A sit down with judy garland.

A sit down with judy garland.



Today i sit down to talk about Judy Garland my first childhood favorite actress all time. I really loved her snice i was little boy. I have fond memories of watching her on movies and just singing along to her.


there was a contain lady that i remember seeing as a boy. her name was judy garland,not a day goes by i do not love judy garland,she truly captured me snice dorothy entered the land of oz,i think i loved her so so highly,thanks judy garland. no matter how far i go in life,i cannot say highly enough how much i love judy garland for all she did in my life is not only made me a lover of movies,she sparked it forever snice she entered into the land of oz in wizard of oz when i saw it as boy,i think that’s where my love began truly for the art of movies. She really still relates today because she is so very real and true.  So today i sit down and talk about her magic and charm.

Judy Garland as a Gumm Sister as she is the smallest one. She is a little charmer even at that young age. She is charming up the screen.

Judy Garland and her sisters as the frist close up of her. She is quite the charmer here

Judy garland in Pigskin Parade is able to be able to convey such longing and emotion at age 14 is simply amazing. What a powerhouse! and it was just a sample of things to come for her talent.

Judy garland becomes a powerhouse you see her charm and talent to come.

Judy garland is really charming it up here. this is before wizard of oz as she yet to breakthrough as an actress.

Judy garland in strike up the band really shines alongside mickey rooney. The duo really does strike up a band together. It is the charm and magic of judy garland that really draws out one of her finest performances.

Judy Garland’s first young adult movie role after her role as pre-teenager Dorothy Gale in “The Wizard of Oz. It is among one of her best roles. I can say her as Nellie Kelly as a feisty whom feels very modern.It is judy’s charm that gives out one of her finest roles.

THE HARVEY GIRLS is one of my favorite Judy Garland movies all time. Judy Garland stars as Susan Bradley, an impressionable and very naive young woman on her way west by train, as a mail order bride. On board the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe she meets a bunch of other equally young and naive young women heading west to work as Harvey Girls. Judy plays the role with such a charm and power. She shines in this role.

Don’t you just love those old 40’s musicals? Easter Parade is certainly one of the best musicals all time. It is a classic gem that has Fred Astaire and Judy garland both together giving out their finest acting and charm to boot. It is just a charming magical duo that shines. This is one of my favorite judy garland movies.

Fred Astaire Judy Garland Vaudeville Medley really has to be among one of my favorite musical numbers it is just pure magic and charm to watch them do this number together.

This charming beat is just a fun little beat that i just adore. I can say it is truly one of those wonderful charming song beats.

The year 1954 proved to be one of the professional best for Judy Garland as she gave out one of her finest hours on the screen. She truly shines in this role. The quintessential story of a couple, one who’s career is on the rise, the other on the decline is made extraordinary by the performances by its talents. It is just a gem to watch.

Two tragic wonderful performers, Robert Walker and Judy Garland, star as a soldier and the girl he meets in “The Clock. I would say that  Judy Garland shines in her finest dramatic performance as she truly gives out one of her finest hours on the screen. It is a love story classic that will charm you anyday


judy garland will always remain in my fond heart as snice a boy to now i just adore and love her truly. I can say that she had that magical charm to her that many talents today cannot match ever. She was an amazing and talented lady that could really give out such great and charming performances. She is a magical legend for all time. I hope you enjoyed my sit down talk about her i will do another in future on another classic legend.