartment to entertain the visitors – but this uncharacteristic act of kindness from a man with a disreputable reputation arouses suspicions, leading to complications which further cause things to not always go quite as planned. This is before it happened one night for frank capra. This charming comedy is often overlooked for that movie. this is the film that precedes IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT for the team of Frank Capra (director) and Robert Riskin (screenwriter). Sadly it’s not regarded as one of his beloved deserves to be regarded more highly. Frank Capra’s excellent direction which was ominated for an Oscar. May Robson is wonderful in this early capra gem.  Glenda Farrell & Guy Kibbee and Walter Connolly are great in suprorting roles. Warren William is wonderful in his role as Dave the Dude, the criminal boss who comes to Annie’s aid because her apples are good luck for him. It is a truly overlooked comedy gem that you must see today.

It happened one night,winner of 7th oscars. I have seen this classic many times over the years,its just as timeless as ever each time i watch this classic oscar winning film i just adore and delight in this classic comedy. There were many points in It Happened One Night where the true state of the country was indicated. Homeless people hitching rides on trains seemed perfectly normal. Rather than regard them with apprehension and pity, you smile and wave at them. Another example is the hostile reaction proprietor Zeke’s wife had to the fact that her husband had let Peter and Ellie stay the night with promises of being paid. Upon seeing Peter and Ellie’s car missing, they rush to the cottage to see if Peter and Ellie are still there. They cannot afford freeloaders.

In another scene, a child’s mother has passed out from hunger, because they have no money to buy food. Peter and Ellie have nearly depleted their funds, but decide that the mother and child need money more than they do and give some to them.

Despite these instances, the movie was altogether cheerful in its depiction of the world. In the throes of the stock market crash, this movie signaled the birth of the screwball comedy. At a time when the country needed release, they could find that release and laughter in movies like It Happened One Night. Audiences were amused by scenes in the film, such as the segment in which Peter teaches Ellie how to dunk a donut. Or, when forced to share a room, Peter puts a blanket between his and Ellie’s beds and calls it the `wall of Jericho,’ which is revisited when the walls of Jericho come tumbling down after Peter and Ellie’s marriage. Probably the most famous scene in the film is the hitchhiking sequence, which features Peter standing by the roadside trying to thumb a ride unsuccessfully, finally giving up after more than a dozen cars speed by without paying any heed to his attempts. After he gives up, beaten, Ellie simply lifts her skirt above her knee. The first car that passes stops, as we see extreme close-ups of a foot slamming down on the brakes and a hand applying the hand brake.

Claudette Colbert is a spoiled young girl who meets a worldly, attractive newspaper reporter (Clark Gable),its combination of two its two talented leads in the movie that brings home this classic gem in many ways. Everyone else in cast brings home this classic same too as they all shine greatly. A master in his profession, Capra left his mark on the films he directed. With an almost childlike cheerfulness, he maintains a sense of dignity and class. The viewer is left with a feeling of hope for humankind, even if its only that a person’s ideals could be used to make such a film. Capra’s films are still regarded as masterpieces. It Happened One Night arguably remains to this day unparalleled in screwball comedies. It was one of many movies made during the Depression, a sometimes sad and even lonely time in our history. It gave its audience a chance to escape and forget their troubles for a few moments in time.  It truly is a classic you must see today. 

Mr deeds goes to town is about Longfellow Deeds, a simple-hearted Vermont tuba player, inherits a fortune and has to contend with opportunist city slickers. In this fable, Mr. Capra gives an answer to those of us that always pondered: what would one do if one inherited a lot of money, or if one won the lottery or had chance get rich. It does really bring about it in a fable that is very moving comedy. Gary Cooper and Jean Arthur are wonderful. Leonard Standing, one of the best character actors of the era  is equally effective as Cobb the man who knows a thing or two about those society folks. George Bancroft is wonderful in his role. This is a frank capra gem you should watch today. 

You Can’t Take It With You won for Best Picture of 1938 and got Frank Capra his third Oscar for Best Director.  This was James Stewart’s first and Jean Arthur’s second film with Frank Capra. Next year they would do their second and last in the much acclaimed Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. It’s a tale of two men and their families. Edward Arnold plays Anthony Kirby millionaire banker and industrialist who is obsessed with both making money and his social position, though the latter is more in deference to his snooty wife Mary Forbes. Their son James Stewart is preparing uneasily to step into his father’s world. What really is Stewart’s main interest is the romance he’s got going with the only normal member of that other family, Jean Arthur. It is such a great movie with wonderful acting and great direction. Watch this classic today. Frank Capra movies have traits that you will love i have talked about some of his classics.

Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn comedy gems. 

Some of the finest comedies all time are the duo pairing of Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn as both legends starred in such wonderful classic comedies .Woman of the Year (1942) started the pairing which was not a comedy but a Sport/Romance movie that started their acting duo together.  So to talk their comedies.

State of the Union(1948)

Based on a 1945 play by Howard Lindsay and Russell Crouse, State of the Union marked Frank Capra’s return to the political. This film is also the third of nine pictures featuring Spencer Tracey and Katharine Hepburn. Van Johnson is very funny and charming as a newspaperman who becomes Grant’s campaign manager. Adolphe Menjou is perfect as Kaye’s mouthpiece who wants to go after the money people and court big business and the union heads. Katharine Hepburn co stars as Grant’s wife Mary in a role intended for Claudette Colbert, and she’s excellent in this role. Spencer Tracy is wonderful as Grant Matthews. This comedy gem is a must see for anyone.

Adam’s ribs

Two New York lawyers, husband Adam Bonner (Spencer Tracy) and wife Amanda Bonner (Katharine Hepburn), work out the marital tension and fight the sexual wars in the courtroom on opposite sides of a wife (Judy Holliday) shoots cheating husband (Tom Ewell) case. Adam’s masculinity is seemingly challenged and his sense of justice offended by his wife’s insistence on showing how smart she is while furthering her feminist agenda at the expense of the law as the drama unfolds you see a wonderful duo really shining together on screen.

The script by Garson Kanin and Ruth Gordon is wonderfully witty and smartly crafted. Judy Holliday as the lower middle-class Doris Attinger (on her way to her signature role in Born Yesterday (1950) and David Wayne, as the song-writing neighbor who adores Amanda, shine in supporting roles. George Cukor’s direction is clear, crisp and always focused.

George Cukor does a brilliant job with directing it. I particularly like how he often sets the camera in a room and lets the characters weave in and out of the area in a way that evenly presents both the disconnect and the miscommunication of the couple from both perspectives. This movie is brilliant in that it is capable of maintaining two (or more) points of view entirely at the same time.It is a battle of the sexes at its comedy best. It is wonderful with a wonderful supporting cast that shines throughout this courtroom comedy. You should watch this comedy gem today.


Desk set is a very odd and offbeat movie. It feels somewhat very much modern in some ways as as it feels very postmodern and ahead of its time.  Its office setting with a computer seems very ahead of its time period.  It is not like the classic screwball comedy or battle of sexes movies of the 1940’s but it is one of those movies that is does not fit into any of those areas.  Nor is this second-to-last Tracy/Hepburn collaboration a throwback to their 40s battles. Desk set was as adapted from William Marchant’s stage play,The Desk Set. Lang’s  Desk Set  truly stands out as something diffrent form the other team ups of this duo. This is the duo’s last comedy together. Its an office comedy gem. 

Katherine Hepburn is in top form of her acting as she truly shines in this role as a middle aged head of the all girls research department. Its no wonder as Katherine Hepburn is my second favorite actress this movie remains one of my most watched movies of her many movies as i just adore this movie even with its simple story. Spencer Tracy truly shines as an  “efficiency expert that has plans to introduce his great invention “EMEREK”, the ultimate information source. Now the ladies in research fear that a computer will make their “human brain work obsolete. It does not go the way he planned as he truly learns the human brain is more key then a computer. Its no wonder that his acting here is in top form as he feels at home in this movie as he truly gives out one of his finest roles. He is one of my top ten favorite actors. This role is one is among one his best of roles. The supporting cast contains Joan Blondell and Gig Young and Phoebe Ephron acting out in top form as they give out such wonderful performances. All of the cast give out such wonderful performances.   relies on the intelligence of the audience and draws on that of the cast to produce a humor that never ages as it truly has such wonderful wit and humor. 

