About Me

Welcome to wolffian classics movies digest.


I was a boy when I first discovered the magic of film. I have been enchanted by its magic ever since a boy. It’s my first favorite movie all time the beloved classic the wizard of oz it inspired me to become a writer. The more I write about films the more I learn about its history and understand its depths and richness that makes its magic. It’s a journey into the magic of film as I am taking you along for the ride. .

This site is lovely meant to explore the world of cinema. Its my own dig through the history of flims from its  very beginnings to the present day. I am Asking the small questions and hopefully offering new insights into the movies upon the screen.

Hello my name is joey halphen. I was born in lafayette louisiana of the united states of america.I currently live in Breaux Bridge  Louisiana.   I am a huge lover of movies and all things movies. I was a boy when i began my love of movies. I simply adore to write often.  I hope you enjoy my blog folks.