The best part of the film is the interplay between the two principals, Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn. Its a tribute to them, as actors, they could work so well together. Also, toward the end of the movie, at the company’s Christmas party, we see a playful, and drunk Bunny singing Cole Porter’s “Night and Day” to the beat of the bongo playing of Richard Sumner. That scene shows a playful Katherine Hepburn having a great time in front of the cameras. This movie has also a smart screenplay and direction. Its very much a modern day comedy almost but wait this movie was not made in modern times but the 1950’s that puts this movie very much a ahead of its time. Tracy and Hepburn are the magical charm of this movie as this movie never ages as this is a classic for the ages. Watch it today

The Ruth Rating:five bette's

Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn as a duo starred in movies together for years.They both really were wonderful together on screen. They also had a love that never became more off-screen. It is such a magical set of movies.

Preston Sturges’ Comedies

Writer/director Preston Sturges, one of the greatest comic geniuses, was known for his many social satires in the 1940s, poking fun at sex/love, politics, war and the military, and death. He made eight screwball comedies in five years for Paramount as many of those movies are hailed as such gems that starred some of the finest legends in many roles. His movies are jewels of comedy.

The Great McGinty (1940)

In a dive south of the border, bartender Dan McGinty (Brian Donlevy) stops a young man from committing suicide after a moment of dishonesty, and relates how a moment of honesty brought him down in a flashback. As a young man, McGinty joins a crooked political boss and rises from extortionist to alderman. Urged by the boss to marry his secretary to give respectability to his run for mayor, McGinty agrees only to fall in love with his wife and decide to do an honest thing for once in his life. In his debut as a director Preston Sturges turned in one of the brightest political satires ever done for the cinema in The Great McGinty.  Brian Donlevy truly shines in his role. Muriel Angelus as Catherine McGinty is truly wonderful in her role as she truly acts out in one of her finest roles. William Demarest  and Akim Tamiroff and Allyn Joslyn truly all shine in their respective roles. It is such a wonderfully acted movie. A very underrated and unknown film that many should watch as you should today.

The Lady Eve (1941)

It’s no accident when wealthy Charles (Henry Fonda) falls for Jean (Barbara Stanwyck). Jean is a con artist with her sights set on Charles’ fortune. Matters complicate when Jean starts falling for her mark. When Charles suspects Jean is a gold digger, he dumps her. Jean, fixated on revenge and still pining for the millionaire, devises a plan to get back in Charles’ life. With love and payback on her mind, she reintroduces herself to Charles, this time as an aristocrat named Lady Eve Sidwich.

The Lady Eve is one of my favorite movies of the 1940’s. It is one of the best movies that Barbara Stanwyck starred in too. This comedy treat truly always delights me. Henry Fonda and Barbara Stanwyck truly shine together as a duo as both acting legends give us their finest performances all time.  brilliant writing and direction provided by Preston Sturges.Mr. Sturges  Barbara Stanwyck and Henry Fonda make the ideal players for Jean Harrington aka Lady Eve Sidwish, and Charles Pike. The saying that opposites attract is well demonstrated in the film when we watch these two different characters fall for one another. Ms. Stanwyck shows in this film her great timing. The tight direction of  Preston Sturges. It is a comedy treat you must see today.

Sullivan’s Travels (1941)

Successful movie director John L. Sullivan (Joel McCrea), convinced he won’t be able to film his ambitious masterpiece until he has suffered, dons a hobo disguise and sets off on a journey, aiming to “know trouble” first-hand. When all he finds is a train ride back to Hollywood and a beautiful blonde companion (Veronica Lake), he redoubles his efforts, managing to land himself in more trouble than he bargained for when he loses his memory and ends up a prisoner on a chain gang.

Sullivan’s Travels is one of the best films that came out of Hollywood in 1941. Preston Sturges showed he was an original with this story about self-discovery for a man that has a different view of the world. In a way, this is a satire about the movie industry. It is one of the best movies ever made as its very boldly daring and diffrent for its time. Preston Sturges achieves the impossible in this movie as he made the hollywood version of  Gulliver’s Travels. The film tells of the ‘mission’ of ‘Sully’ (Joel McCrea), a big-shot Hollywood director of lightweight comedies to experience suffering in the world before producing his next socially-conscious film of hard times – an epic titled ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’ about the common man.

With this film, Preston Sturges made one of the smartest and most insightful comedies ever to come out of Hollywood with such great acting by Joel McCrea and Veronica Lake.
The supporting cast includes Robert Warwick (Mr. Lebrand), William Demarest (Mr. Jones), Franklin Pangborn (Mr. Casalsis), Porter Hall (Mr. Hadrian), Byron Foulger (Mr. Valdelle), Margaret Hayes (Secretary), Robert Greig (Sullivan’s Butler) and Eric Blore (Sullivan’s Valet) all giving us such fine performances. Preston Sturges combines a social commentary with comedy so greatly that it makes Sullivan’s Travels is a movie you will remember as it stands as one of hollywood’s finest movies ever that you should see today.

The Palm Beach Story (1942)

This screwball comedy finds married couple Tom (Joel McCrea) and Gerry Jeffers (Claudette Colbert) in a strained relationship, largely due to financial difficulties. Gerry decides to leave Tom, a struggling architect, and head to Palm Beach in order to marry a wealthy man who could fund Tom’s projects. When Tom follows Gerry, they cross paths with the quirky millionaire John D. Hackensacker III (Rudy Vallee) and his chatty, husband-seeking sister, Princess Centimillia (Mary Astor).

Claudette Colbert in one of her finest roles on the screen as she knocks this movie out of the ballpark. Joel McCrea shines in his role in this movie. A very funny performance by Robert Dudley. This is a  Lightning paced comedy gem with such great acting and direction. It is a comedy gem you must see today.

so far in my article i have talked about so many great comedies. It is time to talk about the gems of the screwball genre. This genre had such great movies. Comedy under screwball movies was its best it could go with being creative and funny. So i hope enjoy the gems of the genre.

Screwball Comedy gems


Midnight is one of those overlooked gems. Its in same level as all the other known screwball comedy classics such as bringing up baby, The Philadelphia Story (1940), It Happened One Night (1934) etc as it’s not as known as those classics which is a shame because this classic gem is one of those gems that really is a special screwball comedy that is very funny and witty as ever to watch and ever charming as its one of my favorite screwball comedies all time.

Claudette Colbert and Don Ameche are the leads of this comedy classic which also stars the ever wonderful John Barrymore and Mary Astor. The acting is one of leading graces of this classic comedy as they are all wonderfully great at giving us some of the greatest and witty lines together as a cast. John Barrymore is spectacular in one of the funniest performances ever on the screen. Midnight has everything work perfectly together: The acting, the direction, the crackling writing of Billy Wilder and Charles Brackett.

Midnight is a comedy delight worth watching any day at any time as it’s so charming and funny with an amazing cast that makes this comedy a classic for the ages. Claudette Colbert’s comedy masterpiece has your hearts forever after you watch this delightful comedy.

The ruth rating:five bette's

Bringing Up Baby 

Bringing Up Baby baby is a flim i love so much as this movie is just such a joy to watch. This screwball comedy gem truly shines. Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant truly shine in this movie. The duo truly shines together. Featuring one classic comic scene after another as it will have you laughing your ass off so much. Hawks never loses sight of the pastoral romance that Bringing Up Baby at its core.  The supporting cast is also one of the things that make this film the fun it is. Charles Ruggles, May Robson, Barry Fitzgerald, George Irving, and the rest of the cast do a marvelous job in the roles they created. Even Asta, the Charles’ dog, made a valuable contribution to the proceedings by appearing at key moments, even fighting Nyssa, the tamed leopard that is the “baby” of the title. All of the cast truly give such marvelous roles. One of the most remarkable things about Bringing up Baby is the extent to which it remains enjoyable today as it’s truly a classic gem to watch any day.

The Ruth Rating:five bette's

Twentieth Century 

When down-on-his-luck Broadway impresario Oscar Jaffe (John Barrymore) meets his discovery and former flame, Lily Garland (Carole Lombard), on the glamorous 20th Century Limited train between Chicago and New York, he uses every scheme at his disposal to win the movie star back both professionally and romantically. However, Lily, along with her new beau, George (Ralph Forbes), and Jaffe’s rival producer, Max Jacobs (Charles Levison), who hired Lily to star in his latest play, have other plans.

Twentieth Century is one of the most beloved screwball comedies. It is one of my favorite screwball comedies of all time. A manic screwball comedy directed by Howard Hawks. It is likely John Barrymore at his Comedic best as a comic actor as he is a riot in this movie. This movie is one of the funniest movies all time.

Directed by Howard Hawks from an inspired script by Ben Hecht & Charles MacArthur, this is one of the seminal screwball comedies which would set the high-water mark for years to come as it features zany characters, living at a frenetic pace, throwing outrageous lines at each other with such great witty timing that would set the mark for comedies for years to come. It was made in the great depression to lift spirits as this movie does lift one’s spirit for sure as it is a riot form the start to its ending. It is one of Howard Hawks finest ever.

John Barrymore is one of those comic actors that seems always to have such great timing and wit to his comedy as this movie showcases John Barrymore at his comedic best in Twentieth Century as he leads each scene with such a spark for the madness of this comedy that each time he goes off you crack up laughing from his comedy as this movie can make one go into tears with laughter as it is that funny to watch him do his comedy as this is amazing comic acting at its finest.Carole Lombard is one those comic actresses that always seems to have have such great timing and wit to her comedy as this movie showcases her at her comedic best as she plays the role of Lilly so funny yet grounded at times but when she cracks up the wit and banter with John Barrymore it will have you laughing your ass off with the zany madness of this comedy as She does not slow down at all with the comic acting as this is comic acting at its finest.

The Comedic spark between John Barrymore and Carole Lombard Really sets off big fireworks in terms of comedy gold as it is a riot to watch those two together on screen as they both are at the Comedic best they can give us with their respective roles. This is amazing comic acting at its finest for both leads as we see them do such amazing comic acting that we just laugh our asses off each scene they crank it up. It’s the spark of comedy that just brings this movies magic home to us at its finest.

The others in this amazing cast of other actors stand out greatly too as we see Walter Connolly give us one of his finest roles ever on screen and Roscoe Karns as Owen O’Malley is one great character actor here as he really stands out giving us such a great performance and Ralph Forbes as George Smith nails home a great performance in his respective role and Charles Lane as Max Jacobs aka Max Mandelbaum as Charles Levison nails home another performance.

Twentieth Century may set the bar with its strong acting and direction and the madness and zany wit that would be trademark of the genre are all set upon us in this classic gem as this movie is a comedy at the finest levels of depths as we see Howard Hawks craft out of the finest comedies any era of comedy as this comedy is a mad and zany ride from beginning to end as it is comedy gold at its finest as This movie is one of the funniest movies all time as it’s a masterpiece of comedy. I would say watch this movie today you will be laughing your ass and enjoying one of the greatest movies ever made.

The ruth rating:five bette's


Talk of the Town stars  Cary Grant, Jean Arthur and Ronald Colman in A capra like movie. It is not as highly regarded as many other classics. It is a great screwball comedy mixed with legal drama.

This movie has such great acting by Cary Grant, Jean Arthur and Ronald Colman and every other member of the movie’s cast. Its acting is very great and wonderful. The blend of romance, comedy and drama makes for an engaging movie to watch.

It is sad as many overlooked gems like this movie does not get the attention it does deserve as one of the movies many sad things was that Jean Arthur never won the award for her wonderful role which was one of her finest on the screen.

Director George Stevens directs a fine comedy gem that he crafted out to a level of perfection with writers  Sidney Buchman and Irwin Shaw whom all together crafted a comedy gem that has such fine acting and a wonderful level of passion beyond it to make it one overlooked gem of any age.

The Ruth rating:five bette's

Today i talked many classics of the genre of screwball comedy. You can say this genre was a gem of a genre that created and crafted many great legends of acting too. It is sad it is not made today as this genre really was comedy at its finest. I hope you enjoyed it. I will put a small tribute one of the legends of the genre to end it up.

Starred in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, You Can’t Take It With You, The Devil and Miss Jones, The More the Merrier as some examples of her many movies as she was one fine actress i feel the role in Talk of the Town really was one of her finest roles as she really plays the character to a level of greatness not matched by many actresses. It’s such a shame she lost that award as you can see her due in many other great classics. She truly was one legend for all time.

She was one legend i cannot forget as one of my favorite actresses so to thank that remarkable legend for all time. I do think Jean Arthur truly will remain one of the finest legends all time. I hope enjoyed my trip through the gems of screwball comedy.